big booper

Meet Aster! A personal project I’ve been chipping away on for a while, and a few weeks ago she was finally finished! She is a Jagertinger, an original species made by Sketchbuck, and since I received her design early last year I’ve been dying to make her into a suit. She has a Himalayan Tahr skull on her head to protect her third eye, which is held in place by magnets, and made from foam, fleece and vinyl. She’s got a big booper, pointy fangs, and big stompy hooves to top it off!

I’ll be wearing her this weekend at Confuzzled 2016, so come say hi for high fives and big snoot boops!

Some new running gear for Christmas!

Here to fuel my eternal love for crass, stupid displays of sarcasm.

anonymous asked:

say all the male grumps had tiddi. what order would you rank them, biggest to smallest? i feel like some are obvious but maybe try to switch it up. like how everyone knows dan would have real big boopers despite being really thin. the grumps that appear in episodes regularly are required, but you can also use extras like vernon and jack if you wanna be adventurous. ok thanks cassie

I just want Arin to have big titties. Not extremely big, but like nice and heavy and Arin likes to wear tight shirts that strain against their boobs and show them off all nice and has Dan practically drooling most of the time. (also Arin has a big time nipple kink)

Brian would be on the bigger side too and Brian likes to pull the “Hey, my eyes are up here.” line on people all the time, even if they aren’t looking at Brian’s boobs.

Vernon’s got nice sized boobs but Vernon also wears sports bras most of the time because they like to ride their bike to work and so on and so forth but Vernon also likes push-up bras and stuff like that when they get looking nice to go to dinner and what not.

Barry’s got like nice B cup sized boobs. Not too annoying to wear with the plaids and button downs that they like. Barry’s partners like to cup their boobs during sexy-times and say, like, “A nice handful” and Barry blushes a lot.

Jack too is probably around a B. They wear V-necks a lot and like the little hint of cleavage and probably always has a little bit of a sunburn on the top of their breasts.

Ross has small boobs but they are cute and perky and Ross sometimes wears tank tops to the office with no bra on and Ross also loves teasing the others with giving them hints of their boobs and then grinning slyly at them. Also if it’s really hot out Ross would wear just bikini tops as a shirt to work and Arin is like “I am sure this must be against some company policy.” Also imagine in the bedroom Ross teasing by wearing their Grump crew hoodie unzipped and no shirt on under so you get the teasing curve of Ross’s breasts.

This might be unpopular opinion but I like Dan having tiny boobs. Dan likes to wear t-shirts and no bra and often wears baggy stuff anyways. When Dan wears the Danny S.B outfit is when you can see their boobs more and Arin always appreciates it (the fans too) and then sometimes Dan dresses up and will throw on a little cute bra and their partner always takes time to give a little body worship to Dan on those occasions.