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Why is nobody invoking Mulan when Judy Hopps is said to be Disney’s most feminist character ever? Why is nobody saying “Robin Hood” is Disney’s real human-less talking animal movie? Where were the cries of “The Incredibles” being Disney’s “real” superhero movie and “Brother Bear” Disney’s “real” movie about brothers and loss of one when Big Hero 6 was out? Or “Hunchback” and “Lilo & Stitch” being the “real” movies about WIR’s themes? This just proves an anti-Frozen” bias, and hypocrasiy.

I’m having serious Yukio Okumura feels...

Like, I really hoped that he would be possessed by those little demons in this moment so he could say the truth…

… And that he would talk to Rin about that in the ending of the chapter…

(Okumura brothers feels T-T)

But I think that what Kazue Kato is doing with this teasing is that maybe is foreshadowing a big scene between these two? Like, maybe in the next arc they will be in danger and Yukio has to use the eyes and that he has to talk to Rin about what’s worrying him? I really feel for Yukio like… He really thinks that the rest of the people see him weak, but that’s not the truth… Rin and the rest really admire him and see him as a strong person who saved a lot of people. I hope that someday he will talk to Rin and stop to keep all things to himself… Sharing his thoughts will make him stronger, not weaker.

Ahhhhh I need the next chapter T-T


Whilst waiting for previous image to upload I drew this.… 

Modern university AUs man. They get me when I really don’t want them too.

Basically Alistair and Cailan are half-brothers, Cailan is an heir to a big company empire and Alistair is still a bastard son but they were raised together and everything is happy.

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I can’t even begin to explain how much I love Hiro Takachiho and Hiro Hamada. When I first discovered Big Hero Six, I’d just gotten into comic books (it was third grade) and was going through a rough time having just lost my best friend. Hiro became a role model to me in so many ways… Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to hear Big Hero Six was being adapted into a film, especially by Disney; they’re one of the best at handling themes that not necessarily everyone goes through, but that everyone must learn and understand.

I know it pains so many that Tadashi (in the comics, Hiro’s father) past away. But we must also realize and be proud that Hiro is the stronger person despite having endured such pain. I wouldn’t be who I am now, with all my flaws and cripples and strengths and triumphs without the things that shaped me. And I’m certain the same is with you, reader. <3

No, this isn’t a relationship like the previous gifsets. But one must appreciate the beautiful kinship between these two brothers in this film, really and truly.

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Admin Note: We are sorry to hear of your hardships Anon, but we are so glad you found a role model as loving as big brother Dean. It is great that you take care of your younger sibling, but remember unlike Dean who mostly dedicates his life to Sam’s upbringing, to take some time for you as well :)