big bro brutus

rileyomalley  asked:

Tony Crazylegs and Big Bro Brutus GEEB TO ME ZE EENFO

Full name: ‘Big Bro’ Brutus Orion
Age: really fricking old. Older than Amber.
Occupation: Hitman, bodyguard, informant, enforcer, Amber’s right-hand man, Hunter.
Best friend: Tony Crazylegs, Larry Lockjaw, and Kevin Kabuki. Besties with Amber.
Love interest/ideal partner: N/A
How they met: N/A
Favorite food: He loves meat! Fav is BBQ
Hobby: Brutus loves card games and is somewhat of a gambling man. Poker, Bridge, Blackjack, War, Solitaire; whatever, he plays it. He’s always the dealer in big family poker games.
Person they look up to: Amber. Brutus has been with her the longest and MAN he worries about her. He respects her authority, but he can’t help but question her motives and her true intentions. He asks the tough questions. “Is this really going to make you happy?”
Biggest wish: You’d think it would be to regain his god status, but he’s actually content with being a lesser god. His greatest wish is to uh… well it’s kinda spoilery so I will leave this blank for NOW

Full name: Tony ‘Crazylegs’ Audino
Age: really fricking old
Occupation: Hitman, bodyguard, informant, enforcer, professional break-dancer
Best friend: Kevin Kabuki, Big Bro Brutus, Larry Lockjaw.
Love interest/ideal partner: HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND YES her name is Lisa.
How they met: On the dancefloor DUH.
Favorite food: he loves fish which is weird and ironic since he’s based on a Tiger Shark.
Hobby: DANCING. Tony is world champion dancer I dare you to find someone in the AU that could beat him at a dance-off ok. He also enjoys basketball because he’s so tall.
Person they look up to: Brutus and Amber. Brutus because he’s like, the pillar of strength in the Family, and Amber because she is IN CHARGE.
Biggest wish: He wants to get married and have a family. uvu