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The way Han’s gaze drops onto Luke’s lips when Luke says that Han’ll get his reward ♡^▽^♡



His reaction to you trying to leave him. (mafia au) 3/7


You knew that you had to leave quickly before he came back from his gang meet and caught you. You through clothes  in the bag along with other important things. You left you phone and laptop on the bed before leaving the room knowing that he put a tracker in them. You bit at you lip anxiously running down the steps and slipping on your shoes at the door. you grabbed your jacket and opened the door, but stopped as your breath caught in your throat. Namjoon stood there with a smirk on his face, “ Jagi were you waiting for me to get home?”  He said with a playful voice, he eyed you up and down but stopped when his eyes landed on the duffle  bag in your hand. “Whats this sweetheart” he stepped forward tongue flicking over his teeth, eyes turning sharp. “ I-I…. Its..” you heart fluttered in your chest as he took the bag from your hands and through it to the side of you before closing the door behind him. “ You what sweetheart?” he backed you into a wall before caging you in with his arms. “Namjoon… what are you dong back so soon?” you asked “ i left something so i came back’ he tilted his head to the side before his lips straightened out ‘ but it seems like someone was gonna leave me” you opened you mouth to say something but before you could his mouth was on yours kissing you because he has had enough of you talking. “ Oppa’s gonna punish you now okay sweetheart” he brushed his lips upon yours before lifting you up and taking you to the bedroom.

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You’ve been starring at the door for the past hour now wondering how you were going to put your plan in action. You were at Jimins dinner party tonight and he hasn’t let you out of his sight all night, keeping tabs on you watching your every move. But right now he’s no where to be seen, and this might be the only chance you have at leaving. You looked around the room before walking calmly to the door trying not to make a scene. You walked out into the cold night and the faint sound of music could be heard from outside of the house. You began to run from the house now afraid jimin might see you. you were too busy looking back you didn’t see one of Jimins boy in front of you before it was too late. You closed your eyes waiting for the impact but strong arms caught you. “ If you wanted to play a game of cat and mouse you should have told me babe”. Jimin stepped from behind the man who caught you with a sly smile on his face “ how about i give you another head start jagi, you have 30 seconds to make your way to the bedroom.” You stood frozen in place “1…2…3…4″ jimin looked at you with hungry eyes “ I’d start running before i get to thirty jagi but either way when I’m done with you wont be able to walk for weeks”

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He was leaning against the wall as you rounded the corner and you yelped in surprise when you saw him there. “ Where do you think you’re going baby girl?” he asked with a cocky smile on his face. You racked your brain for an excuse but couldn’t find any, “ i was looking for you.” you said knowing that he wasn’t going to believe you. “ Looking for me? ‘ he laughed’ well I’m right here baby girl, you found me” he said the smile dropping from his face. Damn, he knows and he wasn’t  happy about it. “ Tell me something baby girl how long did you think you had to look because you damn sure brought a lot of clothes you” he said, he kicked your suitcase out from beside him and your heart stopped. Jhope pushed himself from off the wall and walked over to you. Now was the time to beg for forgiveness you though jhope was a scary man when he was angry and right now he’s pissed. You dropped to the floor hands on you knees “ oppa i..” his eyes soften you know calling him thought would lessen the anger a least a little bit. He smirked before kneeling down to your height. “ get up… lets go we’re going home” you were surprised he wasn’t going to yell “ I know another way you can get on you knees and apologize


– RR

My hair journey

So, from birth, my mother has always done my hair 

When I was 6 step mom thought I should perm my hair

For about 8 years was I relaxed. I was 14 when I found out what “scene” was so I tried the “combover”. Yikes!

Then, Tomboy Delia 

A year later, after I stopped relaxing my hair, I wanted to start all over so I cut it AGAIN (April 22, 2012)

After i stopped rocking the Justin Bieber hair cut, I found out about Box Braids (Senior year)

Took those out 

Put brand new ones

Took them out AGAIN, just in time for Graduation (Class of 2013)

Rock my afro

Then I was brave enough to put yarn braids 

Took them put in December, fast forward to April of 2014 and it makes two years that I’m natural. Yay me!

Becoming natural was must freeing thing I’ve ever done for myself and I’m more than happy that I did it. Natural girls are the fun girls

Oh boy more FF9 AU, featuring post-end scenes where everyone should be happy but whoops, these kids have issues and are also still teenagers or in their *very* early twenties and have not had time to adjust to anything

AKA Where in the World is Sorey Fabool Alexandros the First, AKA Let Mikleo Say Fuck. Actually the latter has been established as a good summary of the entire AU. Plus all these post-end scenes I’ve been playing with for months are why it’s taking forever to get a real chapter out. I just felt like sharing this one because I’m having feelings about the boys again. You know, like every day.

Sorey’s sitting by the eidolon wall when a dagger suddenly sinks into the ground at his side, dangerously close to his hand.

“What the fuck, Sorey!?”

He’s in so much trouble.


“…Phoenix? What? …Sorey. Answers. Now.”

“I feel like if I answer incorrectly I’m gonna get a dagger to the throat.”

“That might not be entirely wrong.”


Mikleo runs his hands through his hair, burying his face in them and letting out a long, rough sigh that turns into a groan halfway through.

