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Friendly reminder that Fitz already chose Jemma and any residual feelings or concerns he has for AIDA do not reflect how he feels about Jemma. Not wanting to kill AIDA is because he is Fitz and his heart is too big for his own good. But that big heart will always beat for Jemma.

I have this headcanon, that angels can tell when someone is a vessel and to what angel they belong just by looking at their souls. Because vessel’s soul have something in common with the grace of that particular angel. For example, Sam’s soul is unusually bright. Dean’s soul is warmth and almost looks like flames (Michael’s Sword).

So when Lucifer turns around and sees Dean’s soul for the first time here, he’s not taken aback because of the hunter or the gun that can’t kill him (and he knows that), but because for the fraction of a second it’s Michael standing in front of him. The brother he hasn’t seen in centuries. It’s no wonder he goes on to ramble about Michael right after this scene. 

I mean, I could be productive right now but I could also watch a lot of videos of Disney park attractions that ended up never happening or Disney park remnants of ideas that never got to be fulfilled. 


BIGBANG Reaction to: their S/O doing a nude photoshoot. :O

A/N: Requested by thatkpopbitch :  How BB reacts to their S/O doing a nude photoshoot ?? 
oooooooooh, nude. Ain’t that just scandalous!~
Again sorry for ze wait. this may be a bit shorter because I feel like they would have over the top reactions.

As soon as you told him, he would nod in understanding and simply ask to be there on set. If you had to do it with someone, he would want to meet them but other than that, he was pretty okay with it. This was your job after all. He trusts you.

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Like GD, he would want to be there. But simply for the fact of watching you in your element, doing what you love. Nakedness and the artistry of it was just a bonus for him. He would be very blushy when you’d make eye contact at any point during the shoot.

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He would nod in agreement to the concept of the photo shoot and when you said it was in the nude, he would pause for a moment before saying that that was fine, you didn’t need his permission. He would also take the time to remind you that he had done several semi nude shoots and if you were comfortable with this, he was fine with it.

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His first concern would be if it would make you uncomfortable to be naked, he didn’t want you to get upset with anything with this photo shoot. His second concern would be if you were doing this with a partner, not that he didn’t trust you; he did one million percent. It would be the other person he wouldn’t trust, so he would definitely want to meet them. 

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He would be happy that you were doing the photo shoot, showing no concerns whatsoever. When you asked him if he had any concerns, he’d simply reply: “No, should I? I trust you completely; you know that if you aren’t comfortable, you call me and I will be there in a heart beat.” 

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Summer SacAnime 2015 Part 3!

Just a few of the cool cosplays I saw on Sunday!

hellalaine as Stevonnie

ahseert was with the No-Face cosplayer :)

purple-of-hearts as the Anastasia in the No-Face pic

mintpocky as Starfire

Funny story about the No-Face:

I was waiting in line for autographs and there was a Studio Ghibli movie meet-up. The No-Face was about to leave when a bunch of little kids swarmed them and hugged them (even if No-Face is supposed to be a monster, lol). 

So, the No-Face did the silent offering thing and I smiled because this person was being really legit about it. Then they take out candy from some hidden place in their costume and start offering it to the kids, so they flip out and take it. And one girl runs to her mom and yells, “He gave me candy like magic!” XD

It was really cute. The No-Face tried to leave, but then one little kid burst out crying because he didn’t get any candy, and so the No-Face had to go back. XD

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Stony Prompt #10

“This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”

Tony is done with everything.

One would think that asking the person you like out for a date is the hardest part – but whoever says this has clearly never tried to propose. And maybe whoever says this is also not a superhero.

Three years ago, Tony actually thought that the scariest thing he’d ever do was to ask Steve out for a date and oh, how had he been mistaken. No, the scariest definitely is happening right now as they sit in a small restaurant. The brunet has big plans for today, big plans for Steve and his heart it beating so fast, he wouldn’t be surprised if it leapt right out of his chest.

He has the ring in his pocket. The waiter is instructed to bring them a special dessert (one that Steve loves with passion and that isn’t available at this place, but well, genius, billionaire here – Tony made it happen) and then it’ll be time for his big question.

Steve smiles at him from across the table, this sweet, beautiful little smile that makes his eyes light up and Tony once more realizes just how gone he is for this man.

