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Homecoming - Olli Maatta x Reader

Anonymous said: Can you write an imagine where you and olli are married and have 3 kids and he comes home after the Stanley cup win and you jump in his arms and your kids make him a big banner in the house and etc

A/N: the gif oh my lord he is an angel I am crYIng. also this isn’t like the 2017 cup win cause he’s too young rn to have 3 kids he would have had the first when he was 17 so he’s older lol. short Olli fluff! 

Warnings: none

Word Count: ~340

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“Kids! Breakfast!” you yell up the stairs to your two older children. The oldest are five year old twins, Nathan and Cassie. Then there’s Emma, who is three.

Soon footsteps are pounding down the stairs. You are already at the table with two places set for your son and daughter. You sit at the end of the table with your youngest next to you, she had come downstairs already.  

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ZERO GRAVITY AU – Full Characters Design and Plot

See Official Story Contents HERE

Somewhere, in the big city, lives a twins in a broken family, their mom is a prostitute, their dad drown himself in alcohol. The twins are victims of child abuse, their names are Bill Cipher, and Will Cipher.

Got sick of their present life, the older one – Bill Cipher, planned to escape from their house. One night in the heavy rain, the twins left the place they used to call home, headed to the last bus which they don’t know where it will go, but they must run, no matter where the bus take them. In the morning, when the rain stop, Bill woke up, and realized a big banner from the far, it says: “Welcome to Zero Gravity town

In Zero Gravity, the twins found themselfs a small abandoned shack in the wood, they decided to stay here, their new home. Just the two lives there, both of them must work at differents places to earn money for their own. Bill and Will discovered an old Journal in the shack, with a symbol of a hand with six fingers and a letter 3 on it. Bill found out great possibilities and power the journal brought to him, he keep the journal, with an ambition: To revenge the cruel world and recreate a fun world, a better world for him, and his brother.

Since then, because of Bill’s actions and consequences, many people show up in the twins’s life, not just any regular human, the citizens call them “The Guardians”

Bill & Will have to face all of them, and their biggest obstacle is the Pines Twins – Dipper Pines & Mabel Pines – Guardians of the World’s Balance.


I’ve done it ;; w ;;)// Sorry for my poor English Grammar ;; r ;;)~ I’ll draw more story of them in the future~ Basicaly, character’s personality and relationships are the same, just the story line’s changed.

Hope you like my AU ;; w ;;)~

  • Bruce: I'm so sore; I don't think I slept two minutes last night.
  • Tony: [grins] Yeah, get it, boy.
  • Bruce: It's not what you think.
  • [Steve enters]
  • Steve: [to Tony] I feel like I pulled something. Why didn't you tell me to stop?
  • Tony: [to Bruce] Even more not what you think.

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In which Steve is awed by the Strike Team Delta.

He’d had time to pour over the briefing from S.H.I.E.L.D. and only enough time to try and process in the quinjet on the way to what Coulson was calling a Helicarrier.  

He felt both awe and reticence when he watched the files on Stark. He was intelligent and reckless and made Steve think a little of himself and, much like he felt in his own skin, he wondered how much of Stark was a costume.

He felt guilt watching Banner.  Of all the advances made in the twenty-first century and still Erskine had been so beyond his time that no one had yet caught up to him.  The fascination with the serum – with what Steve represented – had led Banner to a prison made out of his own skin.  (He would wonder, later, how far off the trial serum had been in Banner’s case, I’m always angry, echoing in his head).

He felt dumbstruck at the possibility of Thor’s existence.  For all that he had seen in the life he’d had Before, he never thought – he’d seen the vast expanse of the cosmos, before Schmidt had disappeared into it, but he hadn’t thought that there’d be something else –someone else – out there.  It made him wonder if Schmidt was still out there, too.

He’d watched and re-watched the footage of Strike Team Delta – Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton.  He was.  He was awed, and looked forward to meeting them most of all.  As far as the information from S.H.I.E.L.D. had noted, they had no enhancements.  They had pasts, sure, but they had no serum or otherworldly abilities or suits worth millions.  

