I was rereading sindy’s preseason interview and when asked about comps she said endurance would be the hardest for her. I live. Sindy who got second in the rock climber endurance comp and won the endurance comp to get back in the house. She is such a queen.

suggestion for an interesting season

Big Brother - Superpowers! 

Houseguests compete for super powers, viewers can vote for what power is available, and maybe even who gets it. Houseguests can choose to accept a power if given to them by viewers. Some powers may be bestowed in secret. All powers will be nullified at a later point in the game.

These powers can possibly be with them till eviction or a one time power, or even have cooldown periods (I.E. If the houseguest can choose to invoke their power, that power cannot be used in the following week)

Invisibility: This houseguest cannot be nominated twice in a row, effectively invisible any week after they’ve survived an eviction. (Possible Additions: Cannot vote in the next eviction; Cannot play for HOH after surviving eviction; Cannot play Veto)
Vetokenesis: This houseguest can, when not chosen to play for Veto, replace a veto player with them-self. If this houseguest is already playing, they invoke Houseguest Choice upon them-self. (Possible Addition: Must use veto if won)
Power Absorption: If this houesguest is nominated along with another powered houesguest, the houseguest can effectively take on the other’s power if the other is evicted.
Time Manipulation: This houseguest can become a jury member if evicted unanimously before jury begins. (If the houseguest is still in the game once jury starts, this power becomes a slop pass for the rest of their game)
ESP (EvictionSensory Perception): The houseguest can, during an eviction vote, choose to have one houesguests vote revealed to them/the house. (Possible Addition: Must also reveal their own vote)
Possession: This houseguest, if Head of Household or nominated for eviction, may effectively take control of another houseguests vote. (Possible Additions: Cannot vote in the following week; Cannot play for the following HoH if used while on the block;Havenot following week)
Incapacitation: This houseguest can effectively nullify one other houseguests vote. (Possible Addition: Cannot vote in the following week; Havenot following week)
Duplication: This houseguest can have their vote count twice. (Possible Addition: Cannot vote in the following week; Cannot play for HoH in the following week; Havenot)
Power Negation: This houseguest can negate the power of another houseguest, this passes the negation power on to the player it was used on until they use it (passing it on) or until the negation period is up (they get their power back and the negation goes back to the user).
Foresight: This houseguest cannot be nominated during an instant eviction. (Possible Additions: Cannot vote in instant eviction; Cannot be nominated as a replacement when a veto is used)
Manipulation: This houseguest may choose another houseguest to sit out of a Head of Household competition. (Possible Additions: Cannot vote during that HoH’s reign)

Eviction order please

JP -> Zach -> Bobby/Kevin -> Bobby/Kevin -> Bruno -> Godfrey -> Willow/Ashleigh -> Willow/Ashleigh -> Pilar

And then Sindy, Sarah, and Britt final 3 :’)