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Nothing lasts forever. So why worry? Whatever it is now that’s worrying you - will it change the world? People say life is too short to worry about these things, but existence itself is also short. Don’t forget that: it is all temporary. And however awful things may seem now, it will be different in a year, or a week, or even a day’s time from now. And that’s important to see in perspective, I think. Enjoy any moments you can, but remember: good or bad, they all pass, and make way for the new. And that is just the way of life.
—  broken poetry

The Big Fight by doblecachanilla

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />By Herbert Morton Stoops, 1930s - 1940s.
Worth It//John Swift//Imagine

I’ve been gone for about a year now. Leaving all my friends back in LA but what hurt the most was leaving my boyfriend, John, for a year. I got a job offer in New York.

<p>I took the offer thinking that I had at least the of the year before I had to move, but I didn’t. They wanted me the start the next day. John was heartbroken but he encouraged me to take the job anyway. God, I loved him so much but everything is different now.


“Ok baby. I’ll see you next week” my boyfriend John said to me over the phone. “I love you”

I love you too babe. I can’t wait to see you” I said quietly because I was still at work. “I’ll call you back later ok?”

"Yeah sure. Talk to you later” he said hanging up the phone quickly.

"What the hell” I said surprised at the sound of the dial tone. “He probably is just going out with Nate” I thought.

Over the past few weeks, I started to notice changes in John. He would always be out with Nate and the crew, he stopped returning my calls, he wouldn’t text me anymore but the worst of all, there was some chick name Stephenie.

I saw a picture of her on Jack’s snapchat, she had long blond hair, a small waist, the prettiest blue eyes. She would always be out with the crew , touching them, and overall being way too close to John.

I know what you’re thinking “ why don’t you just confront him about it?” I did, trust me but I would get the same bullshit answer “just trust me babe, she’s a friend” or “you need to stop worrying….I only love you” like I said…bullshit..

Those two weeks had passed to quickly. I was ready to go back to LA to my friends and John but there was apart of me that was afraid to go back. I was afraid of the possibility that everyone changed, including John. What if he didn’t love me anymore?

When I arrived in LA, I rushed to John’s house. I called to make sure he was home but I got his voicemail. I call back another 3 times and he still didn’t answer so I decided to just go to the house and see if he was home.

I arrived at John’s house and everything seemed normal. The cars were still out side and he was obviously home because I could see the lights on from outside. I used the spare key to unlock to door.

“Y/N?” Johnson said in a confused tone. As soon as he said my name everyone turned around. It was so good to see everyone again.

"Hey Guys” I said holding my arms out as I ran toward them and bringing them in to big hug.

“Where’s John. I called him like 4 times and he didn’t answer” I said as my eyes scanned the room looking at all the boys.

"He’s not here” Sammy said “I think he ran out to the store” Sammy seemed unsure of what he was saying. His eyes kept wondering to Nate’s like he knew something. None of the boys could look at me. They were all either staring at the floor or trying not to pay attention.

Look Y/n there’s something you need to know” Jack said.

"Bro what are you doing” Sammy asked “ It’s not our business to tell”

"Well she needs to know” Nate said “ It has been going on for too long.”

"What are you guys talking about” I asked nervously.

He’s cheating on you” Nate said quietly. “Her name is Stephenie”

"What are you talking about Nate” I said in disbelief. “He wouldn’t cheat on me.”

"Y/n it’s true” a voice behind me said. I turned around and saw John sanding there.

” John" I said confusingly. “ Please tell me that this is a joke.” I said trying to hold back the tears.

He shook his head no. “ I’m sorry Y/n” he said as he tried to fight back the tears. “ I was drunk and lonely and she was there. It was one mistake. I’m sor-”

“Shut up John” I yelled “ Don’t tell me your sorry because your not.” I said as tears stung the corner of my eyes. “ I don’t care if you were drunk or sober. You cheated on me and that’s unforgivable.”

“Baby please” He said as tears began to run down his face. “ I love you and I know you love me. I just want to make this work.”

“Your right John. I do love you but you don’t love me and we can’t make this work. I hope she was worth it” I said as I grabbed my keys and walked out the door.


That was over a year ago and I still miss John but leaving him was better for me. I can now focus on my career and how to improve myself. I still love him and I always will but for now I need to worry about myself. I have to focus on my dreams and making them come true.


This probably sucks but I was bored……please don’t be afraid to request please

Xoxo Kay❤

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