big bay beach


I wanted to see what a sunrise was actually like through the lens of the ancients. A buddy and I stayed up all night, waiting for the morning surf. We weren’t surfers. On the couch in the family room we impatiently sat and waited for my brother to wake up. He was the one who would be in the cool September waters.

His alarm sounded and all three of us packed our things. We drove about two miles down the lakefront. My brother blew cigarette smoke out the window. It disappeared into the steel blue morning. 

We parked on a residential street. I stepped out of the car, bundled up in a windbreaker and laughing with a big grin on my face. My friend, holding an acoustic guitar, had just made a joke. It probably wasn’t that funny in retrospect but many factors were acting on us. My brother put his backpack on and balanced the surfboard on top of his head. A man came down the sidewalk with his dog and gave us all a bad look. After all it was six in the morning on a Saturday. Kids shouldn’t be up doing things so early.

As I walked down the walkway, I could see the sun scaling itself up over the clouds. Another unwavering grin on my face.

My brother surfed. My buddy played guitar. I took some pictures. Here they are for your enjoyment as always. 

Photo Credits:

Taken by Ethan Klein

Edited by Tamir Klein