Everything goes smoothly. Dessert arrives and as expected, Steve is beaming in joy, if not a little surprised. Tony’s heart thunders against his chest. He licks his lips and carefully reaches into his pocket, it’s now or never, he’ll really ask now-

Steve’s phone goes off and effectively ruins the moment. He gives Tony a sheepish smile and mouths an apology, ready to ignore the call – but then his expression changes into dead-serious in a matter of second and Tony knows their evening is over.

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“How did we even get here?”

Request from anon: Hey, could I have an imagine with Sam? I was thinking, one where I was sitting on SAMs lap &he had me go get a beer for him &the guys, &when I get back I hear him tell the guys I was hurting his legs (I’m a plus size)&the boys all laugh &joke about it &it hurt my feelings, but I bring the beers out to them and I sit on the floor instead and Sam tells me to sit on his lap but I say something like “I thought I was to heavy for you?” And I walk away, you can finish it. I love your blog by the way.


“Come sit with us.” Nate brings forth a girl. “There’s no where to sit though..” She points her finger at all of us sitting on the bench. “Babe, come here.” Sam catches my attention, patting his lap. He was sitting on one of those beach chairs on the edge of the group. He smiles at me as I got uncomfortable, rubbing my sweaty hands on my jeans to dry them, shaking my legs. I know what you’re thinking, any other girl would have sat on his lap in a heart beat. But I’m not one of those girls. Why? Because all those girls that would sit on his lap in a heart beat aren’t plus size like me. Big thighs, big hips, big waist, i think you get the point. The main focus is the word, big. I know what people say about me. I turn the other cheek. I don’t even know how someone like him, is interested in someone like.. Well, me. Every time he puts his hands on my sides, I quickly jump. Afraid of him touching my fat. Afraid he’s just doing this for a bet or as a joke. I mean why would a guy like him want to be with a girl like me?

“Hey, babe.” Sam snapped me out of my thoughts. “Come on.” He says, still smiling, motioning me to him. I slowly got up, calmly hyperventilating to myself. I stood in front of him, my back facing him, taking a deep breath before squatting down on him, but he grabs my hips and pulls me on to him. “OHF.” We both grunted out. “Sorry.” I quietly said. “It’s okay.” He smiles at me as I turned my body, so my back was leaned against one of the arm rest, and my right shoulder on his chest. His left arm wrapped around waist, his right hand with a beer in it, as my right arm around his neck. 

After talking for an hour with the crew, Sam takes his last chug from his beer bottle, throwing the empty bottle to the ground and burping. “Hey babe,” His hand slides on my thigh, “Could you do me a favor and go get me a cold beer from the kitchen?” “Uh, yeah, sure.” I stood up, able to breathe again. “Anyone else want one while I’m there?” “Me.” “I’m down for another.” “Bring some chips if you can.” I just nod off, and started making my way towards the kitchen. Their voices quickly started becoming whispers. I shrugged, making my way into the kitchen, grabbing chips and beer. I was on my phone checking twitter when i got a phone call from Taylor. I was a little confused but answered anyways, “Hello?” I said weird, looking out the window to all of them. I just heard muffling then Taylor look back at me, telling me to listen. 

“Wow Sam, Y/N seems like a great girl. How long have you guys been?” “Almost a year, actually.” “So cute. She’s so pretty too.” The girl that Nate invited to sit with us said. “Yeah, pretty, big.” One of the boys’ new guy friend said. Some of them snickered at his comment, making me a little uneasy. “She’s not that big, come on.” I heard Sam’s voice. “Really? Cause it looked like you were suffocating a little, while she was on your lap.” The guy said. “I mean, kind of…” Sam’s voice trailed off. “It was like I could breathe again when she got off. A weight just got lifted off of me, literally.” I heard him joke, some of the group laughing. “She’s looking at us like she can hear us. But she is helplessly clueless.” I heard the new guy say, waving his hand at me as they all smiled. Taylor, the other girl, and Nash looked at me with disappointment about what they were saying about me. “You should let her shed a few. Take her to the gym with you.” The guy said. “I’m going to let her do that when she’s ready. I still think she’s beautiful.” “But she still crushes your legs bro. I’d let her knew before your legs break.” Some of the guys laugh, as Sam slowly chuckles. 

