big brother eye

You know what I wanna see in the series?

Tadashi growing up to have his parents taken from him and having to take care of his young brother who’s too young to understand.

We all know Tadashi was the perfect role model for Hiro. Hell, he’s described as the perfect guy. Good-looking, smart, kind-hearted, funny… the best big brother in Hiro’s eyes. The perfect human-being.

But nobody’s perfect at 100%. Nobody has 0 flaws. Daniel Henney said that Tadashi had his bad days in his younger years.

Give me those “bad days”.

Show me Tadashi’s “darker” side. 

Show me young Tadashi grieving the death of his parents. Show me Tadashi having break downs and telling Aunt Cass “I can’t do this” when it comes to take care of Hiro in darker days. Show me Tadashi crying and whishing his parents were here to take care of him and his little brother.

Show me Tadashi showing jealousy towards Hiro’s gift as a genius; despite the fact he supports him fully, he still envies that natural gift. Show me Tadashi expressing that jealousy to Hiro, not realizing until the last minute his selfishness hurt his little brother. Show me Tadashi regretting it and putting more pressure on himself, promising himself he’ll supress that jealousy as best as he can for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s teenage years. Show me Tadashi with acne and facial hair, showing that yes, even if he grew up to be attractive, he went through those completely normal phases. Show me Tadashi being rebellious. Show me Tadashi being short-tempered, either with his aunt or his little brother. Show me Tadashi having disagreements with Aunt Cass and telling her a classic, but understandable “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!” Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the perfect role model growing up, and put a lot of pressure on himself for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s protectiveness. Show me Tadashi hitting himself mentally and guilt-tripping himself when Hiro cries to him about being bullied, and wishing he was there at the moment it happened to do something. Show me Tadashi wishing that everyone could accept his little bro for who he is, but his heart breaks every time Hiro tells him about being bullied. Show me Tadashi seeing red when he witnesses anyone trying to lay a hand on his baby brother. Show me Tadashi shoving one of Hiro’s bullies against the wall and having a fist fight, and being labeled as a “troublemaker” because of his tendency to pick fights with other kids bullying Hiro. Show me Tadashi apologizing to Hiro when the little boy witnesses him in a state of pure anger and violence aimed at the bullies that almost traumatized his little brother. Show me Tadashi being border-line overprotective, with Aunt Cass and later Hiro calling him out on it.

And most importantly, show me that despite the fact Tadashi took a lot of maturity at a young age after his parents’ death, he was still just a kid with a part of his childhood that got taken from him.

Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the goody two-shoes he became to be until his death, because he was still human.

I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately // Jason Todd

prompt ::  if you’re still doing the ridiculous sentence prompts could you do the “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” with jason please? thank you!

a/n :: i don’t know what this is but i s2g i tried hahahahah

mommy, look at daddy!”

at this point, jason todd’s face had lighten up behind the helmet. he was smiling from ear to ear knowing that he’d taught the little boy well.

on thursdays, you agreed on babysitting your cousin’s five year old son and some time along the course of the day, jason had managed to get inside the house to “rest for a little bit” apparently. you were a little hesitant at first but relieved when you saw how peaceful and calm kelvin was with jason’s presence.

“what, no, kelvin,” you crouched down to the little boy’s level. “we’re not your, um,”

“come on, (y/n), live a little,” jason exclaimed as he removed his helmet, revealing a playful smile across his face. “you wanna try it on? here,” kelvin nodded frantically as his short arms stretched out to reach for the red object and you almost interfered thinking that it might be too heavy for the little boy, but kept your hands to yourself anyway when you saw he could handle it.

you both heard kelvin let out muffled giggles through the helmet and you couldn’t help but smile. you were so invested by how happy the little boy was that you didn’t notice jason staring at you. suddenly for him, it was just you and nobody else inside the room. it was just you and nobody else in this world rather. you’d always been a distraction for jason but he didn’t mind that at all.

“mommy, look at me! i look like daddy!”

“yes you do, honey,” you smiled and jason went crazy.

the fact that you absentmindedly let kelvin call you and jason “mommy” and “daddy” overjoyed him. his face lit up again and as if it hadn’t taken him everything in his body, jason grabbed onto your waist and pulled you closer to him and out of your trance. you could’ve pushed him off but you didn’t as you took the time to study his manly features.

you’ve never seen his eyes this bright.

you felt jason’s warm breath against your slightly agape lips as he rested his forehead on yours. your stomach was tied in knots in the best way possible, all you wanted was to be as close to him and you’d never thought you’d be thinking of this. ever. long story short; you did not know what was happening. jason closed the space between the both of your lips. you moved in sync, letting your confusion and strong emotions guide you through a moment of pure romantic bliss. now you definitely knew what was happening.

i’m sorry that i got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately,” there was a hint in his voice that said it didn’t happen accidentally. he left a feather kiss on your forehead before pulling away completely.

