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This years Barduil Secret Santa gift is for @carmentalis​ :>

I went with the ‘making this patchwork family with two Kings with their own realms in it work’-prompt (˘◡˘) So you’ve got Thranduil in Dale during his visit/consort-time.

For his time in Dale he left Legolas behind as his regent , who sends lots of letters to keep his adar updated (and to rant about some council members).

Sadly they can’t live together permanently since they are kings after all, but they have an arrangement where they take turns visiting each other every other season, depending on how the political circumstances are. They call it consort-time.

Their children have agreed to help them with it, so Legolas stays behind when Thranduil leaves for Dale and Sigrid does the same for her da. So all in all, though it isn’t ideal, they make it work.

(The kids travel more often between the two, though especially Sigrid cant manage as often as the others since she is the next in line to the throne and will need to take over at some point)

Breif context: me and two friends went to a Dennys late at night to play a one shot. At one point my fellow PC (the bard) had a small flame cast at his characters groin.
BARD: I’m bound! I can’t put this out! (Laughing hysterically)
DM: well the Orc walks up and raises his foot to stop out the flame.
DM:(losing it) I can’t believe… How big would you say BARD’S crotch is? I gotta know what I’m aiming for…

important facts about Philliam, a Bard! from The World of Thedas, Vol. 2
  • His full pen name is, actually, “Philliam, a Bard!”. The exclamation point is part of the pen name, and he gets pissy if you drop it.
  • He’s like the Buzzfeed of Thedas, editing up important articles and scholarly works for mass consumption by taking out all the boring parts and leaving mostly just the sex and violence.
  • He doesn’t belong to any of the academic or scholarly circles but is apparently rolling in cash because he uses a printing press instead of monks to mass produce his books. Also: wax and foil.
  • He and Brother Genitivi once got in an epic epistolary pissfight with each other through their editors.
  • After Genitivi complained loudly about his work being butchered, Philliam, a Bard! sent him money and wrote Genitivi a special thanks in the next book because Philliam, a Bard! has superduper big stones.
  • Philliam, a Bard!’s actual name is Philliam Bernard Aloicious Trevelyan, meaning he is in some way related to a Trevelyan Inquisitor.
  • He once wrote/edited a book all about the things in Thedas that could kill you that weren’t demons.
  • He’s my new favorite character in anything ever.

Barduil Big Bang Exchange:

A Blessing in Disguise

fic by alikuu
art by nisiedrawsstuff

An angsty story in which Bard ends up with the One Ring and tries to use it for good. The Council of Elrond must discover the truth and decide what his fate will be.

It was so much fun drawing these for her and many thanks go out to her for writing such a wonderful fic and to the mods who organized the exchange!

But if Barduil is a thing, then Legolas being protective older brother to Tilda, Sigrid and Bain. Following them at a distance to make sure they’re safe when they walk in the woods around dale. Bringing the best gifts from Mirkwood for their birthdays. Stepson Legolas giving stepdad Bard archery tips and an elvish bow to accompany his longbow. Braiding Bain’s hair in elvish style when it was long enough. Scaring all the children of dale when he drops down from his unseen hiding places in games of hide and seek.

And when the evils of Sauron begin to work their way up towards dale, and Legolas is gone with the fellowship and Thranduil and bard are preparing for war or at least defence, especially in Mirkwood where the shadow is strongest, and Bard is an old man but still a good king, and Sigrid and Bain and Tilda all don elvish armor and go south to fight for gondor, to help “leggy”, their big brother

and like, its really not that hard to see the classpect system as neutral

just because are only two (TWO!) examples of Rage players from one session of universe in the entire multiverse that happened to both be alpha timeline sanctioned to serve a dark lord villain because the plotline of homestuck says so doesnt mean Rage as an aspect altogether needs to be thrown out the window

Homestuck the story is not the be-all end-all of the Homestuck Multiverse™. We know this because more sessions exist in canon than the ones we have directly witnessed, and because Hiveswap exists, which also doesn’t need to have a playable SBURB component to expand on the system itself through any sort of insight or dialogue or anything at all. 

