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Hello Autumn | Tom Holland

Summary: Tom Holland and the reader spend the fall together, doing fun fall activities and spending time with family. All the while, Tom’s family pesters him about his unplanned future with the reader…

Warning: fluffiness

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously 

A/N: Just to let you all know, I combined two requests together for this oneshot. One request was for the reader and Tom to do fun fall activities together and the other was about the entire family pestering Tom about his future with the reader. I combined them because I thought it would make a better story arch. Anyways…enjoy!


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Fashion(ization) of Angewoman from Digimon! 

So, I did this ages and ages ago and at first I was a little ambivalent about it but it has grown on me.  So I figured I would post it. 

It doesn’t actually have anything to do with real fashion trends beyond that it’s a “modern” look. Angewoman’s original look is completely bonkers and I kind of wanted to see if I could make it wearable streetwear (to a degree, I didn’t want to take all the character out of it). So I kept it entirely realistic with no wings or asymmetrical tights-pants-thongs, but still trying to keep the spirit of the original design.

Anyway. Here u go.

Here’s all my fandom Digimon stuff if you’re interested. 

Essays in Existentialism: Skin

Soulmate au (clexa of course) where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. Imagine having Clarke who’s a super artistic soulmate who draws designs and really beautiful patterns all over her arms and lexa just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and she can’t stop smiling and it’s their favourite part of the day.

Sometimes it was doodles. Little cartoons or swirls or little faces on the tips of her fingers. At night, creatures and imaginary places occupied her ribs and her stomach, appearing like magic in their rightful spots, rarely the same thing twice.

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A long time ago in England, there were reports of livestock being seen flying towards somewhere in the woods, but no one dared to venture forth to see where they were going. It is a good thing that no one was recorded to investigate this strange phenomenon, otherwise, they’d run to a rather large Von Vore. As I said, there was no “recorded” investigations. Happy Vore day everyone.

MadaTobi Soulmate Drabble

Soulmate AU where whenever you lose something, your soulmate winds up finding it.

from (x)

Ever since he was little, Madara would find odd bits and bobs nudged amidst all of his things – crayons in his pocket, pacifiers in his drawers, socks under couches, and even a tiny knitted beany in his little brother’s house slippers once. It’s very annoying. It clutters his room and he’s always being told off by his parents for it.

Then came the drawings. Sometimes crumpled, sometimes not.  Over the years, it grew from illegible, grainy scrawling to clumsy shapes and bendy forms that took less, and less stretching of his imagination to determine as hiragana characters.

My name is Senju Tobirama, one of it reads.

Paranoia coils in him. Soulmate or not, the thought of a stranger stumbling upon his belongings, his personal, informative, belongings is enough to make anyone holler out stranger danger. This soulmate mumbo jumbo is weird.

Strangely enough, that’s how he meets his best friend, through the strange mumbo jumbo.

“I’m supposed to be showing my little brother around school today,” bawls the boy with the bowl cut while latching himself on Madara’s arm, all big eyes brimming with tears, and snot running down his nose. “It’s his first day and I can’t find him anywhere! He must be so scared! Will you help me look for him?”

Considering it’s Madara’s first exposure to comforting a fellow seven-year-old that’s crying his eyes out, Madara himself feels a little lost. His panicking eyes flick around them for help, but all the other children have quickly vanished into air as if they were the ninjas they routinely pretend to be. Oddly, he feels betrayed.

Whenever Izuna cries, it’s because he either wants attention or food. Ransacking through his lunchbox, Madara grabs one of his onigiri, and shoves it into the crying boy’s hands. He takes a deep breath, and huffs out his next statement with enough annoyance to drown out his panic, “Will you stop crying?”

There, food and attention. He should stop his crying any minute now.

