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Flirting with the Knight - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Bruce x Reader, where she is really good friends with Clark (or Hal or someone else) and Bruce feels kind of jealous. And ends up confessing his “intense” feelings for her :D

You have what people might call a “flirtatious” personality. You usually didn’t mean any of what you said, most of the time your charm and wit flew out of your mouth without it ever passing through your verbal filter.  You found it a comforting coping mechanism for you to be able look death and danger in the eye and send a kiss and wink it way.

Your heroic beginnings started out in Metropolis. You didn’t have any superpowers but you had your plucky attitude and an arsenal of knowledge on how to incapacitate people. Sure, big blue ruled over the skies of Metropolis but you fought your battles on it’s streets.

You eventually attracted the attention of the Man of Steel. He showed you the skies and you showed him what he was missing on the streets. The two of you learned from one another’s versions of heroism and soon became fast friends. Team ups and mission handoffs were frequent for you and Superman.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t surprised when Clark came to you offered you a spot on the Justice League. You declined at first, believing it would distract from what was important: protecting the average Metropolitan. But after a few team ups with the Justice League you realized that by protecting the rest of the world was just as important sometimes. You and asked Clark if the job was still available.

You got along well with most of the Justice League members. Clark, of course, remained your friend and confidant but you quickly became fast friends with Diana. Unsurprisingly, Bruce tended to keep his distance from you. You wondered sadly if there was anyone he was actually close to.

After some time past since joining the Justice League you began to fit right in. One day, you sat around the Watchtower bantering back and forth with Clark and Hal when Bruce walked in.

“I don’t know, I think nerdy little reporters like Kent are cute. It’s just something about those glasses. you never know what they’re hiding behind them” You send a playful wink Clark’s way. He rolled his eyes at you.

Bruce walks past the conversation, flushing a bit in jealousy. He had kept his feelings for you buried. He’s probably the one person in the entire goddamn justice league that you don’t flirt with. But yet, Bruce desires your personalized attention more than anyone else. It’s hard for him to admit it but he’s infatuated by you. He admires you for your cunning, dedication, attitude, kind  nature, the list goes on. Unfortunately, he can never seem to gauge whether you have the same infatuation with him as he does with you. He can’t possibly imagine that you do.

“Shouldn’t you two be working?” Bruce snapped in his jealousy before storming off. You looked over to Clark with a questioning gaze and he shrugged his shoulders.

“What the hell is his deal today?” You ask in bewilderment.

“My theory? He needs to get laid. Bad.” Green Lantern piped in seeing the whole exchange. You couldn’t help but to blush slightly when you thought of how much you wanted to test that theory. Bruce was wrong in thinking that you didn’t have a crush on him. You most certainly did. You didn’t flirt with him because you respect him and wanted him to take you seriously. You thought that’s what he wanted.

Bruce gives you the cold shoulder for days after the incident. He actively avoids you when he can. He’s mortified with himself that he snapped at you like that. You didn’t deserve it.

You eventually corner him alone while he’s on monitor duty to confront him about his distaste for you.

“Can we talk?” You asking leaning against the surface next to him. When he doesn’t answer, you took it as your signal to continue.“I just don’t understand why you hate me Bruce. What did I ever do to you?”

“I don’t hate you [Y/N].” He said keeping his eyes trained on the screen in front of him.

“Really? Because it certainly doesn’t feel that way.” You say crossing your arms across your chest.

“I don’t hate you.” He repeated pinching the bridge of his nose. He sighed before continuing. “It’s quite the opposite actually. I lashed out at you because I have these intense feelings towards you. Seeing you flirt so carelessly with Clark it … It set something primal off in me. I apologize for my behavior and I’m sorry if I caused you any stress but do rest assured that I don’t hate you.”

“You have feelings for me?” You ask a bit incredulously. You were taken aback by the confession, surprised at the possibility that he might actually care for you.

“I think you’re … enchanting.” He admitted, the word sounding foreign in his mouth. “If I’m being frank I want what you and Clark have together.” He admitted reluctantly

“Me and Clark? Bruce, Clark and I are just friends.” You say.