They were human, made of blood and sweat and hours upon hours of practice and (to read their files) abuse and perseverance and they were as skilled and fearsome a team as any of the others recommended on Fury’s list.  

Steve thought of his time Before, he and Bucky, back alleys and bloody lips and scraped knuckles and how hard it was to survive and here were two people so dedicated, so skilled they may as well have been a two-person Commando unit.  Were, as far as Steve was concerned.  He was anxious to meet them.

Okay, so after reading @sir-scandalous ‘s Abuse AU (or something like that, I believe?) I have feelings and thought god dammit, so lets get down to it. I’ve mixed it with an AU I’ve been drafting for a fic as well, which is Mute!Lance/Highschooler!Lance and Cafe owner!Shiro. (Lance is 17, Shiro is 19)

Lance has an abusive father with anger issues, and at the age of 9, Lance suffered severe damage to his vocal chords after a bad bout with his father strangling him. So he is no longer able to talk, which makes it even worse for him because he can no longer voice for help when he needs to, which his father fully knows and abuses this fact. 

Lance is taking the long way hope one day, wanting as much alone time to himself before facing whats at home, and he discovers a new cafe opened just several blocks away from his neighborhood. The big banner over it reading The Noir Lion, and the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins made his stomach growl painfully.So, he decides to head in and take a seat at a semi closed off booth area. 

Because his other employees are busy cooking and tending to others, Shiro himself dusts himself off and grabs a black waiter apron to wrap around his waist to go and get Lance’s order. He asks the usual way and waits for an answer, to which Lance starts to get nervous and anxious over because damn, it was too crowded today and this handsome gentleman was expecting an answer and oh damn, his phone almost slipped from his fingers. Good job. Shiro notices the boys growing anxiety and holds out a hand, telling him to take it easy and go slow, with whatever he was doing. Lance nodded, smiling small, and took a deep breath, before typing out his reply on his phones notepad. 

Shiro wondered why the boy couldn’t talk, but he wouldn’t pry, instead giving him a nod and gentle smile before going to get Lance  a muffin and a cup of coco on the house because the boy looked so sad and stressed. So when Lance is about to leave he tries to pay for the coco too, but Shiro refuses it and tells him to come back anytime. Later on when Shiro goes to clean the table, he sees ten dollars, to which he simply pockets to save and give back. 

This continues on for a whole month, Shiro learning of Lance’s inability to speak, and always saving Lance’s money he leaves behind rather then putting it in the register. Lance starts developing a crush on Shiro after two months and starting to actually flirt with gestures, brush of finger tips and cheesy as hell pick up lines on his phone. Shiro always makes time to sit with Lances on each of his visits now, and even invites him to a private back room where the employees go for lunch, when Lances come in overly stressed, breathing hard or crying. Lances never outright admits his abusive household, but Shiro already has strong suspicions, but doesn’t force anything yet. 

Just imagine Lance, instead of going home right away, he goes to Shiro’s cafe and shows him his progress in grades and trophies in swimming and track competitions, and Shiro always smiling brightly and occasionally giving Lance a hug when the boy was ready for such contact. 

Then imagine Lance’s father finding out where Lance has been going and getting upset at not knowing, so he goes over one time and publicly humiliates Lance in front of a half filled cafe and Shiro, but Shiro is having none of that and despite Lance’s dad being somewhat bigger than him, Shiro is still hella strong enough to grab the man by the arm and manhandle him out of there and away from Lance, defending his dignity all the while. Lance is in tears for both Shiro defending him and because he was now scared to go home. Shiro invites Lance to stay the night at his place, and until closing time teaches Lance how to make buttercream roses on cakes and how to make his favorite blueberry muffin as distraction.