But much to Madara’s despair, the boy threatens to swell up with tears again. “But he’s alone,” the boy whines, “and he’s so small and everything’s new to him and I need to find him because he could be getting bullied right now–”

“I’ll help you look for him, okay?” Despite holding the onigiri, the shrivelling boy still has one arm clinching Madara’s own. Madara tries (and fails) to shake the crying limpet away. “I’ll help you look for your baby brother. Stop crying already. He couldn’t have gone far, he’s like five.

As if the magic words were a box of tissues, all tears dry up, and the boy glows. “Okay then, let’s go!” He jumps up and drags Madara with him, snacking on his onigiri in a way that makes Madara feel like he’s been played. “Let’s go find Tobirama!”

Madara stumbles over his own foot. His lunchbox almost falls out of his hands. “Tobirama,” Madara squeaks in a high voice.

His new friend, he finds out, is Senju Hashirama. Oldest of four siblings, like him, and really likes to talk about everything and nothing at once. Tobirama is the second oldest. He’s a bit of a smarty pants, according to his brother, so the dangers of meeting someone who might bully him is definitely a substantial one. Hashirama cheerfully informs him that he has to help beat up the bullies, as part of the agreement of their newfound friendship.

It feels like getting carried away in a Hashirama-shaped tidal wave. Madara ends up not minding it. There’s a tugging in his belly, pulling him towards the library. Flutters of excitement are running up his arm at the thought of meeting his soulmate.

When they do find him, his little body is curled up on one of the beanbags, absorbed in book that’s got to be way too advanced for a five-year old to read. Tobirama peers up from his book at Hashirama’s joyous exclamations. He eyes his older brother like a particularly unpleasant fur ball he’d just hacked up, the expression as prickly as his white hair, and dodges his older brother’s hug with an expert shuffle off his bean bag.

Then and there, Madara knows that he’ll grow to like his soulmate, just as he knows how Tobirama losing Hashirama on his first day of school was definitely not an accident.

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Save me~ Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Gerne: idk angst with fluff probably?
Warnings: cursing and feels (mby)

× × × ×
“Get the fuck away from me you retarded motherfucker!” You yelled at your boyfriend

As a result, you recieved a strong slap from him across your cheek. It stung as a bitch but you didn’t let it occupy you too much.

“Can’t do that kitten. You need me so you could have food and place to sleep. Without me, you would be on the street. You wouldn’t last even a day without my so why trying? ” He said, his smug on his face becoming bigger

“Guess what? I don’t need you to fuck around with me 24/7!” You yelled, throwing your arms in the air

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Your boyfriend walked dangerously near you, his hand too much near you for your liking.

“Move away from me!” You yelled again

“You have no say here Y/N” He replied, his hand on your neck, pressing it slightly

You felt your breath being cut off, a sound of you choking was filling the room. Your eyes grew big, tears brimming in your eyes. You tried to move his hand off your neck, but a guy like him was too much for you.

Instead, you slightly swinged yourself, before fastly kicking him in his region between his legs. He groaned loudly at the pain, the hold on your neck now getting loosen up.

You took it as your clue to leave. Your eyes still held tears from the choking and you were sure that you already have a big bruise on your cheek. But you had no time to check on those things.

You hurriedly grabbed your backpack which was next to the front foor and left the apartment, running away from your so-called boyfriend.

You had a jacket packed inside that backpack, along with one shirt, a bennie, phone and some money you managed to save. It has already been packed for few days now, but you never had a chance to leave.

You walked around streets of Seoul, not sure even where you’re headed. Your head felt slightly heavy, but you couldn’t let that bother you. You had to continue walking foward and not look behind.

Although, there was a huge problem. Your ex. Your idiotic abusive and retarded ex boyfriend.

Your ex knew where your friends live, so he could come at their homes and find you anytime.

Your mind was going crazy. You couldn’t even walk fine. Your cheek was starting to hurt you more, and the other parts of your body that he previously kicked and punched were burning in pain.


The voice seemed so familiar…You stared at the dot in front of you, trying to see who it was. Then it hit you…

It is him


He was one of your closest friends. The closest one, actually. He was the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met.

