big brim

Apparel that Mackenzi would love for her dragons:

Sun hats with big brims (not witchy/mage hats)
More wearable plants
Fun electronic gadgets
More sparkly jewelry, the fanciest
Brass knuckles
More spooky/weird apparel, occult things and light body horror
Doctor masks 

Fashion(ization) of Angewoman from Digimon! 

So, I did this ages and ages ago and at first I was a little ambivalent about it but it has grown on me.  So I figured I would post it. 

It doesn’t actually have anything to do with real fashion trends beyond that it’s a “modern” look. Angewoman’s original look is completely bonkers and I kind of wanted to see if I could make it wearable streetwear (to a degree, I didn’t want to take all the character out of it). So I kept it entirely realistic with no wings or asymmetrical tights-pants-thongs, but still trying to keep the spirit of the original design.

Anyway. Here u go.

Here’s all my fandom Digimon stuff if you’re interested. 

Give me the overwatch beach skins.
  • Zenyatta with a big brimmed hat and a line of sunscreen on where his nose would be JUST CAUSE
  • McCree in a pink leopard print speedo for obvious reasons
  • Widowmaker in one of those absurd stylin’ Doir bathing suits with the super low front and gold rings 
  • D.Va’s mech carrying everything for everyone and her in a koopa themed bikini
  • Bastion in a life preserver
  • Genji with just shorts over the robot suit

There was this little elderly lady at mass today with the most incredible hat I have ever seen in my life. It was lime green with a wide brim and big red flowers on top, but that’s just the beginning. The most amazing part was the two poles that stuck up on each side of the top of the hat and joined in the middle to create an arch from which dangled a bird swing… with a fake bird perched on said swing. Every time she moved the bird would swing wildly back and forth. I was simultaneously confused and greatly impressed.

“Jack, come here quick!”

Bitty’s voice was edged with panic and Jack kicked into action as he threw his book down and hurried his way to the kitchen. 

“Bitty, are you alright?” Jack asked concernedly, eyes wide with worry as he spotted Bitty standing next to the oven. His head was hung low as a hand rested on the appliance, steadying himself as he took a deep breath. 

Bitty then looked at him, those big brown eyes almost brimming with tears. 

“She’s…she’s broken.” 

Jack’s face paled as his gaze went towards the oven.

“Oh no.”