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While I’m not a dog person myself (nothing against dogs, I just have a personality and energy level that kinda matches cats a little better), sometimes I like to think about what life would be like if I lived in a place that had room enough for a dog.

We had dogs when I was a little kid. Two bassett hounds (one was the personification of Bad Ideas himself and the other was like Nana from Peter Pan in the flesh) and a German Shepherd/Collie mix who was afraid of everything but little baby me and my sisters. (When my mom was a teenager, there was a big storm one night, and when she opened the door the next morning, there was this little Shepherd/Collie puppy with ears like sails hiding under the car and that’s how Jennie-dog became part of our family, even though I was years away from being even twinkle in my mom’s eye lol).

But even though I’m more of a cat person, if I lived by myself I think I’d probably think about getting a dog. Either a shepherd mix of some kind (half because of Jennie-dog, who was a Good Dog and I miss her even though I barely remember her, and half because I really really like dogs that look more wolf-like) or else a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix.

Admittedly some of wanting a Pit is because they have bad reputations and I hate that they have bad reputations because look at them?

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They are like the embodiment of cute! Every Pit I’ve ever seen looks like either “I’m sad please love me” because of the way their eyes are set, or else “I am so pleased with myself you’re going to be so proud I CAN SIT DOWN LOOK” and they’re SO HAPPY.

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They seem a bit high energy (though I suspect that varies by individual dog somewhat), which would be the main drawback unless I had lots of room for the dog to play in, and a job(s) where I didn’t have to be away from the house so much.
Which (besides the apartments’ no pet rule) is primarily why I don’t get a dog. Pit Bulls are too cute for this world but I am not equipped to keep one, sadly.

But if I was I would name one Helsing. That seems like a good name for a Pit.


“Big? Who? Me?” We’re sure those are the questions Zeus would ask if he could talk, because he’d be surprised to learn he’s 110 pounds! Not much gets under Zeus’ skin, and he’s pretty content when he’s around people. He loves to receive affection, petting, scratches and having the attention of those around him. He’d do well in an active home because exercise would do this boy some good!”

iKon as Pets

Bobby: happy little bunny that is pretty active, eats a lot and excitedly jumps around all day long

Hanbin: a small puppy that is trying to act like a big boxer dog, barking the whole time but ends up looking too adorable for this world

Yunhyeong: a turtle because they can get pretty old and yun pretty much is an cute ajhussi most of the time 

Jinhwan: cute little fluffy kitten that wants to cuddle all day long 

Junhoe: lovebird; noisy, beautiful and would never let you touch him just because he is too fabulous

Donghyuk: a duck, just because they’re cute asf and look smart with glasses on lol

Chanwoo: hedgehog, cutie but when you get to near or touch it you’ll hurt yourself 


“Janus is a total ham and always a huge hit. When approached, he calmly sits and patiently waits to be pet. Janus would do best in an active household as he is medium to high energy. When he goes in his kennel, he is quiet and well behaved. He loves his toys but you cant leave things that could be perceived as toys lying around.”