“But what you said -” He began saying with a furrowed brow.

“Yeah, I flirt everyone, Bruce. It kind of my thing.” You shrug. “I wasn’t serious.”

“You don’t flirt with me.” He stated with a hint of disappointment.

“Well, you’re different.” You admitted quietly, moving to sit in the chair next to him. You stared blankly up at the monitors contemplating what you wanted to say next. If tonight was a night for confessions you might as well go all the way.

“I like you Bruce and I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. I didn’t employ my usual charm with you because I thought you would respect and like me more if I didn’t.” You let out a nervous laugh and ran your finger through your hair. “Hearing myself say it out loud now, it sounds really dumb and immature.” You berate yourself. Surprisingly, Bruce’s hand went to grab hold of yours.

“You didn’t have to change anything about yourself to get me to like. I like you just the way you are. I’m sorry that you felt you had to.” He said apologetically. You look at him sheepishly from underneath your lashes.

“Does this mean I have full license to unleash all of my missed opportunities to flirt with you?” You ask.

“Only if I can flirt back.” He agreed. You let out a giggle and gave him a broad smirk.

“Batman flirt? With me? I’d like to see you try and keep up.” You finished with a purr leaning in close as if you were about to kiss. Just as your lips were about to meet you pulled away and jumped up from your seat.

“Would you look at the time.” You say dramatically looking at a nonexistent watch on your wrist.

“Late for a date?” He asks with an arched eyebrow.

“As a matter of fact, yes. There’s a cute brooding billionaire in Gotham that wants to show me a night on the town.” You throw a wink his way before sauntering towards the teleportation tubes.

When she was sad, she would lay in the grass for hours. I think gazing at the big blue skies and red rose petals made her feel small, as if her problems were too silly to be bothered with. Whatever the reason was, it made her beautiful. She was beautiful.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #114
I want to take you on road trips and hold conversations under the big blue skies. I want to drive endlessly down empty roads in the middle of the night, park in the middle of nowhere so we can watch the stars shine. You are the only one that can call me at 3 AM and I will be more than okay with it for I would rather hear your voice than catch up on episodes that I’ve missed. Because when it comes to you the pieces just seem to fit.
I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes. (a Poe/Finn story)

Maybe it was the way Poe had smirked at him, bottom lip caught in his teeth, that had sent heat spiralling into the depths of his guts. Maybe it was the warmth of the jacket seeping into his bones. Maybe it was the way he had tumbled and turned through the sky, hunted and hunter all at once that lit the flame. Maybe it was the ease with which Poe had turned his life inside out and upside down. Finn wasn’t sure, but as he spent yet another day in the med bay, he turned the thoughts over and over in his mind. Poe’s smirk caught forever in the back of his eyes, burned into his retinas just as the man’s soul was now held in Finn’s heart. Finn shook his head, as much as the med bay bed would let him, he heard the door open. He felt the cool air from outside rush in, along with the smell of motor oil.

Finn had woken up two weeks ago, he had still not been able to move much, he couldn’t feel his legs and it was difficult to stay awake for longer than a few hours. It was frustrating, he could hardly remember anything that had happened; he had been confused at first. He hadn’t know where he was or even his own name. The memories had come back over time, a few every day or so, until he remembered up to the point he’d discovered Poe was still alive. The medbot tending to him had filled him in on the rest. He had so far, remembered what the bot had said; this was a good sign he had been told.

“What’s up kid?” Poe said, dumping his helmet on the chair in the corner of the room.

“Not much, just a lightsaber in my spine. You know, the norm.” Finn rolled his eyes, but Poe was grinning at him in just the way that made Finn feel as though he was about to be devoured.

“Glad you’re okay. There were times I thought you wouldn’t make it.” Poe looked down and coughed, Finn thought he could see tears leak from his eyes.

“The medbots told me the same thing.” Finn shrugged slightly.

“Sorry I didn’t visit when you first woke up, I was on a clean up mission. I came over the minute they told me but you were asleep.”

