big bang: seungri


Expectation vs Reality - Ringa Linga 😂😂

Ethereal ; G-Dragon

Characters: Jiyong (G-Dragon) / Reader //slight mention of bigbang members
Genre: Alternate universe, fluff??, romance
A/N: this was a prompt that was requested, but since we are no longer doing that (kinda) this happened? i dunno. technically it’s the same thing, we’re just not drawing names out of a hat // also i’ll just be using seungri’s stagename since it’d be confusing to have two seunghyuns in one story // this is also really long oops

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Daesung groaned, throwing his head back onto the couch. “One day,” he mumbled, “can’t you two go one day without insulting each other?” He asked, his voice desperate. The usual sunshine of your group was honestly tired of your constant bickering you did with Jiyong. “No,” the two of you said in unison, turning to narrow your eyes at each other.

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