Latest Big Brother Chris video is up, talking about being Trans at the Gym. 

Demika from BBCan make me so damn proud

I’ve seen a good number of BB’s from different parts of the world - U.S, U.K, and now Canada! Gah I have to say Canada has been my fucking fav. I mean the women in that season ran shit, they were powerful, they were the thing to beat, they made that house the challenge it was!

Ika Wong is my all time favorite. She can do not wrong where I’m concerned because there wasn’t one moment I disliked her throughout this whole thing. She was fearless, driven, unapologetic, savage - and yet still majorly empathetic. She was a true Queen. She reigned. Thats undeniable.  She wasn’t just a great player in the game, she was the game…she is a legend. She is an example of how the game should be played.

And Demika!

Y'all know I’m a hoe for some romance, but that alliance was amazing. To see two people work together in such a crazy situation, to ACTUALLY be each others ride or die - I loved that shit. In games like this people always use the convenience of the game to excuse their treatment of people and I love that they weren’t like that. They said they had one another’s back and they did. They’re so different but they work so fucking well together. Plus they just look good together and I don’t just mean physically but like everything. They def had married vibes. It’s easy to picture their life together, like we’re old and still together type of shit. They were mega playful, yet major partners in just about everything, they were there emotionally every step of the way for one another, they fought for and protected one another, cuddle time was cute, exercise the demika was is the best way, the kisses - omg the kisses - and dem’s smile after their first kiss! Their conversations about their wants and emotions.

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Ika is a strong woman and let’s be frank - 98% of the men on the world can’t handle that or just not up to the standards. And ika is like the creme of the crop. She stands up for herself and others, shes blunt and savage, she’s emotional, she a fight who stays in the ring until she feels like she’s gotten her point across. But dem has the right type of patience to fit her temper. He’s a real gentleman, 💯 percent okay with going at her pace - he never pushed her to go where she wasn’t willing, he never touched her without her being open to it first. He never wanted her to dim her light for him and even as people perceived him to be on her shadow he knew she had her thing that made her great while he had his and never tried to dampen her shine. Like he told her, no matter who wins this game - you’re the one whose gonna be remembered the most. They listen to each other! Even when he didn’t understand half the shit she was saying because the poor bae was never taught black lingo - he listened and learned. Even though Ika has this weird thing where she has to go into detail even when you get what she’s saying, he doesn’t seem to mind. Plus I always love when couples can talk without having actually speak and they got that thing down.

I mean whats to hate about a Greek God and a Jamaican Goddess? The whole house knew they weren’t worthy…the housemates did in fact peg them as King and Queen while they referred to themselves as ‘The Peasants…’ intent to take down the Kingdom lol The baes are truly flawless. 

I appreciate them for just being real and emotional and so honest in the shit they had going on. It was a hell of a ride and I enjoyed every second of it.

You ever just appreciated someone loving someone wholeheartedly and getting that shit back?

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- Dumb surfer dude
- Male model with no personality
- Straight up homophobic guy
- Old man who’s either loved or out first
- Socially awkward nerd
- Overly flamboyant gay guy
- An edgy guy with a unique beard, voice or something
- One black man to prove they aren’t racist

- Cute blonde bartender who has never seen the show before  
- Country girl who will get into a showmance
- Superfan
- An “old” woman (BUT NOT TOO OLD CAUSE EW!) who just talks about being a mom all the time
- Model
- Socially awkward nerd 
- A girl with colored hair to prove that there casting process is edgy!
- One black girl to prove they aren’t racist, but NOT TOO BLACK! She’s like mixed and everyone hates her for no reason.

10/16 of them are recruits
There’s a 9 person alliance formed week 1 against the blacks, the gays, and the old people.

You know what I would be SO DOWN to watch?

Big Brother but instead of regular people they use people from past seasons of Drag Race! Like imagine all these different personalities living in THE SAME HOUSE TOGETHER for 2 months?

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