“’S’all right. Why hasn’t Rey visited yet though?” Finn had been thinking about Rey a lot since he’d been unconscious. He couldn’t think why she wouldn’t have visited.

“She was here all the time, but then she left, said she had to go find Skywalker. You took too long to get better.”

“I don’t even know how long, the bots refuse to tell me.” Finn hadn’t spoken to another person since he’d woken up. Apparently his immune system had been too fragile.

“Yeah, they wanted me to tell you. You’ve been asleep a long time.” Poe took one of Finn’s hands, Finn tried to ignore the heat that was seeping through his skin.

“How long?” Finn croaked out.

“Six months yesterday.”

“No.” Finn refused to believe that six months had gone by since he’d first entered the med centre.

“Sorry, kid. I wouldn’t lie.” Finn couldn’t breath, he could feel panic and terror coming up his throat in the form of acidic bile. The only thing grounding him was Poe’s hand on his.


“I’m sorry, Mr er Finn, the lightsaber seems to have damaged your spinal cord. Though you could very well walk again, it will not be without significant effort on your part. I’m very sorry.” The medbot said. Finn’s stomach closed in on itself.

“Finn? You okay? What happened?” Poe had received Finn’s notice and rushed to the medbay half way through training some new recruits.

“The sabre damaged my spine, I have to have physical therapy if I wanna walk again.”

“Finn, you might not be able to walk but you could fly, piloting doesn’t use your legs.” Poe smiled as Finn’s face split in to a wide smile.


It had been a month since Finn had left the medbay. He had been shuffled around base because they couldn’t find a place for him. The medbots had said that he needed a large room, for the wheelchair. Finn hadn’t been able to walk since he’d woken, but with the amount of physio he had been given, the doctors were hopeful he’d make a full recovery. The base hadn’t been constructed with disability in mind, but it was too dangerous to let Finn live anywhere else. He was at reception again, waiting to get directions to the newest room they had assigned him.

“Major Dameron will be here in a minute to take you to your room.” The girl said, smiling slightly.

“What? Poe’s here?” Finn straightened up in his chair.

“Yes, Major Dameron arrived back from his scouting mission about two hours ago. He will be here shortly.” The girl turned back to the screen indicating that the conversation was over.

Finn could hardly contain his excitement. Poe had been sent on so many missions in the time he’d been awake, that Finn had hardly seen him. Finn secretly thought it was General Organa’s doing but he would never voice his suspicions out loud. He followed the sound of the west door opening and grinned as Poe walked through it. He spun chair around as Poe’s arms encircled him, Poe was practically kneeling between his legs.

“Hey, kid. How’re things? C’mon we better get back to our room.” Poe stood and walked round to the back of the chair.

“Our room?” Finn practically did a double take.

“Yeah, didn’t reception tell you? The only place big enough to accommodate you and the chair long term is the pilots quarters. Since all of the them are occupied they decided to double up. I’m the only pilot you know so I volunteered.” Poe shrugged and smiled.

“Seriously? Why would you do that for me?”

“Cause its the right thing to do.” Poe grinned as he wheeled Finn through the base.

They arrived at the pilots quarters. There was a circular common area that had about twenty doors leading off it.

“Each door leads to a corridor that holds about five rooms on it. There are about a hundred off us right now. When a room opens up we’ll get you that one, but since that only happens when someone dies, lets hope we end up rooming for a long time.” They walked through a door that had the number one on it in gold. Poe’s room was the one at the end. “Since I’m leader of the squadron I get a bigger room, so it was easy for them to squeeze an extra bed in it; it’s en suite as well so no awkwardness about the shower chair.”

“Thank you, so much. You didn’t need to do this.” Finn still couldn’t comprehend the idea that the dashing, charismatic pilot wanted to share his room with him.

“Yeah I did. you saved my life, remember, ‘sides it can get a little lonely in there all by my lonesome.” The room was big, but plain; only the desk, that was against the left wall, gave away that someone lived there. At one end there was a massive almost floor to ceiling window with a bed crammed against it. The hall way the led in to the room was large enough for Finn and Poe to wheel and walk side by side. On the right wall, a standard issue bed/storage unit took up most of the space. Opposite the window bed a large pathway led to a door that clearly led to a bathroom.