After a month of you two knowing each other, he told you that he is an idol. In a very rising and well-known KPOP group. You were devestated that you never knew that before, but that did explain why you found him really familiar when you met him.

Jungkook…He was the only one you really liked to spend time with. Since you had to often be home and spend your time being beaten up, whenever you had some free time, you would spend it with him, always being thankful for those moments.

“Y/N! what’s wrong?!”

You remember now. He was the only person that actually stayed by your side ever since you met him. Other people would stab you in the back, then apologise over and over.

But he was different.

You figured it out that much. You were happy that you found him and became friends with him. He was, and still is, your lifesaver.

“Y/N what happened to you? You’re completely beaten up! Hey, hey, answer me! Y/N stay awake and answer me”

He pushed you to answer him. And you wanted to. So bad. You wanted to tell him everything. How your ex always beats you up, how he drinks, how he spends your money, how he gets high, how he acts like a complete asshole.

You wanted to scream it in Jungkook’s face, but you kept yourself quiet. You didn’t want him to worry about you. You would feel like a burden then.

“Jungkookie, i’m sorry” You whispered, feeling a tear slip from your eye and fall down on the ground.

You slowly began to loose gravity even more, before feeling like you will fall down. Your sight got more blurry ans you felt dizzy. You felt a pair of arms catch you before you fall, but it all goes black then


*This was the first part out of two. I hope you liked it.*

"I can't let you do that."  (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl + Tara + Morgan).

I don’t even know what this is, guys.  Speculation?  Wishful thinking?  I really don’t know.  Just me working through some dialogue prompts trying to shake the writer’s block dust off, and I guess I’ve been reading and checking out too many filming spoilers/pics, lol.  This probably has literally zero basis in reality, but eh.  I don’t care.  Anything that gets the creative juices flowing again can’t be all bad, huh?  I’m not 100% happy with it, but then again, I never am, lol. 

Just a moment in an alleyway. 

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anonymous asked:

OMG YAYA!!! So is it ok to have that continuation ? Like she really thinks Azusa favors her little sister more or something please and thank you!!!

Continuation of this: [x]

Azusa sighed as he finally put his youngest to bed in her crib, sure in the morning she will be screaming bloody murder because she was not in bed with him but that was a sacrifice he was willing to make to get to the bottom of the subject that was eating him. His oldest daughter had been acting up all night, trying to get any kind of reaction out of either of her parents, and it was so unlike her. When he left the room he found her by the stairs sniffling and sobbing, it broke Azusa’s heart to see the sight as he kneeled down next to her. “Hey… what’s wrong?”

“Y-you and Mommy like sissy and brother more than me….” Big, wet tears were brimming on her face and in the corners of her eyes, her poor face was red from the strain and she looked so exhausted from what could only be stress.

“Now… you know that’s… not it.”

“T-then why do you always hold sissy and ignore me?” Azusa’s eyes widened at his daughter’s accusations, but he guessed it was right a little. Once he had his son and youngest daughter his oldest had become more distant and the other children needed more of his time and yours. It’s not wonder why she felt that way and to tell the truth it tore his heart to shreds knowing that’s how she felt.

“That’s not it… your brother… and sister need more… help from me and Mommy… and they need their big sister.”

“Really?” He nods to her.

“O-okay… I’ll help you and Mommy.” Azusa only chuckled and lifted her up to his chest and carried her to bed. Tucking her in once she calmed down enough and kissing her forehead knowing the one thing that could cheer the child up.

“Good and tomorrow we’ll all go see uncle Yuma.” 


Lost In You

{{ uugh. Forcing yourself to write is kinda hard. }}

For all your SonAmy Neeeds <3

Originally posted by tianacollins

Prompt: Imagine person A of your otp eating chocolate then person B kisses them and won’t stop kissing them (because of the chocolate taste) so A eventually asks B if they want some chocolate and B shakes their head and says “it tastes better this way.”