  • Tony: Brucie, I understand your apprehension, but let me appeal to the scientist in you. Given the five-week end-date, isn't it the perfect opportunity to consider this an experiment and collect data on our compatibility?
  • Bruce: Don't try luring me in with sexy talk.

hey, guys! so as you all (hopefully) know, it’s valentine’s day!!!
so firstly, happy valentine’s day <3
secondly, i do feel quiet bad that i’ve been pretty MIA this past few days, and i’m so grateful to all of you guys for sticking with me. thirdly, i hit 1.5k yesterday, which i cannot believe! thank you so much, all of you!
along with this, i just really, really want to convey how deeply i care for all of you guys. i’m not very well-liked irl, and it’s really tough to have lost so many friends in such a short span of time, hence, i’m so so so SO grateful for all of you, even if we’ve never interacted, because you’re the ones that get me through the days. :)
so i figured, why get three (love)birds with one stone, and celebrate with some mutuals appreciation? let’s go!

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My emails to Netflix

I just wrote to the four people listed in this post about the cancellation of Sense8 and I thought I’d post what I said in case anyone wants a bit of an outline for what to write. Don’t write exactly what I said, obviously, or they’ll just be more likely to dismiss us all, but feel free to use this as a loose template for your own complaints.

It’s a bit long so I’m putting it under a read more

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We were supposed to celebrate

A/N: I wrote two fics for Dean’s birthday so it only felt right to write two for Sammy too. This fic just sorta had a mind of it’s own & escalated.

Sam x Daughter!Reader  Dean x Niece!Reader  Jody x Reader

“Hey Y/N.” Jody said from the kitchen where she was finishing up dinner, “Y/N, sweetheart. Come here.” The sound of your feet stampeding through the house caused a smile of break out on Jody’s face, she loved having you there. Now that Claire and Alex were out of the house she couldn’t help but feel lonely and having you in the house erased that pain.

“Yeah Auntie Jody?” You asked while wrapping your arms around her hip.

Jody wiped her hands on the towel before turning her attention to you, “I got a message from your dad, him and your uncle should be here really soon.” She told you while running her hands through your hair.

“Oh.” You replied in a quiet voice.

“This is a good thing Y/N/N, means you can celebrate your dad’s birthday with him like we planned.” Jody told you.

You shook your head, “No. Dad’s a meanie, I don’t wanna celebrate his birfday anymore.”

“Aw sweetie,” Jody said as she knelt down to your level, “Why don’t you wanna celebrate his birthday anymore? We made a cake and everything, we can make him a new one; and what about the big birthday banner you made him?” You pouted your lip as you once again shook your head. “What’s wrong? You were so excited to celebrate it with him.”

“He didn’t come back.” You responded in a sad voice, “He said he was gonna be here but he wasn’t. He’s never back when he says he will be but this time was special.”

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7/11/1804 (Alexander/Reader, Lin/Reader)

Summary: You had expected that your first night in the role of Eliza would be an exciting one. You hadn’t expected a door to appear in your dressing room that would lead you over 200 years into the past. No, none of your Broadway friends had ever warned you about that.

Note: Write-a-thon Day 3! This is loosely based on 11/22/63 by Stephen King, wherein the main character goes back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. So you see where this is going. This is part 1 out of 2.

Rating: G

Word Count: 2651

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What to do when you:

Misspelled/messed up a word/phrase

  • use correction fluid. 
  • use sticker paper. 
  • tape or glue a small piece of paper on top of the word.

Botched a doodle

  • print out an image and glue/tape it over the drawing.
  • redraw what you meant to draw on a sticky note and cut it out and paste that.
  • use your imagination and add to the drawing. 

Used the wrong color to highlight

  • add another color to it to make a new color that you don’t already use and go back and do that to the rest of your highlights.
  • relate the highlighted word or phrase to the subject you usually highlight with the color you used.

Couldn’t fit all of a word in your banner/flags/etc

  • add another banner underneath the first and keep going.
  • color it in and write the word/phrase above below, or around it in some cute and creative way.
  • if you’ve made the banner too big or added too many flags (etc) then don’t be afraid to use exclamation points!!!!!!!!!! 

 Wrote a few parts in the wrong color

  • put brackets or some indicator that these notes are {super important} and thus deserve the special color exception.
  • roll with it. change your color scheme completely (but make a key).

