Last night I watched the documentary “I am Big Bird” on Netflix, the story of Caroll Spinney who is the man behind Big Bird and Oscar. (And who still is if I’m not mistaken?) If Jim Henson and his genius didn’t touch your life, I feel so sorry for you. For anyone who was a lover - you have to watch this movie. The man behind Big Bird is amazing, and his life was a weird, but happy dream. I almost bawled when I found out he was supposed to go up on the Challenger and got pulled because there was no room for the Bird.
Besides the story of Caroll, seeing and hearing Jim Henson speak pulled all the heart strings and made me miss my old Sesame Street/Muppets/Fraggle Rock centric childhood. Big Bird singing at Jim Henson’s funeral had my eyes full. All the feels! Must watch!

What are the characters on Sesame Street called in other countries?

This is another character print in the series (Powerpuff Girls last week). Available as a print this weekend at Thought Bubble, and then in the shop afterwards

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PSA: Lin-Manuel Miranda sells bird real estate.

….And his song is “very convincing”