“does this mean i’m becoming a big brother now?!” kelvin’s eyes were wide, leaving jason’s helmet on the floor with a loud thud.

I Dreamed of You

Deanxsister reader

for @nichelle-my-belle 4k angst challenge my prompt was “I dreamed of you last night. I slept with the lights on.” 

Summary- Reader has trouble trusting Dean after something happened while he was a demon. Angst

word count- 1700

warning- Angst, stabbing, nightmares, panicked reader  

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

Don’t Run. Don’t move. Don’t even breathe.

It’s what Dean taught you to do if you were ever trapped with a monster. In a locked building, or underground, anywhere that you might be that you couldn’t get out of.

“Don’t run, just hide. Sammy and I, we’ll come find you. If you run you’ll make noise, or you could fall,  something could get knocked over and give away exactly where you are. You’re better off hiding until you know you’ve got the upper hand.” Dean had given you the same lecture at least a hundred times, you could hear his words echoing in your head as you slowed your breathing down so much you weren’t even sure how your brain was getting enough oxygen.

You were taking every word Dean had taught you and applying it as you hid in the small dark storage closet. You’ve hidden from monsters before, but you never thought you would be hiding from them in your own home, the bunker… safest place in the world. The worst part of is was, the monster you were hiding from was the same person who had shown you how to hide in them first place. Dean.

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Follow the Light ~ Season 13 coda

After the season 12 finale, I got the urge to write. So I wrote this coda. I needed to get my feels out! So here’s some sadness with a bitter sweet ending :) Hope y'all like it.

Read here on Ao3

It’s not what he expected at first. The pain. Dean had always known death was painful, but this was different.

It wasn’t like Sam’s or Bobby’s or anyone else’s. It was empty, hollow and utterly numb.

The first week was a blur. No, more like a buzz. The buzz of alcohol, the buzz of voices around him, the buzz of his mind as it tried to handle the situation.

He knew Cas needed to be buried. Sam insisted on a pyre but Dean reeled at the thought. Cas, burning. He’d already seen that once.

Dean remembered crying silently, in the darkness of his room. He didn’t want Sam to see — to see how not okay he was. He’d finally cracked one night when, at Dean’s insistence, they cast a preservation spell on Cas’s body. The tears had flowed then, endlessly streaking his face and reddening his already tired eyes. And sleep didn’t help, and neither did drinking. Nothing would.

Cas was dead.

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Gabriel Fic
Author: @riversong-sam

Parings: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 3176

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Fanfiction :

    The Sweet Silver Song (Ashton Irwin)

       - on Wattpad   - on Tumblr

    Threats (Calum Hood)

       - on Wattpad   - on Tumblr

One shots :

  •     Ashton Irwin :

      Lazy, lazy morning sex (Smut)

      Getting sweaty in the gym locker room (Smut)

      Under the waterfall (Smut)

      Something more - Part 1 

                                  - Part 2 (Smut)

                                - Part 3

      Happiest man alive (Smut)

      Those damn yoga pants - Part 1 (Smut)

                                              - Part 2 (Smut)

                                              - Part 3 (Smut)

                                              - Part 4 (Smut)

                                              - Part 5 (Smut)

      Frustrating day (Smut)

      Nice t-shirt (Smut)

      Getting to know the neighbor better (Smut)

      Maddening interruptions (Smut)


      Congratulation (Smut)

      A little dance party (Smut)

      Quickie in the car (Smut)

      Room for two (Smut)

      So mad (Smut)

      Connected (Smut)

      New experience (Smut)

      No need to shave (Smut)

      Hairbrush song (Smut)

      That sound 

      First lesson (Smut)

      Second lesson (Smut)

      Third lesson (Smut)

      Something to talk about (Smut)

  •     Calum Hood :

      Overprotective - Part 1

                              - Part 2 (Smut)

      “Let me own you” (Smut)

      Skinny dipping (Smut)

      Mr. Hood (Smut)

      Perfect way to end a perfect day (Smut)

      Of course it matters (Smut)

      Apologize (Smut)

      Skype - Part 1 (Smut)

                 - Part 2 (Smut)

      “Let me show you” (Smut)

      Imagination running wild - Part 1 (Smut)

                                             - Part 2 (Smut)