Accidentally tore a page out

  • cut out the edges of the page and glue it back in on a new page. 
  • put it in a safe place (folder, notebook pocket, etc) and write yourself a reminder in the rest of your notes. 
  • copy them onto a new page.

Spilled a drink on them

  • put notes to the side and wait for them to dry before continuing (this is a must).
  • doodle something on top of the stain. 
  • write an important fact/term on the stain.

Color bled to the next page

  • when you turn to the next page, put cardboard or another expendable surface underneath it to prevent a pattern from occurring (recommended highly!!!).
  • line up your notes so that you use the same color at the exact same spot.
  • use correction fluid,sticker paper, or paper and glue to cover the bleeding.
  • avoid writing notes on both sides. 
  • a system where there are color notes on one side and plain notes on another may help if you don’t want to waste space.

thanks for reading! if you have any other ways that you’ve “ruined” your notes, let me know and i’ll add ways to fix them on this post!! also, if you would like further examples or explanations about any of these, let me know!! 

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Mini Winter Soldier (Bucky X Reader / Bucky X Reader’s daughter)

Title: Mini Winter Soldier ( Big Hero, Little Hero drabble series 2.0 ) 

Pairing: Bucky X Reader and Reader’s daughter

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bucky seemed occupied about something and eventually realized he worried for nothing. And received the best presents he could get even though it wasn’t his birthday.

Previous parts: 1.0 My Little Hero 

Next parts: 3.0 Bucky’s Little Spy


Bucky has been acting strangely this past week. He seemed like he had something weighing on his mind all the time, brows scrunched up like he was deep in thought. It took (Y/N) not more than a day to notice something was off about the brooding man. 

After their encounter at the Smithsonian, Bucky and Poppy’s friendship has only become more tight-knit than before. Poppy now spent most of her time in the Stark tower beside when she was at pre-school. 

Bruce was like her own personal tutor and Uncle Tony even set up a nice corner, danger-free corner, of the lab as a study nook for the girl. Bucky has an honorary bean bag placed right next to Poppy’s tiny desk at the tower, where Bucky would read whilst she completed her coloring for the day. 

It was strange for Bucky to be occupied with what was on his mind when he was with (Y/N) or Poppy. (Y/N) couldn’t figure out what it was that troubled him. 

“Bucky?” (Y/N) called out. Seeing no response from the man before her, she light tapped him on his shoulder and called again. (Y/N)’s touch snapped Bucky out of his thoughts as he turned over and looked at her questioningly. 

“Are you okay? You’ve been out of it for the past week. What’s on your mind? Care to share?” (Y/N) questioned as she settled herself on the couch next to Bucky. 

At her question, Bucky flushed bright red, even the tips of his ears were pink. He stuttered for a bit, trying to fumble through his words as (Y/N) giggled lightly at him. 

“Well, I- You see, Poppy’s… Poppy’s birthday is this weekend. And, and I have no clue what to get her.” Bucky mumbled out softly, looking embarrassed. Hearing Bucky’s concern, (Y/N) couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled out of her. 

“You mean all this time, your furrowed brows, deep frowns, and zoning out was because you didn’t know what to get Poppy for her birthday?” (Y/N) asked, a glisten of tears on her eyes from laughing. (Y/N) didn’t think it was possible for Bucky to get any redder, but he proved her wrong as he huffed at her reaction. 

“I don’t know many 5-year-olds alright? I just want her birthday to be perfect.” Bucky grumbled out, tilting his face slightly to avoid showing (Y/N) how red his face got. 

(Y/N) face softened, a bright smile on her face as she saw how important Bucky saw her daughter. She leaned over and brushed a fallen lock of hair away from Bucky’s face as she turned him slightly to face her. 

“It so sweet that you care for Poppy so much, Bucky. I am so thankful you can’t even imagine it. Now, I know the perfect gift you could give her.” she said softly and showed Bucky something on her phone. 

