big briar


More trickster themes this season.
The first thing I thought when I saw those brambles was of Br'er Rabbit pleading, “Please Br'er Fox don’t throw me in that briar patch!” And after the Empty Troll showed Cas every bad decision and horrible experience he’s had since meeting the Winchesters, Cas still wanted to be thrown back in.
Because that briar patch? That’s his home.

Big sis amanda: briar, hazel, and river edition

-woah okay, amanda thought her dad was gonna struggle with being an empty nester, but then he goes and gets three more daughters??
-okay, she’s not complaining. Like, now she gets to practice her third twin abilities.
-briar and Amanda are as thick as thieves. When briar gets into trouble for spray painting all the towns stop signs into ‘STAPLES’ signs pointing towards the nearest staples, she laughs for five minutes straight and high fives her
-not to say hazel and amanda don’t get along, in fact, they both seriously enjoy kicking it back and watching reality tv shows. Hazel absolutely hates it when the judges are mean to the toddlers, so they have to change the channel often.
-amanda gets river to take her first few steps on her own, and after that, she’s always chasing her down because she’s running all the time! (I mean hey, her earliest memories was of her father running. It was bound to have its side effects).
-when briar and hazel manage to get to go to the statewide junior softball league competition, she is THERE with pompoms and she is yelling herself hoarse for those kiddos!
-starts the infamous 'bro jar’ every time their dads call each other 'bro’, they have to put a nickel in the jar. The first week they have 20 dollars, and they all go and get ice cream. It becomes a tradition. (And doesn’t seem to hinder the amount of bros going on either…)
-when hazel breaks her arm, amanda cheers her up by drawing a bunch of swirly signs on the cast, with hearts around all the names that people wrote on it.
-whenever amanda is home for the weekends, she makes a point to read river to sleep every night. Rivers favorite books are the ones she’s allowed to gum on. Yuck.
-when briar gets her eyebrow pierced and is hiding it from her dads, amanda helps her when it becomes infected, and when she’s ready, amanda helps her tell her dads what she did.

Alright, here is a new post I did for Dark Parables character connections. Their maybe some spoilers so just a warning and if I missed anything feel free to tell me. :)

Briar Rose: Older sister to Princess Ivy Green, Flower Guardian of the Thorned Rose, Sister in-law to James the Frog Prince, and honorary Red Riding Hood Sister.

Prince who kissed Rose: the brother to the Frog Prince James.

Ivy Green: Younger sister to Princess Briar Rose, Flower Guardian of the English Ivy, and first love/wife to James the Frog Prince.

Frog Prince James: Husband to Ivy Green, Swan Princess, Mermaid, Agnes Koch/Second Cinderella, and Snow White/Snow Queen. Father to Snow’s son Prince Gwyn.

Snow White/Snow Queen: Twin sister of Prince Ross Red, Flower Guardian of the Frost Edelweiss, 5th/finale wife of James the Frog Prince, Mother of James’s son Prince Gwyn, Gifted Isabella/The first Red Riding Hood with the magic Truth Mirror for saving her son from wolves.

Gerda: Golden Child, descendent of Hansel, and childhood friend of Kai.

Hansel: Brother to Gretel. First golden child and ancestor of Gerda.

Isabella/The First Red Riding Hood: Founded the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters and saved Snow White’s son from wolves and was given the Truth Mirror.

The Boy Who Cryed Wolf: Him and his father were two survivors and witnesses of the land that would become the Mist Kingdom.

Agnes Koch/Second Cinderella: Was helped by Amelia/Godmother and became the wife of James the Frog Prince.

Amelia/Godmother: Handmaid of the Maiden Goddess, Mother figure of the Cinderella maidens, Wife of Geppetto and Mother of Pinocchio. Amelia also used her magical talent in dressmaking to fashion the magic red cloaks/caps the Red Riding Hood Sisters wear.

Geppetto: Husband to Amelia/Godmother and Father of Pinocchio. He also helped the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters build their hideout in the forest trees of the Vosges Mountains.

Pinocchio: Son of Geppetto and Amelia/Godmother. Possibly in a future relationship with Katherine/the Final Cinderella.

Katherine/the Final Cinderella: Possibly in a future relationship with Pinocchio.

Shan Mao/Third Cinderella: The maiden Amelia/Godmother was helping when she first meet and fell in love with Geppetto.

Jack: Fortune hunter/Robin Hood kind of guy (has been in the locations of the previous games), in a relationship with Lady Emma.

Lady Emma: Descendent of the Queen and Princess of the Sky Kingdom, member of the Red Riding Hood Sisters, and in a relationship with Jack.

Tom Thumb: The young boy who helped King Eurig and the Queen save their daughter from the imp Rumpelstiltskin.

Rapunzel: Flower Guardian of the Lilac Bellflower, daughter of Queen Violante, the half-sister of Princess Belladonna, and fiancee to Prince Ross Red.

Belladonna: Flower Guardian of the Nightbloom, daughter of Queen Melanie, and the half-sister of Princess Rapunzel.

Ross Red: Twin brother of Princess Snow White/Snow Queen, Flower Guardian of the Fiery Rosa, and fiance to Princess Rapunzel. 

Queen Brunhilda: A faithful disciple of the Goddess Flora, birth mother of twins Prince Ross Red and Princess Snow White/Snow Queen, and Grandmother of Prince Gwyn.

Kai: Son of Noah (descendant of artisan woodsmen) and childhood friend of Gerda the Golden Child, He’s now studding to become a botanist.

Gwyn: Son of Snow White/Snow Queen and James the Frog Prince, when he was a child he was save from wolves by Isabella/The First Red Riding Hood and then saved again by Gerda the Golden Child from a death-like sleep.

The Goddess Flora/Thumbelina: The deity of flowers and the balance of nature, she picks certain people to be her Flower Guardians and there would be another Guardian of opposing nature to balance the other. When Flora is in a weakened state she will revert to the form of a child known as Thumbelina.

Mother Gothel: A vain/selfish sorceress who has a great hatred towards the Goddess Flora, she became the personal servant to Queen Melanie to gain her trust and use the new Queen for her wicked plans for the destruction of the Kingdom of Floralia and it’s goddess.