big big troll

Guess who made clay troll dads because im absolute trash and making tiny clay figures is a new passion of mine
You can never have enough married troll dads in your life so heres something i did earlier this week

i was initially gonna do the whole cast but blinky’s a lil bigger then a quarter (height wise) and it was already pretty hard to sculpt so yeah hope yall like

Because I am 100% Broppy trash and this movie has destroyed me and because I am a master at procrastinating.

Anyway, have some nose-booping Broppy! (because i couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them kiss without it being awkward.)

Also, totally not inspired by a certain scene in dragonNMR’s amazing fic “A Troll Epic”. 

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Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Public Image

(When Tatsu searched himself up on the internet… xD)

Tatsu: My persona… Well, calling it “persona” is a bit weird, but I am a person who changes quite dramatically when I go out and when I get home. In this sense, the image that everyone has in their minds, or even more so, the things that’ve been circulating all around the internet, are probably… different (from who I really am). *laughs* Yeah, plus there’s also the fact that many things changed as I got older. Um, but it’s always fun to look at (what people are talking about). The topic is not on cell phones anymore [note: he was talking about cell phones before this part], but ever since I got a smart phone, all sorts of information started to flow in – things became a lot more accessible. Gradually, I could no longer resist the lure and ended up searching (myself up on the internet). Looking at the things that showed up, I was kinda like, “Oh this is how people think about me,” “Right, this is how they feel,” or, “Ah, this is how they see me…” I mean, I would tell myself that after all, that was part of the information given out to the public, but the way it turned out was just… completely off… *LAUGHS* You know, that sort of thing happens from time to time.

Despite everything, the way everyone thinks about me is a part of my image, and I feel very grateful~ Well, well, to think of it another way, now that I know (about the opinions from the public), when I get to present myself to those people in person, I would be even more eager to show them the side of me that’s different from what they once thought. Yeah~

~from Cast Free Talk in Shinsengumi Gyoufuuroku Wasurenagusa

“Cause lovers dance when theyre feeling in love, spotlight’s shining its all, about us.”

I couldnt help myself I was listening to cute songs again and even though I told myself I’d work on the roleswap asks n stuff or my contest entry I find so much happiness in drawing these two 


Ive been workin on the backstory for these two based on headcanons in the Roleswap AU so heres a couple doodles from a couple days back but yet i am still obsessing over the big gay troll dads  (ievenmadeapinterestboardforthemimscreaming)

also i wanna know- are u guys into me drawin stuff for the asks?? and whats ur guys thoughts on me gettin scenes from the eps and recreating them in the AU im runnin low on ideas-

a messy lil doodle of roleswap/human AU troll dads i did a couple nights ago after bein super stressed out cause you know married troll dads can always make ya feel better

Im a sucker for the red/blue trope so i did this even tho its not their colors i couldnt help myself

anonymous asked:

Sheldon cared more about a board game than Penny in friendship turbulence when Leonard bought her a

Hey remember when Leonard cheated on Penny!? Remember when Amy pretty much forced Sheldon to have sex with her with an ultimatum!? Remember how Penny and Sheldon are seen as prizes and objects that are to be obtained, possessed and kept!? Remember how Amy and Leonard don’t treat Sheldon and Penny as equals!? Also remember how you can’t grasp how tbbt doesn’t make any damn sense!?

Miss me with your bullshit you overripe kumquat.