we’ve seen probably exactly 0.02% of Rage as an aspect’s direct influence on reality, there’s plenty we haven’t seen. Same goes for Bards and for Princes and Doom and whatever else class or aspect has unfair negativity attached to it, like Mages because my poor word choice of suffering, or that Knight theory that they kill their session just by existing (which has never stopped being dumb for me)

Dirk alone is proof of this concept between himself as Dirk and his other versions of himself like AR and Bro. 

even then, there is so much we can glean about Rage in canon that have nothing to do with Gamzee or Kurloz. Hope is Rage’s opposite. Anything that IS Hope, IS NOT Rage. and the same goes for the other around too. Anything that IS Rage, IS NOT Hope, it cannot be, or else they wouldn’t be opposite fundamental forces of reality. and we have 3 Hope players to triangulate between, so its not hard to see patterns and similarities between them that logic states, if they are a pattern across Hope players, they would not be a pattern in Rage players. This is entirely the reason why we have so many character examples of varied, different, classpects. So we can triangulate their meaning from across the board

so many thoughts, I should really just write out a huge post about Class and Aspect fandom stereotypes and how to break them while staying 100% canon

Mistakes Were Made 2.0

… I’m a bard…. The last three sessions, I’ve been using magic….

I totally forgot…. I had my rapier and crossbow on me…..

Guys…. I’ve been giving my party members AoE damage for absolutely no reason when I could have been stabbing my enemies instead.

Oh my god. This is why I can’t have nice things. This is why I’m not good to party with.

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But imagine.

Legolas hasn’t seen his father smile in C E N T U R I E S. He was just a child the last time Thranduil smiled, a sweet smile as he watched his wife hug their son.

And when she didn’t come, that smile never returned

That was, until he watched his father interact with Bard. At first he thought he was imagining thing, surely that couldn’t be his icey father grinning at the barge man.

But then it happens again. And Legolas wants to cry and scream for joy. Finally he can see the Ada he thought he lost so long ago.

And he has to admit, the human isn’t that bad.

“I wasn’t ready for any of this,” Thranduil mumbled, and Bard made a low sound of agreement, of sympathy, the kind of sound that was trying desperate to say aloud that he was here, even if he couldn’t do anything but be present.

“I’m sorry,” Bard answered, his voice barely more than a whisper. “I’m so sorry.”

The first of my Hobbit Big Bang 2016 pieces is done, and I had the honor to work from the wonderful @northerntrash and their piece, What We Never Were. Seriously, as soon as it’s posted, ya’ll should go read it because it’s seriously so great and amazing, and I’ve read it multiple times already. 

Time worked against me on this, and I hope that I did this beautiful story justice!

Chewy Children

DM: Strahd Von Zarovich is standing before you, his form dark and somewhat intimidating. He looks at you the way a rich man looks at a beggar. With disdain and impatience.

Bard: I cast alter self to look just like him and say “Look at me! I’m Count Strahd! Herpa derpa derp!”

DM: He seems annoyed.

Bard: I say"Not right? It’s the nose isn’t it?“ and I make the nose get longer and longer “How about now? Now? You just tell me when to stop.”

DM: *voices Strahd’s big monologue*

Bard: “Ah! It’s the dick isn’t it? I made it to big. Lemme shrink it. Smaller? Smaller?”

DM: Strahd says nothing.

Bard: “I don’t think I can make it much smaller than this, man. You sure?”

DM: Strahd turns into a bat and flies away.

Bard: “But for you I’ll try! Wait! Let me try!”

Since I missed to enter the Barduil Big Bang, I took part in the latest Hobbit Big Bang instead. There where only two Barduil storys to choose from, so I picked northerntrash´sThe Wounding and Healing of Man” (Ao3), and honestly I could not have choosen any better. It´s a World War II AU, and I won´t say much about it, other than it´s PERFECT and you should go and read it.

When I read the first part of the story, I had a composition in my head, of what I want to draw, with Bard reading and the cross-section of the hillside behind him. Only when I started drawing Bard I realised that, subconsciously, I drew him like he´s injured, and he presses the letters he recieved to his wound, to keep him from bleeding out. I like that very much and I think it works well with the story : 3

Also, I suck at hand-lettering.