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The most injured Big Brother contestant of all time

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My name is Quinn and I am currently in a Big Brother game called Big Brother Dreamworld 2 and we are doing a cool little HoH comp where we have to gather as many notes on a post as possible. I need your help! So if you love any of these iconic queens posted below, please reblog this! Help a gurl out you know!

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Da’Vonne Rogers aka my mom

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Cassandra Shahinfar aka my goddess

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Nikki Grahame aka the birth mother of all Big Brother icons

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Natalie Negrotti aka the most beautiful Big Brother contestant ever

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Danielle Lickey aka the winner of Big Brother Over The Top and should’ve been on a real Big Brother season.

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Vanessa Rousso aka the true winner of Big Brother 17

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Tiffany Rousso aka the better sibling of BB18

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Tiffany “New York” Pollard aka the CBB gif queen (there were so many to choose from it was such a hard decision tbh)

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Jillian Rose Banks aka my birth mother, the queen of music and queen of being the most amazing and beautiful person in the world <3 She is literally the reason I am not depressed today and the reason I am a happy person.

So please if you see this just reblog it would mean the world to me! I have probably forgotten so many icons so excuse me for that! btw Evelyn should’ve won Big Brother UK 17

So everyone is talking about who the best Big Brother contestant is or who is the greatest Survivor of all time, but y’all have forgotten the true Queen of reality TV: Heather 

First of all she has won the most Individual challenges (7) out of ALL the contestants! ALL OF THEM? Do you know how many that is; a shit ton.

And not only that Miss Queen Bee has been responsible for more eliminations then anyone else, eliminating 14 people. 14. What kind of Queen?

Also, Heather is one of the few people to play for a record 4 times. And a part of the elite group to make the final 4 more then once. Oh and did I mention Heather has appeared in more episodes than anyone else, with 75?! When will your fave?!

And lastly, Heather never tried to hide the fact she was a stone cold bitch and owned her Villain status and embraced it. Unlike many BB or Survivor contestants who try to hide or cover-up their actions, Heather will tell you straight up she’s a master manipulator and will cut a bitch down quickly. 

So in conclusion; Heather is what everyone tries to be, but never will. Don’t ever try to compete with her, because you will lose. 


Lgbt Cast of Big Brother season 17: Audrey Middleton Age: 25 First Big Brother Transgender Contestant Jason Roy Age: 25 Gay Vanessa Russo Age: 32 Lesbian or Bisexual


Big Brother contestant under fire for racist comments 

In a recent live stream, Big Brother houseguest Bronte D'Acquisto said she wanted to send contestant James Huling “back to Hong Kong.” D'Acquisto also called him a “fucktard,” and said she’d like to “kick his little Asian ass back to Hong Kong.” Viewers expressed their anger online, with some calling on her to get fired from her public and influential job.

Today I found out I couldn’t apply for big brother because I worked at a radio station owned by cbs.

But I also found out I probably have a better chance of getting a job for big brother because I worked at a radio station owned by cbs.

And I’m about to go work for gr*dner and fix this god damn show, you guys.