Notes: I adjusted this slightly~ but Sonic spends the night at Amy’s house–why? Because he can. xD And I imagine that when making love to Amy, he has a habit of scratching her, but not meaning to hurt her or leave marks. (It’s just a thing animals do. I read about it once that animals scratch their partners to please them, weird right? But somehow that ended up in this fic).  

Universe: SonAmy!Boom.

Word count: 1457

The chocolate was about as welcoming as the flu. It sat on the counter and stared at her unnervingly from it’s festive box. At first she shoved it behind the microwave and tried to ignore it. She was disciplined, not unruly, and yet she was fighting a losing battle against her expanding desire. The cocoa powdered perfection called to her seductively, promising moments of bliss that would melt on her tongue. She began to justify eating them; it would be rude not to, they were expensive, a gift after all, you deserve them.

By the time she had woken up and made her morning coffee she reached for them automatically, her higher thinking muted. After just one she hastily put the lid back on and returned them to their hiding spot. But even before the first one had completely melted she was reaching for the box again. Whilst savoring the next one she buried the box in the trash. In less than thirty seconds however, she fished it out and all pretences gone as she devoured them.

Amy was that ravenous for the chocolate, blotches of brown stuff besmirched her muzzle, coating her once clean mouth with lip-smacking sweetness, while the taste was infused with the flavor of mint, it was the perfect accompaniment to her coffee. A calming sigh swept past her nose and as if on cue her body fell back onto the couch, huddling into the softness which created her own cocoon, sipping her drink. 

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Chapter 5, Part 2: Hunt’s Decision

Chapter Links:

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1 (After the Masquerade…)

Chapter 2 (It was her..)

Chapter 3 (Thailand)

Chapter 4 (Dinner Party)

Chapter 5 (Part 1: A Weekend with Hunt)

Summary: The MC and Hunt perform the ad together, raising questions from the film crew about their relationship.


Hunt waited for her in the gardens. Cameras were already on him, and Charles was instructing him on the script. Suddenly, Francesca gasped.

“My dear, you look heavenly! Come, come! We have to get started ASAP!”

She approached Hunt as he stood underneath a tree. He swallowed. Who was this person before him? She had been totally transformed from the warm, intelligent girl that he admired into a fragile goddess. Her crystalline eyes were framed in smoky shadow; gauzy fabric clung to the impeccably sculpted curves of her body. Her hair was arranged in a loose, braided updo, baring her slender neck and shoulders to his gaze. Her golden skin was dusted with something shimmery, and as she drew nearer to him, wide-eyed and carefully gauging his reaction, the scent of Forbidden mixed with her own skin wafted into his senses. He swallowed hard, forgetting for once to manage his facial expressions.

“Professor?” she whispered, aware of the crew around them, trying not to get lost in the moment with him.

Hunt cleared his throat as the director approached.

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Ways to Help the Homeless

(besides giving them change & hoping they “don’t go buy drugs”)

Save your leftovers from a restaurant, they’re just going to throw it out anyways

Give them a bottle of clean water

Donate that can of beans your mom always makes you eat that you hate to your local food bank

Give them big brimmed hats or sunscreen or even one of those plastic water spritzers in the summer time

Old jackets, gloves or clean warm socks in the winter time

If you are comfortable with it, buy them a coffee or a fast food burger and bring it to them

Donate those conditioner packets from your home hair dye kits, or hotel soaps that you pilfered to your nearest shelter

Various hair and makeup supplies, as well as packs of pads, tampons and other feminine hygiene to your nearest women’s shelter

Give me the overwatch beach skins.
  • Zenyatta with a big brimmed hat and a line of sunscreen on where his nose would be JUST CAUSE
  • McCree in a pink leopard print speedo for obvious reasons
  • Widowmaker in one of those absurd stylin’ Doir bathing suits with the super low front and gold rings 
  • D.Va’s mech carrying everything for everyone and her in a koopa themed bikini
  • Bastion in a life preserver
  • Genji with just shorts over the robot suit

A/N: This was meant to be a drabble but clearly I am bad at writing short things. The fic was inspired by a card luminescentglow and myself found in a bookshop and these new diaper prints we got in at work the other day. Both made me think Sherlolly and voila a fic was born. Enjoy darlings!


