big briar

Imagine having the ego to admit you raped someone and want to be praised for it because you feel “bad” about it lmao

Victim blaming is such a common trait amongst these pieces of shit that I’m surprised it actually “works” and helps win people over. Saying “I know I raped them but I feel REALLY bad about it” is basically along the same lines of “I know I killed your family but what about MY feelings?”. Identifying you’re a piece of shit is honestly one of the most worthless gestures I’ve seen and it’s more or less just so they can continue being a fucking terrible person but so they can use that “get out of jail for free” card when someone calls them out on it again by saying “Hey! I know I messed up but I’m working on it!”

and hey big surprise that briar posted that shit after realizing they were being called out! I guarantee you that post never would’ve saw the light of day if no one called them out on it.

Personally I’ve seen people cover for pedophiles, abusers and rapists because they’re “good people who did one bad thing” and the truth is people like that have a mile long list of bullshit they’ve pulled. I’ve seen people write off pedophiles as “high school drama” and laugh about it and honestly if you’re ever defending someone accused of being a rapist, pedophile, etc then you’re literally as bad as them and you can go fuck yourself.