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1k of shameless fluff. The morning after the night before.

Alistair knows he’s probably grinning like an idiot, and he tries to school his face into something less incriminating. It’s just that he never expected it - any of it. The softness of her skin, even with the callouses on her hands and the scars he spent so long tracing. The way she spoke to him. The fact she seemed happy to laze in his - their? That’s really a conversation they should be having sometime - bedroll and wrap herself round him like a cheerful, gorgeous limpet. Not that he was much better at letting go of her when it came to it, world to save or not. 

He remembers her squirming out of his arms, despite his protests, grinning at him. And there’s a word he doesn’t get to use often about Morgana - but there, bright, happy and unashamed, she made him want to stop and stare. Maybe stay another hour. Or, you know, forever. He didn’t mind.

Maybe it’s selfish that he wants it, all of it. He wants to spend every morning with Morgana in his arms, soft and satisfied and smiling at him.

And most of all, more than how it all felt… She loves him. She loves him.

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jaffaarchfiend  asked:

I'm with you all the way on the Atlantis KH3 stuff. I mean seriously! It fits with the story so well! ESPECIALLY when you take KHX's history into account and compare it to Atlantis' history! Great big blue star in the sky that gave them all power? Check. Everyone starting to fight over and abuse said power for their own goals? Check. Cataclysmic apocalypse event that nearly wipes them all out? Check. Just from background plot alone it is a match made in heaven!

YES!!! My thoughts exactly!! It was practically MADE to be in Kingdom Hearts!!

there’s a big all stars game here in sweden on friday :) a lot of our swedish NHL stars are going up in a charity game against Djurgården.

just some of the NHL stars that are lining up are:

  • Gabriel Landeskog
  • Patric Hörnqvist
  • Marcus Krüger
  • Niklas Kronwall
  • Joakim Nordström
  • Carl Hagelin
  • Fredrik Claesson
  • Marcus Sörensen
  • Jacob Josefsson
  • Alexander Wennberg

prepare for some quality content this week!

  • goddard: i have sent a team of scientists up to space to observe red dwarf star Wolf 359
  • eiffel: you have fucked up a perfectly good team of incompetent people
  • eiffel: i have no toothpaste and cigarettes
  • eiffel: i have faced mutant plant monsters and slimy spiders
  • eiffel: I HAVE ANXIETY

When Marie-Antoinette is going through her shoes while preparing for a big party you see a pair of blue Converse All Star 1923 Chuck Taylor basketball shoes for about one and a half seconds. While these shoes were definitely not in existence at the time of Marie-Antoinette, their inclusion in the film was intentional, to portray Marie-Antoinette as a typical teenage girl despite the time she lived in. (x)