The common room of the Stark tower was decorated with colorful balloons and a big banner with “Poppy’s 5th Birthday” strung across. Tony wanted to go the extra mile, a couple hundred extra miles, and get the area painted a glittery lilac, Poppy’s favourite colour, and order her an eight-tier chocolate cake, but was thankfully stopped by (Y/N), or the Avenger’s headquarters would be decked in a sparkly soft purple everywhere.

Pepper, though, was sneakier and ordered Poppy a brand new glittery lilac study table and chair for her little nook without letting (Y/N) know. Everyone was there for their little hero’s birthday party. 

By Poppy’s request, the party was to be a costume party and everyone had to be decked in some form of costume or another. (Y/N) was dressed up as Mulan, Poppy’s favorite Disney princess and Bucky dressed as Li Shang, Mulan’s prince, as instructed by Nat and Wanda. 

Bucky stood by (Y/N), his face now his signature crimson, as he tried to spot the birthday girl. A loud squeal and a girl wrapped around Bucky leg snapped him out of his search as he looked down and blinked a few times at the sight. 

He imagined Poppy would have picked a nice princess outfit, or be a strong female hero like Nat, or even dressed professionally to a T like Pepper. Never did he imagine her wearing what she was right now. 

Poppy untangled herself from Bucky’s leg and looked up with gleeful eyes as she said to him, “Bucky Bear! Do you like my outfit? I am dressed as my hero! I am dressed as you!”. 

She twirled around and showed him the metal arm that Bruce had designed for her with soft aluminum. Bucky’s eyes slowly filled with happy tears as he broke out into a huge grin. 

“I love it, Pop. I love it so much. You look amazing.” he replied as he lifted her in his arms and rubbed his scruff all over her face, causing her to giggle loudly. 

After having a blast at the party, Poppy is now knackered and sleeping in her room as Bucky and (Y/N) settled down on the common room couch. 

“Hey Bucks, have you seen what Poppy was carrying to bed?” (Y/N) asked, a sly smirk resting on her face. Bucky cocked his eyebrows and gave her a questioning look as she motioned for him to go take a look. 

Opening the door to her bedroom softly, through the small crack of the door, the light softly filled the bedroom. On the bed was Poppy, feet hanging out of her blanket, and in her arms, cuddled close to her, was the tiny Winter Soldier stuffed toy Bucky gave her for her birthday. 

He slowly closed the door and turned to look at (Y/N) as a silly grin hung on his lips. Pulling her lightly by her hand, he led her back to the common room and settled her next to him on the plush couch. 

“So, did you hear what Poppy asked for for her birthday?” Bucky asked, his voice deep. Hearing his question, (Y/N)’s face heated up as she looked away from him. 

“Hmm? So will you go for dinner with me? Tomorrow? I’ll pick you up at 7. What’d you say doll?” he probed again. 

(Y/N) stood up quickly and started to make her way to her room, but as she took two small steps, she lightly turned herself and said, “7 PM, don’t be late.”, leaving a happy Bucky behind. 

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Here’s a second drabble in continuation of “My Little Hero”. Thank you all for showing so much love for the previous part and I hope you all would enjoy this part as well! I tagged some people that showed interest but if anyone wants to be off the tagging list please feel free to message me!

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Like, okay, just imagine, him opening up a vine account, and like, he just posts the stupid shit the Avengers do, like Clint and Tony drunkenly crying on each other at three am while eating donuts, or that one time Bruce literally fell asleep in his food, or Phil getting angry because people keep letting the plants in the greenhouse die and I have worked in an office for my entire adult life and I have never let a plant die as fast as they do when one is near Thor!

And it’s just a bunch of bullshit, like Clint and Sam arguing over who’s the best birb ever, and people making spider jokes at Nat and Peter, or the Hulk saying dumb shit like a three year old, or occasionally wise things.

Like, Jarvis is literally an artificial intelligence and he’s pretty much got the most popular vine account ever, and if asked, he will happily tell you that’s his greatest achievement, and I just love the idea of Jarvis recording the Avengers doing dumb shit together.