Molly stood in front of the bathroom mirror at St Bart’s. She had to reapply her blush for the third time today. This was getting tiring… At least after today she didn’t have to pretend to be ok in front of the World’s Only Consulting Detective. It’s not like she kept it a secret for a long time, but she had a plan and damn if she wasn’t going to stick by it.

She left Bart’s early, intent on having everything ready before he came home. He could pretend all he wanted that today wasn’t his birthday, but Molly Holmes was not a woman easily deterred. She ordered a full course meal from Angelo’s, to be delivered to Baker Street. Bless the man for always being so generous because she couldn’t have stomached the smells of a restaurant. She got home, said a quick hello to Mrs. Hudson and then got to work. She put on a yellow knitted dress and let her hair loose. So what if it was early January and she was wearing yellow? They needed the sunshine around gloomy London. Once Angelo’s delivery arrived she plated it all, placed it on the island, and congratulated herself on not retching upon smelling the food.

The door downstairs opened and she knew Sherlock was home. She took another quick look in the mirror above the fireplace and turned around to greet him.


Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Drama Queen and Cocky Know-It-All lost all coherent train of thought once he saw his wife standing by his chair looking like a literal ray of sunshine in her yellow knitted dress, black stockings and hair flowing beautifully down her back.

“Hello darling.” She greeted him with her lovely smile and a giggle, as she sauntered over and kissed him on the cheek. Before he could place his hands around her waist and snog the life out of her, she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards his chair. He obediently sat down. She perched herself on his right.

“So I know you like to pretend like today isn’t a special day, but I don’t, so I got you something.” She reached down to the ground and put a square black box tied with a yellow ribbon in his lap. “Open it!” She tried to contain her excitement and he smirked at his adorable wife. Adorable? When did that word make its way into his vocabulary? He internally shrugged. Molly Holmes nee Hooper changed him, it was only fitting that the word “adorable” be added to his vocabulary because of her. He gingerly pulled at the ribbon and lifted the lifted the lid off the box.
A card with a honeycomb design and a cheesy “Happy “Bee” Day” sat at the top. While ridiculously corny, he had to admit he liked it. Of course Molly would know how much he loved bees, and of course she would pick such a card.
Inside the message read:

To my dear husband Sherlock,

A gift for the future.

Happy Birthday.


Molly xx

A gift for the future? Hmm, how intriguing… He looked up at her and she smiled impishly, prompting him to look further into the box.

Molly was nervous. Was this the right way to tell him? Well, now or never, she thought to herself as she saw Sherlock lift the tissue paper. He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Molly, what is this?” He whispered, not tearing his eyes away from the object in front of him.

“Well, Mr. Genius, can you deduce it?” She answered in an equally lowered tone.

“It’s a baby’s diaper. Why are you giving me a diaper with bees on it?” He continued to whisper, not being able to yet look at his wife.

She leant over, put her arms around his neck and whispered “Well that’s because you, Mr. Holmes, are going to be a father in about 8 months’ time.”

He grabbed her forearm and turned around to look into her big brown eyes, tears brimming his own.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, took my own blood test to confirm it.” She smiled at him, their faces millimetres away from each other. He lent over and kissed her so tenderly she thought she might burst.

“I love you so much, Molly.” He pulled her in his lap while keeping her arms interlocked around his neck. His hands stroked her sides all the way down to her hips. He then lowered his head down to her belly and softly said, “And I love you too my little bee.” He pecked Molly’s stomach and brought his face back up to meet hers.

“You like your gift?” She asked, happy tears pooling around her eyes.

“Molly, I don’t just like it, I love it. This is the best gift you could have given me. Thank you.” He proceeded to kiss her once again for good measure, and they stayed like that, laughing and kissing by the fire till the food was long-forgotten.