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I welcomed you with open arms,
You drove a knife right through my heart.
—  All time low - The Next Big Thing

collar bones so fine they cut all them bitches

pretty kitty

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resting bitch face on point pt.1

your neck would look nice with my hickeys on it ;)

k but he makes bones look nice im-

adams apple never looked so nice :’)

resting bitch face on point pt.2 the thrilling sequel

*subtly strokes*

lord forgive me for i have sinned



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BTS reacts to you buying cheap food

Rap Monster: He would be very curtious when you order and not make a big deal out of it or say anything when you order. but after the waitress walks away he would question you, telling you he could buy you stuff and take you out to buy a bunch of food and snacks for you.

“dont worry about it babe, ill always take care of you.”

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Suga: yoongi would eye you suspiciously but he would never say anything about it. hes someone who cares silently so sometimes food or money would just randomly pop up and you knew exactly who it came from.

“its not me, but whoever is doing it must want you to know that they care and love for you and want you to have all the luxurys life could possibally hold. but ahem yeah thats weird hehe.”

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jin: jin would immeditally make you get more, and pay for it. insisting even after you swear you can pay, we wont let up. hed never let that go and always pay and make sure you have enough money.

“no princess, take it. i have plenty!”

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jimin: he would at first think that you were trying to diet and become extreamly worried. because he loves your body so he would purposly gush over you. when you figured out what he was doing you assured him that you only got a small plate becuase money was tight at the moment. after you said that he said:

“well why didnt you just say so? you got me all worried for nothing idiot, ill get you whatever you need!”

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V: taehyung would playfully tease you when you told him you got a small serving because you didnt have much money. but once it was time for the check to come he descretly paid for it as you went to the bathroom. afterwards taking you out to get some grocceries so you didnt have to waste money. 

“aish jagi you one expesive date! but i love paying for you so just come to me when moneys tight okay?”

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j-hope: hoseok would get worried about your finacial circumstances and would make a scene about it. after you got him to quiet down you told him it wasnt to big of a deal, you just really wanted those new converse. after laughing at you he insisted on paying for the both of you and making you get more to eat.

“aish jagi I love you, but your a little stupid sometimes.”

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jungkook: he would be a little confused at first at your small order considering you usuallly eat like its your last meal. you got pretty flustered when he blatendly asked why you got such a small meal. after you explained he got quiet then laughed loudly before telling you that money is never an issue when your with him. he makes you order more then gracioucly pays for it all.

‘You weirdo just ask next time.”

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Birthday Blues

Summery: It’s Sebastian’s birthday but no one seems to remember.

Warnings: none really

Word Count: 500+

A/N: So I wrote this like really quickly coz I wanted to but people are over from Italy so I had to show them the beauty of London. It’s kinda short and my first actor fic, so I’m open to feedback. As always I got help from the beautiful @helllaellla. @bovaria @marvel-ash @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11

Key: Italics are Sebastian’s thoughts

*gif not mine

send request to my ask if you want!

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The first thing Sebastian did when he woke up was check is phone for a message from you. But his screen was blank. His lock screen was all he could see, it was a picture of you and him growling at the camera after quite an intense workout. Maybe she hasn’t woken up yet. So he called you.

‘Hi Seb!’ Your voice was happy and awake.

‘Hey baby’ his was completely the opposite, sad from no morning text and sleepy from just waking up. ‘When did you get up?’ He tried to make his question sound as if there was not alternate motive.

‘About half an hour ago. Why?’

‘No reason’ he sighed at your response. How could she forget? ‘Well I gotta get ready for work, I’ll see you soon. Love you’

‘Love you, too’. He hung up the phone so quickly he almost missed your reply.

Sebastian had to admit he was angry. No. Not angry. Upset. He thought he’d distract himself so he got ready for a long day at work. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, he didn’t shave because he role he was playing requires stubble (something you enjoyed).

‘Hey, Mack-Attack! What’s up’, Seb sat next to Anthony. Quickly someone had come over with some sort of makeup, he didn’t know what it was.

‘Nada, Sexy Sea-bass’ did he forget, too?

‘Big fight scene today, boys. You ready?’ the two turned to see Scarlet walking toward them. Her suit was on and her hair was curled, it had to stay like that during filming so she had about an entire can of hairspray in it. Sebastian could tell by the smell.

‘Always ready.’ The makeup artist had finished making “The Falcon”. ‘Ready to kick your pretty ass, Seb’

‘This pretty ass is going nowhere near your smelly feet’

‘It’s in the script, genius’, Sebastian let out a small “damnit”.

The rest of the day went as normal. Nobody could work because of Anthony’s jokes, Sebastian being his best friend at work was dragged into it. At the end of it the cast had to take a 10 minute breather before returning to the set and bursting into a fit of laughter again.

When the work day was over Seb and Anthony went out for a drink, or a few drinks. The whole laughing extravaganza gave them a topic to talk about even though conversation was very easily between the two. It even made Seb forget what day it was and what was wrong. Since Anthony was two drunk to drive anywhere they decided to go back to the small hotel room Seb was staying in while filming.

When he walked in you and all of his friends were standing there waiting to shower him in confetti and love.

‘SURPRISE!’ Everyone was as loud as they could be but his eyes were only on you.

‘This is all for me? You guys are the best’ he ran over to pick you up. ‘I thought you forgot’ he whispered it so only you could hear. You pulled yourself from his grasp and picked up a party hat from behind.

‘How could I forget the most important man in my life’s birthday?’ You put the hat on his head and he was spun round by someone to socialise with them.

All the time he was there he was thinking how lucky he was to have such an amazing girlfriend. And when everyone left, you showed him.