Facebook Fucks Me till I Bleed

Nothing feels more empowering

than throwing off the social chains, 

Facebooked and bound, 

You are not free. 

Constantly waiting, 

For someone to respond, 

To confirm your existence. 

The unresponsive taunt you

with their silence, their indifference—

Did we die? Did we know?

The absent, those you miss,  

They don’t miss you.

They hiss.

They hiss with their absence.

Blocked, unfriended, forgotten, exiled,

We are not allowed in their sight.

No forgiveness. No amends. No second chances.

Cast into the lake of fire. Burn, baby, Burn!

Hell is always open for the likes of you.

The chattering, meanwhile, deafens us,



Blood boiling. All hiss in silence.

Hey-hello-Hi? You there?

Is anyone there?

Invitations?  For us? Really for us?

Or are we meat? Just meat in a room?

Ah, I see. I get it.

Not us. Not really.

Just a face in a crowd.

To fill empty spaces.

We need to let them go.

Doubt blackmails us to stay.

What If? What If?

What if we are wanted?

What if we are forgiven?

What if rats grow wings and fly

to the ivory gates of heaven?

No. Stop It. No one is coming.

No one needs to come.

For fuck’s sake. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Your number and mail are the only 

Floodgates of social calling, 

You need, 

You want. 

Just be alone. Truly alone. 

Remember the songs,

Remember how to dance alone.

Fly paper planes to friends.

Crimson-haired, spectacle-wearing, Spanish-speaking, China-loving

All those people. Love them. Love them in silence.

Love them in fragmented love. Love them always. 

Sip your drink, 

Look at the sky, 

Contemplate jazz, 

Read and write without 

Fear of judgement. 

Forget the liking, the inviting, the messages, the noise…


Breathe and let go. 

Let go. 

And live. 

For you. 

Let Big Brother’s Big Book bore itself To Death.

It’s brilliant actually. The mainstream media tries to do their job; calling out lies, illustrating potential conflicts of interest, and exposing the past of his nominees. But he declares it “fake news,” even while demanding the press do their job. Regrettably, the ignorant and The Deplorables blindly accept – even rabidly parrot – this.

The only official news has become that spouted by Big Brother. The only truth is the “truth” from Big Brother. He threatens that contradiction will be punished. “Alternative facts” quickly become the norm. We are to pay no attention to what was said last week; the “truth” is what they say now. It is true, and has always been true.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud, and George Orwell would be impressed.

- The Mad Sonneteer

Obama's Parting Blow Against Privacy
The NSA is relaxing its privacy rules, allowing more information on the private communications of Americans to be sent to 15 different intelligence agencies.
By Conor Friedersdorf

The outgoing Obama administration has just made NSA-collected data available to 17 different federal agencies, providing myriad new possible ways for mass data collection to be abused. And just in time for President Trump.