big black glasses

Hannibal crack idea

The first time they’re about to have sex, Hannibal spends two hours getting prepared in the bathroom and comes out with a rather panicky look on his face. Will doesn’t exactly get it, but it looks like Hannibal’s still eager and he’s still getting laid, so he doesn’t question it. 

When Will’s pants come off, Hannibal collapses in a relieved heap on the bed and wipes some sweat off his brow because Will’s junk is just average or at least not much more than slightly above. 

The reason for his distress: He thought the big black box on Freddie’s hospital pictures indicated the actual size of Will’s dick, and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to take it. Will’s not sure if he should be laughing his head off or be slightly insulted. 

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“Like a chest of hidden gold
Shimmers in the depths below
We are, we are, the treasures that they hide
Like the sun that saves the night
Bursting through a darkened sky
We are, we are, soldiers of the light
And we will glow✨”

OOTD March 1st, 2017: Sassy Striped Navy

Another outfit of the day!! Okay, now, this was TOTALLY a coincidence in regards to “Room for Ruby” airing next Friday 😂😂 I drew her WAAAAAY before the news was out….well, before I found out about it I swear 😂

Anyway, we have a lovely Ruby guard (precious lil Navy AAHHH) wearing my outfit today consisting of a red striped shirt (tied up to show off her gem) and high waisted Nicki Minaj jeans (they’re not high-waisted in the drawing for Navy’s gemstone’s sake 😂) and my Uggs! Once more, adding my trademark big, black glasses for the finishing touch!

My first time drawing Navy and I love how she came out???? SHE ALSO LOOKS GOOD IN MY GLASSES AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH enjoy guys!!