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BTS Poster Connection Theory

You know how there are pairings in many of BTS’ music videos, Rap Monster with V, Jungkook with Suga, and J Hope with Jimin, while Jin is usually on his own, the phrases on their posters all connect with each other (almost as if they’re talking to one another):

Jungkook and Suga:

(In the RUN MV we see Jungkook and Suga fighting, mainly because Suga is angry and Jungkook tries to stop him but only ends up getting hurt in the end. There are also times in other MVs where they are apart while the other pairs are together)

Jungkook: "The direction of my heart, I want to run to that place.”

Suga: “Don’t come any closer, you’ll be unhappy.”

(Jungkook’s heart may be with Suga, because he loves his hyung, but Suga feels he may only hurt him if they are together)

V and Rap monster:

(Tae is looking at his reflection, Rap mon’s song was called Reflection and most of the lyrics mentioned were about him wanting to love himself)

V: If I had made a different choice, would you have not left?” 

Rap monster: “I’m only looking at you from behind because now isn’t the right time.”

(Tae may have made a mistake that caused him to lose Rap mon, and he thinks that he may hate him or Rap mon may have left Tae behind to go find himself)

Jimin and J Hope:

(In J Hope’s poster isn’t that the same plane Jimin was looking at in Fire and that was in the Young Forever MV? I just find it interesting that they’re both looking up at the sky, maybe because they’re both thinking of one another at that time?)

Jimin: “I lied, because there’s no way you can love someone like me.”

J Hope: “As long as you’re shining, I’m okay.”  

(Jimin feels as if he doesn’t deserve a friend like J Hope because of his past sins, but J Hope is fine with being apart from him as long as it makes him happy)


I feel like Jin’s poster sums up what they all may be feeling and how they wish they could fix the mistakes they made in the past 

Jin: “If I could turn back time, I would want to be the best man in the world.”

But it could also depict that, since he’s the one in all of the MVs that may be dead, if he could turn back the clock to when he was alive (in the past), he would do so many things over and be the best man in the world. Maybe that’s why he’s the only one in a suit? People tend to be buried in suits.


au where jungkook is a singer/dancer and jimin is a dancer. they’re both openly flirting but no one knows if they’re actually dating or not. 49/?

♪ Min Yoongi × orchestra conductor ♪ 

— Orchestral music always expands my mind, soul and energy.

BTS Reacts to Seeing Their Child for the First Time Following a One Night Stand.

[I wrote this as both of you being friend’s prior to because, I just can’t see them sleeping around with Random women. I’m also thinking of turning some of these into stories. Anyway, hope you guys like them! 💙 - Day]


Namjoon would be the first person you contacted and he would help arrange a meeting at the dorm between you, your child and Jin.

Although he will be very hurt that you didn’t tell him, he would try to be mature about the situation as he knew yelling wouldn’t get either of you anywhere and would only scare the kid. Expect a few tears to shed initially but he’ll more than likely crack a joke to break the awkwardness/nervousness between you three.

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“I can’t believe you kept all of this from me….wahhh…she’s so pretty….she must get it from me.”


Knowing how predictable Yoongi is, you would show up one day at his studio. He wouldn’t say anything for awhile, wouldn’t even turn around to look at you. He honestly wouldn’t know what to say or do. Expect him to be having an internal battle until he hears a small voice greeting him from your direction, causing him to finally turn his chair.

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Y/C: *shyly* “안녕 아빠(Hi, Daddy)”

YG: “…Hi…”


You had tried to get in contact with Namjoon for weeks but he wouldn’t answer any of your calls or texts. So you took a chance and left a message telling him everything and to meet you at your usual spot if he wanted to meet them…and he did. He decided to bring one of his stuffed Ryan’s for you. He would be totally nervous and jittery, going over the lines he practiced all last night. But, expect all of that to fly out the window when he sees you guy’s kid.

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RM: “안녕 (hi), i’m-”

Y/C: “아빠 (Daddy)”

RM: *blushing*“…네 (Yes), That’s right…”


Hobi would be a complete wreck. The tears began to fall as soon as you broke the news to him and it only became worse after he saw their kid come into view.

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Y/C: “Oh no! 울지마 (Don’t cry). Are you sad? Do you want a hug?”

HS: *sniffles and nods before hugging* “괜찮아 (I’m okay). I’m just r-really happy to meet you.”


It was during one of the Bangtan’s tours when you decided you couldn’t keep it from him any longer. You didn’t trust your own voice so you simply sent him the longest text ever explaining everything. You didn’t expect for him to request a video chat within 5 minutes.

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JM: “Where are they? I want to see them! Oh!…예뽀 (pretty)…”

Y/C: *softly* “감사합니다 (Thank You)”

JM: “너무 귀여워 (so cute)..아이스크림를 좋아해? (Do you like ice cream)”

Y/C: *nods excitedly*

JM: *laughs* “예뽀, I gotta go but I’d really like to come visit you soon. I’ll take you and your mom out for some when I get back. Ok?”


With his love of family, V would be furious that you hid his own child from him. However, that wouldn’t stop him from attacking the child with love upon meeting them. He’ll be the happiest person on Earth.

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“Aish, 아빠 will never let his prince/princess go.”


If there was ever a time to be, it was now: Jungkook was Jungshook. Don’t expect to get an answer right away because he will 8/10 ignore your messages if you reveal it that way or hang up/leave after you verbally tell him. He’s not upset though tbh he doesn’t know how he feels which is why he will spend so much time getting advice from the others before contacting you back. During the meeting he will revert to his awkward & blank state (which your child seems to have inherited)…it’ll take awhile.

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JK: *awkward stare*

Y/C: *awkward stare*

Army's feels on BTS comeback.
  • <p> <b>Army:</b> So let me get this straight...<p/><b>Bangtan:</b> Like any of us are straight haha xD<p/><b>Army:</b> ... SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! You guys are making a comeback?<p/><b>Bangtan:</b> Yup!<p/><b>Army:</b> around September, maybe, not sure...<p/><b>Bangtan:</b> We dont have an actual date but yeah.<p/><b>Army:</b> Along with Hobi's mixtape that also dont have an actual date?<p/><b>Bangtan:</b> Yup!<p/><b>Army:</b> & you expect my broke ass to have money to spend on you when this unexpected comeback and mixtape releases which btw is making me feel very emotional and full of anxiety right now?<p/><b>Bighit:</b> Yes! Thats what we are expecting of you to do, yes.<p/><b>Army:</b> .... ok so like FUCK YOU BIGHIT! ...<p/><b>Bighit:</b> HEY!<p/><b>Army:</b> Not you BTS. You guys are beautiful, humble, and talented boys. We're so glad to have you.😚<p/><b>BTS:</b> ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ❤<p/><b>Bighit:</b> OH COME ON! ヽ( `д´*)ノ<p/><b>Army:</b> SHUT UP BIG SNAKE!<p/><b>Bighit:</b> (ノ°ç›Š°)ノ EVERYTIME!<p/></p>