They got off subject when I hung up the phone. I felt my heart break into two pieces, hurt. I wiped the tears from my cheek and plastered a smile on my face. I grabbed the things and made my way back to the group. I gave everyone what they asked for, gave a small smile to Taylor, making my way back to Sam. I looked at him as he looked ready to embrace himself of me sitting on him again, as I sat down on the ground next to his chair. “What are you doing?” Sam asked confused, leaning over to me, causing a little scene. I just shrugged, “Didn’t feel like suffocating you anymore.” I said emotionless. “W-what?” “I thought you wanted to keep breathing and not have me crush your legs so close where your legs will break!” I felt myself heat up, looking at the guy that said it. Tears started forming in my eyes when I got up, brushing off dirt. “I’ll come back when I lose weight.” My shaky voice seemed to have shot a bullet through all the ones that made fun of me. 

I started walking off, out the backyard and back to my place. I heard my name being constantly called but I ignored them, making my way out of there. I was 2 blocks away from the party, at a park. “Y/N!” I heard my name. “HEY Y/N! WAIT UP PLEASE!” I heard the voice get closer, and footsteps coming closer. “CAN WE TALK?” I heard. “Y/N!” I felt Sam’s body right behind me as he grabbed my wrist, turning me to face him. “Hey…” He cuffed his hands on my face, wiping my tears with his thumbs. I quickly pushed him off, a couple feet away. “Baby can we please talk,” “Don’t baby me!” I said angrily. “How can you stand there and call me baby when you were just making fun of me back there?!” I started yelling, pointing back at the party house. “I didn’t me-” “YOU DIDN’T MEAN IT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ‘It was like I could breathe again when she got off. A weight just got lifted off of me, literally.’” I repeated what he said back at the party. “IT SOUNDED LIKE YOU MEANT EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SAID BACK THERE TO ME.” “Y/N, please….” “Please help me Lord from crushing this man with my big, meaty, thighs!” 

“Why do you even fucking like me?!” I yelled at him. “Oh not this again…” His head drops back in annoyance. “No, tell me this time. Every time, you never give me an answer! Was I some kind of bet? Are you doing this as a joke? Or that you feel sorry for me? Why Sam? WHY?” “Because I do! Now will you get off my back about it!” “But you can’t like someone like me! So why?!” “Because you are beautiful inside and out! And you can’t tell me who I can and Can’t like alright? That is mine. That belongs to me! No one else, not even you!” “How can you like someone with fat all over their body? Who has got thighs as big as two of your thighs put together. That has more meat in my stomach than your whole body?!”

“Will you fucking hear yourself?! Maybe if you didn’t talk like that about yourself then I wouldn’t talk like that about you thinking it’d be okay.” “That’s because it’s MY body! I’M the one that lives in this body. I’M the one that has to deal with this! I’M the one that KNOWS what it’s LIKE to being made fun of! ME! I have EVERY RIGHT to talk about myself like this! But YOU! YOU have nO right! Because YOU don’t know what I go through! You don’t know what it’s like!” I started breaking down on the side walk, dropping to my knees, crying in my hands. “I-I can’t BE like those girls back there. I can’t look like them, I can’t flirt like them, I can’t act like them.” “I don’t want you to be like those other girls.” He kneels in front of me, cradling me. “I want you to be you. No one else. I love you for you.” “I’m sorry I’m not like those other girls Sammy.” “Sh, sh, sh..” He rubs my back to comfort me. 

He moves us onto the grass, sitting down as I lie my head on shoulder, my sobs slowly stopping. “I tried Sam.” I whispered to him. “Hmm? Tried what?” “I tried to fit in with your group. Bu-ut I-I just can’t. I can’t.” I kept shaking my head. “You deserve someone who better fits you and your crew. I’m… Not that person.” “No-NO! I want you! And the family loves you! We all love you! That guy, he’s new! And because of what he said, he’s no longer part of us! I promise! It won’t happen again! I learned my lesson.” Sam begs. “I just think this is for.. The better…” I looked at him. “For the better.” I whispered again. I put my hand on his, “Thanks for everything.” I kissed his cheek. I heard him start to sniffle, “Are you sure you want to do this?” His voice cracked. “Yeah..” I nodded, “I’m sure.” I rubbed my thumb across his hand. Sam just takes in a deep breath, nodding to himself. We sat there for a little in silence, watching all the cars pass by us. He looks at me, 

“How did we even get here?”



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