“This is amazing!” Finn looked around in awe, his quarters back where he came from were a shared dorm and a communal bathroom.

“The bed by window was put there for you but I don’t mind changing.” Poe said.

“Hell no man, I can look out the window when I’m falling asleep.” Finn wheels quickly to the bed and transfers himself on to it. He looked out the window and saw the sky. The planet the base was on had big blue skies and fluffy clouds that drifted slowly with no care in the world. There were four small suns that crowded round each other in a haphazard group. Above the metal roof of the base animals flew, in shades of blue, pink, and red. They didn’t look like anything Finn had ever seen before and he couldn’t get enough of them.

“We got the first contact from Rey today.” Poe said. “She found Skywalker, he’s training her now; she says hi and that they’re gonna come back when she’s a little more trained up.”

“Seriously? Did she say how long she’d be?” Finn didn’t notice Poe’s smile drop a little when he spoke.

“They expect within the next two years or so.” Poe looked at Finn from he’d thrown himself on his bed.

“Two years?” Finn’s heart dropped down past his stomach.

“It takes a while to train a Jedi you know.” Poe moved from his bed to Finn’s.

“I wont see her for two years. She’s my best friend.”

“Who am I? The cat’s mother?” Poe laughed as he sat next to him.

“What? You’re not… Oh wait. I don’t know.” Finn shrugged and shook his head, leaning against the window, he turned to look at Poe. “You gave me a name.” He pointed out. When Poe smiled, Finn felt his work light up, despite the darkening sky behind him. “On the base, there was no one, you know. There were loads of people there, but no one spoke to each other. When I spoke to you, it was the first I’d spoken to anyone but Phasma in weeks. So I don’t really know what to call you.”

Poe was silent for a long time, his face a mask of quiet contemplation. Finn turned his head to look away from the other man; he shifted away from Poe slightly.

“How about partner in crime?” Poe chuckled quietly.

“I am perfectly okay with that.”  


It became a sort of tradition after that night, Finn and Poe would sit on Finn’s bed by the window and talk for hours every night. Finn learnt that the rebels had a sort of do what you want but make sure you pull your weight rule. Although he got up well past midday Finn worked late into the night, he had been made a pilot; he found out later that Poe had suggested him for the job. Training was his first priority, he was expected to be battle ready in three months. Luckily for Finn, Poe was training him; Poe was a great teacher and Finn was catching up well. They were still sharing a room, Finn couldn’t walk very far without his cane and he couldn’t go long distances without using his chair. Physical therapy and lots of patience were doing wonders though and the medbots were sure he’d be back on his feet given time.

The rebel base was very different from life on board StarKiller. Where as StarKiller was cold and sterile, full of grey corridors and fluorescent lighting, the rebel base was an odd patchwork of new and old, it bore the marks of the many generations of people who had lived there. In some places, a name was scratched on the iron pillars, in others full on graffiti covered the walls. Finn had never seen anything like the base, it was dirty and smelt a little bit like motor oil and yet he loved it with somewhat reckless abandon.

The planet the base was on was just as beautiful, no dangerous predators roamed through the tall trees; there were no real natural dangers as well. On the other side to the base a massive desert covered a quarter of the planet. The sun was hot and the days long, filled with hard work and good company. Finn was for once content with his life. He felt like he was doing something good, something worthwhile.

He missed Rey like he would miss a missing body part, like she was a part of him. He loved her like family, there were no other feelings there, nothing but a platonic bond that would never fade. Though Finn still, felt like there was some part of him missing, a part of him that he hadn’t noticed before coming to the rebel base. He’d noticed a couple, both pilots, holding hands and giving each other a peck on the check as they separated before a mission; he had felt a sharp stab of longing. He wanted what they had. That was what was missing from his life. He decided he’d talk to Poe about it.


He forgot about the two pilots and his questions for two weeks later. They were both on Finn’s bed, backs against the window; heads craned up, looking at the stars. Finn drew in a breath and sat up a little straighter.