      Misplaced seduction (Smut)

      Hotter (Smut)

      Butterflies (Smut)

      Failure - Part 1 (Smut)

                  - Part 2 (Smut)

      Cat ears (Smut)

      Not easy to please

      Lucky charm (Smut)

      Mornings (Smut)

      Don’t ignore me (Smut)

  •     Luke Hemmings :

      Meeting the big brother

      Eyes on me (Smut)

      The lucky one

      My little secret (Smut)

      Beg for it, birthday boy (Smut)

      “Let me” (Smut)

      Good enough? (Smut)

      Made for me (Smut)

      Nipple Piercings (Smut)


      Not losers (Smut)

      Misunderstanding (Smut)

      Wet dreams & shower (smut)

      Backstage (Smut)

      Dance Show (Smut)

      Again and again (Smut)

      Roommates (Smut)

      “Special to me” - Part 1(Smut)

                                  - Part 2 (Smut)

      Spies - Part 1 (Smut)

                  - Part 2 (Smut)

                  - Part 3 (Smut)

      Oblivious (Smut)

      Excuse (Smut)

      Alone (Smut)

      Power cut (Smut)

      Best student (Smut)

      “Trust me” (Smut)

      Silver chain (Smut)

      Nightie (Smut)

      Double standard (Smut)

      Needy (Smut)

      Silent treatment

      Very long day (Smut)

      “A hell of a trip” (Smut)

      Police officer (Smut)

      Hot stones (Smut)

      San Francisco (Smut)

  •     Michael Clifford :

      “It’s not your decision to make” (Smut)

      Amusement park 

      Never too tired (Smut)

      Only one (Smut)

      Flawless (Smut)

      Little Irwin - Part 1 (Smut)

                      - Part 2 (Smut)

                      - Part 3 ( Smut)

                       - Part 4 (Smut)

      “Or what?” - Part 1 (Smut)

                         - Part 2 (Smut)

      No feelings - Part 1 (Smut)

                            - Part 2

      Pick it up (Smut)

      Tongue piercing (Smut)

      Pass the joint - Part 1

                            - Part 2 (Smut)

                            - Part 3 (Smut)

      Too innocent (Smut)

      Not romantic (Smut)

      Scared - Part 1

                  - Part 2

                 - Part 3

      Teams (Smut)

      Destination (Smut)

  •     5SOS – All together :

      “Do you believe us now?” (Smut)

      Pizzas can wait (Smut)

  • Ashton & Luke -Threesome

      Can’t be bad (Smut)

  • Ashton & Michael - Threesome

     Good girl - Part 1(Smut)

                        - Part 2 (Smut)

  • Luke & Michael - Threesome

      Outrageous proposition (Smut)

  • Calum & Luke - Gay version

      Tour Bus (Smut)

Blurbs :

    Blurb #1 : Kind of boyfriend … 4/4

    Blurb #2 : You’re a lingerie model (Smut) - Ashton/4 

                                                                     - Calum/4

                                                                     - Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #3 : This time of the month - 4/4

    Blurb #4 : They’re dating a bigger girl - Michael/4

    Blurb #5 : First time things really get heated - Ashton/4

                                                                          - Calum&Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #6 : He can’t seem to get your attention - Calum/4

    Blurb #7 : Body modification - 4/4

    Blurb #8 : They’re dating a short girl - 4/4

    Blurb #9 : They’re afraid of the dark - Ashton&Luke/4

    Blurb #10 : You have to use the safe word - Calum/4

    Blurb #11 : What they’re like in bed - 4/4

    Blurb #12 : Getting off - 4/4

    Blurb #13 : Badboy takes care of you - Calum/4

    Blurb #14 : Cuddles - Ashton&Calum/4

    Blurb #15 : Self-control - Michael/4

    Blurb #16 : Badboy has a gun - Michael/4

Preferences :

    Preference #1 : Activities you do together 4/4

    Preference #2 : A fan takes a picture of you 4/4

    Preference #3 : Things he does that makes you weak 4/4

    Preference #4 : He eats you out 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #5 : When he’s rough 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #6 : You ride him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #7 : Spanking 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals* 

    Preference #8 : He hits you 4/4

    Preference #9 : Blowjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #10 : Foreplay 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #11 : He’s dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #12 : Come & get it 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #13 : Countdown to meeting your soul mate 4/4

    Preference #14 : Teasing 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #15 : Morning sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #16 : You’re his sister and come out as a lesbian 4/4

    Preference #17 : Passionate sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #18 : Boobies 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #19 : He fingers you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #20 : They calm you down on your wedding day 4/4

