big bang theory season 7

*takes deep breath* okay SO:

my dad gave me a weird look yesterday because we were watching the indecision amalgamation and it was the scene where Amy is leaning up against Sheldon bc his ass takes forever to make a decision (hence the title) 

(tbh no hard feelings Cooper I’m the same way but likely somehow worse) bc  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ANYWAY so it gets me thinking about how far they’ve both come, as individuals and as a couple bc it feels like just a second ago they were

and now they’re

and on a side note I’m noticing these stems she’s sporting and can we just

like??? damn girl!!! 

and my dad gives me this weird ass look bc idk but also idc because I’m thinking here she is, leaning up against her man who, only a year or two ago, would barely touch her and i’m just

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