“Those two pilots, erm, Kopos and Thul? I think, are they…?”



“Have been for years, I think, I can’t remember.” Poe shrugged. “Why? You jealous?”

“No, no. Just… have you got anyone? Like that I mean?”

“Have I… got someone- no, no I don’t” Poe looked at him. “Why d’you ask?”

“I dunno, I’m sorry, I’m tired. Can we sleep now?” Finn half pushed Poe off the bed.


Three weeks later, they were sitting in the same positions. Finn looked at Poe, but the man’s eyes were already on him; the stars reflected in the hazel depths. Finn melted into them.

“Finn, I- I- This doesn’t happen often. Not to me. Not for me. Truth is, I didn’t think I would ever feel like this about someone.” Poe choked on his words.

“I get it. On the base, they gave us injections. They stopped us wanting, needing uh this.” Finn shrugged.

“No. Its not that. It isn’t synthesised out of me, I didn’t have injections. I literally haven’t felt anything like this ever. I’m not broken, I just haven’t felt attraction like I do now.” Poe touched Finn’s cheek. “The stars, they’re in your eyes; I can see them.” Poe leant forward and touched his lips to Finn’s.

It was a chaste touch of lips. Finn could feel Poe’s slightly chapped lips against his, they were warm and dry and perfect. As far as first kisses go, it was exactly what Finn had seen in his head, late at night in his dorm on StarKiller. He felt Poe smile in to the kiss, felt the rough heat of his hands move up to cradle Finn’s head. Their noses brushed as they swapped sides, Finn’s tongue brushed Poe’s top lip. All too soon they had to come up to breath.

“That was- that was-“ Poe was, for once, lost for words. He was too busy falling in love with the stars in Finn’s eyes.

Quick StormPilot rec 3

My next long post will come when I have my computer back from the shop.  In the meantime, this fic was incredible, and needs to be shared and read and loved and enjoyed.  As always, when I write my next long post this will be included as is proper.

tell me about the big bang

Summary: “There is a part of him that says: you are not human.”

I have no words for the beauty of this fic.  Or maybe I have a lot.  This is from Finn’s POV, as he tries to figure out his place in the Resistance.  It’s a beautiful character study for Finn, and it has such lovely pining and angst, with a happy ending.

I’m sure this sounds similar to some other fics I’ve recced, but seriously, just take a look at the 3 quotes below and you’ll see why you have to read this immediately.

Word Count: 37220

Author tumblr: @stormsdameron

A few amazing quotes: 

“All this time, this forest has existed. And Finn knows there are a thousand more forests like it, and then a thousand forests that look different. A thousand Jakku deserts, a thousand oceans, a thousand skies….

He sinks to the ground near the roots of a massive tree, leaning back against the trunk, and tries not to hyperventilate.

All this time. All this world, all this universe, and he grew up in a colorless tin can eating ration bars for every fucking meal, learning how to aim a blaster instead of learning about forests and music and donuts and big blue skies and soft beds and what it feels like to be a fucking person, what it feels like to hug someone goodbye and say please come back—”


“Here’s the thing. Here’s the stupid, humiliating, eternally shameful fucking thing.

Finn has never been good at controlling his thoughts. Not at night. At night, something about the quiet and the emptiness and the soft, heavy dark makes the boundaries in Finn’s brain melt away, like chocolate on his tongue, or like ice. At night, Finn’s mind spools out in front of him, and he cannot pull it back. At night, Finn has thoughts that he knows, he knows are wrong. 

Thoughts like: I want to go home. 

Thoughts like: I don’t know if I can kill for them.

Thoughts like: I want to get out of here. 

Thoughts like—“


““The day you named me,” Finn says, shifting his grip on the joystick. He does not meet Poe’s eyes. “That’s my birthday. That’s when I got born.” 

“No, Finn,” says Poe. His voice is gentle in Finn’s ear, almost too soft to hear over the hum of the X-wing’s engines. “That can be your birthday, but don’t make it something it ain’t. You weren’t born when I named you. You were born when you set yourself free.””

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