    Preference #21 : You give him a boner in public - 4/4

    Preference #22 : Shower/Bath 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #23 : Games 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #24 : New position 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #25 : His pace 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #26 : He needs you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #27 : Your first time 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #28 : I would 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #29 : It gets really intense 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #30 : Toys 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #31 : They find out you self-harm 4/4

    Preference #32 : You’re dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #33 : He wants to take it slow 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #34 : He meets your divorced parents 4/4

    Preference #35 : He’s helpless 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #36 : Outside of bed 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #37 : His orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #38 : Your orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #39 : Sex with him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #40 : Handjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #41 : They find out you have an eating disorder 4/4

    Preference #42 : Touching yourself 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #43 : You want to be a big spoon 4/4

    Preference #44 : Caress 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #45 : Grinding 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #46 : Random sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #47 : Closer 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #48 : “Look at me” 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #49 : Work for it 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #50 : Bad boy 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #51 : Threesome with another girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #52 : Bad girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #53 : Overstimulation 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #54 : It gets really intense part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #55 : Anal 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #56 : He knows your body better than anyone 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #57 : Holding hands 4/4 (Smut) *visuals*

    Preference #58 : He ties your up 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #59 : Lingerie he likes on you 4/4 *Visuals*

    Preference #60 : Leaked personal picture 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #61 : Blindfolded 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #62 : Fucking your mouth 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #63 : Playful 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #64 : Sexting 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #65 : American Horror Story - Michael/4

    Preference #66 : I’m not the only one 4/4 - part one

                                                                      - part two

    Preference #67 : First Date 4/4

    Preference #68 : The last time 4/4

    Preference #69 : Marvin Gaye 4/4

    Preference #70 : He makes you feel insecure - Luke&Michael/4

                                                                            - Ashton&Calum/4  - Part 2

    Preference #71 : Can’t get enough of you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #72 : Details 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #73 : He’s too good 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #74 : Riding his face 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #75 : What makes him weak 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #76 : You’re dominant part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #77 : In his pants 4/4 (Smut)

    Preference #78 : You fall asleep on him 4/4

Imagines :

    Imagine #1 : “What makes you think I’m wearing any?” (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #2 : “I can do it too” (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #3 : “Let’s have breakfast in bed” (Michael Clifford) (Smut)

    Imagine #4 : “(Y/N)’s on her period” (Luke Hemmings) 

    Imagine #5 : “Come live with us” (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #6 : Drum lessons (Ashton Irwin) (Smut)

    Imagine #7 : Too sexy (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #8 : I miss you (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #9 : Make it better (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #10 : Balcony talk (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #11 : Gentlemen (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #12 : Fanboy (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #13 : Desperate (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #14 : Number one priority (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #15 : No big deal (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #16 : Surprise (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #17 : Absolutely (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #18 : Crush (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #19 : Too much (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #20 : Sex tape (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #21 : Best hugs (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #22 : Little boy (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #23 : Cabin in the mountain (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #24 : Scary hands (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #25 : massage (Luke Hemmings) (Smut)

    Imagine #26 : Power couple (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #27 : Reminders (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #28 : Hot chocolate (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #29 : Touchy subject (Michael Clifford) - Part 2

    Imagine #30 : First fight (Luke Hemmings) - Part 2

    Imagine #31 : Miss Swift (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #32 : Thigh Riding (Michael clifford)

    Imagine #33 : Freshly tattooed (Calum Hood)

Specials :

    Pregnancy series #1 : Trying for a baby -4/4

    Pregnancy series #2 : Telling him you’re pregnant - 4/4

    Blurb night one

    Blurb night two

    Blurb night three

    Blurb night four

Imagine, during late season 1/early season 2, Zeb doing push-ups while Ezra’s sitting on his back complaining about random little things in his life.  The accompanying gesticulation makes keeping Ezra in place all the more tricky!

Zeb would make a big show of not listening to Ezra’s ranting, but would put in a discreet word to the right people if it was anything important.

….It’s the oldest sibling’s duty to look after their younger brothers and sisters, after all…

Lost Brother’s Found: Part 3

Prompt: As Wally West’s sister you refuse to give up on him, or his son. So when a chance comes to save your brother, you rally he troops and head to a new dimension.

Part 1, Part 2

“This is so weird.”

    You smile at M’Gann, “Tell me about it. They’re our age, or close to it.”
    You watch as she crosses her arms, “He’s alone you know?”

    Your eyes slide to this dimension’s J’onn, and you nod, “The white Martians eliminated the greens. It wasn’t pretty.”

    You watch as her eyes well with tears, “It’s the other way in our world. White Martians are the second class citizens.” You don’t say anything to that. M’Gann had told you her history, you knew her past. Despite the turmoil she head endured she still loved Mars, and J’onn had always been very kind to her.

    Leaning against the wall you say, “You should talk to him. Share your memories with him.”

    She rejects the idea quickly, “I don’t want to taunt him with what he doesn’t have.” With a sigh you make eye contact with Conner and motion with your head. He immediately makes his way over to his girlfriend and you slip away.

    You make your way out of the conference room and into the general station. You pass by many of the civilians who help man the station, and give small nods here and there.You eventually find yourself staring out the window at the moon. Arms wrap around your waist and you smile at Dick’s reflection in the window.

    “I see you escaped Bruce.”

    Dick’s smile is grim, “He’s a pain in the ass no matter the dimension.”

    You turn in his arms and brush the hair out of his face, “You love him.”

    He smiles at you, and shrugs, “Of course, he’s my dad.”

    Your comm device beeps a second later and Artemis’ voice comes through, “Could I get you and Nightwing in the conference room please.”

    “On our way.”

    Together the two of you make your way through the station back to the conference room. You slip in unnoticed to find Wally playing with Ryan. The smile on Artemis’ face says everything, you wrap an arm around her shoulders, and she leans her head against yours. Her voice is hoarse when she says, “This moment is perfect. It’s everything I dreamed it would be.”

    You can only smile, as Wally turns towards you, “Thank you for helping her. For taking care of … my son.”

    You smile at him, “Anything for my big brother.”

    His eyes float to Dick, “And thank you for watching out for all three of them.” you watch your boyfriend smile at his oldest friend, before Wally drops the bomb, “It almost makes up for you banging my sister!”

    Your force yourself to choke back the laughter, as Dick’s face fills with fear. You watch as your brother stalks towards your boyfriend, “And then there’s the big pity party you threw yourself, and you stopped being a hero, what the hell were you thinking?”

    You watch the two of them run out of the room, and bend down to scoop up your nephew. You smile as he places sloppy kisses on your cheeks, “It almost feels normal.”
    Artemis shrugs, “I was never overly fond of normal.” With a smile the two of you follow after the boys. You find them in the mission control, dancing around and dodging each other. “I mean you didn’t even come up with your own version of the suit!”

    “Oh shut up you Batman, wannabe, circus performer!”

    “Does this make Ryan Kid, Kid Flash? What about Flash Jr? Or there’s Pint Size Flash?”

    You smile as an arm slings around your shoulder. You smile as M’Gann lets out a little squeal, “It’s just like old times.”

    Your eyes drift to the hero’s looking down at you, “Not quite.”

    “Flash!” The yell catches you slightly off guard as you turn to look at the Batman, “A word if you will.”

    Your eyes flicker to Dick, and watch as his face goes serious. You scowl, the two friends had been separated for years, the least these people could do was give your brother a few hours with his loved ones.

    You pass Ryan to Dick, and move your hands to your hips, as you stare at the group.

“They’re talking about us.”

    You turn to Conner and grin, “I could have told you that, and I don’t even have super hearing.”

    He smiles at you, as M’Gann reaches out and takes Ryan from Dick. “They don’t trust us and they’re worried the Wally is being fooled by his emotions, or that J’onn isn’t willing to dig deeper because there’s another Martian around.”

    Conner smiles at you, “Well aren’t you smart.”

    You shrug, “It’s a gift.”

    “Why are we even letting them debate us? It’s not like we need them. We know what Savage is after. We just have to find it first, and destroy it. Then we can all go back home, and leave this stinking world behind.”

    You turn to Roy, “I’m sorry, did you just say stinking.”

    His sigh is a weary one, “The baby is getting ready to talk and we don’t want a repeat of what happened with Lian. Jade’s mom gave us grief about that.”

    You shrug, “It’s not that simple Roy. Wally’s made a home here. He’s a founding member of the Justice league. He’s this world’s Flash.”

    M’Gann’s voice is soft, “Do you think he’d choose this world over us?”

    Artemis’ voice is firm, “If he wants to stay, then Ryan and I are staying too.”

    You take a deep breath, “We don’t know what’s going to happen, so let’s not draw any lines in the sand just yet.”

    Dick takes your hand in his, “Well it looks to me that we’re about to find out, exactly what’s about to happen.”

    You turn to watch the Justice League walk towards you, a sense of foreboding in your stomach.