big bang probably tastes like

DammitMicky Presents: Big Bang Probably Tastes Like…

Daesung is Mr. Chocolate. He’s got those chocolate abs to go along with his sweet, chocolaty voice. Chocolate can be fun, delicious, and completely sexy. We bet that if you’re with him and things heat up, he’ll be a delicious treat. He’s the kind of chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand, for sure. 

oooh, thats dirty. 

DammitMicky Presents: Big Bang Probably Tastes Like…

Marshmallows. Seungri would probably taste like delicious, fluffy, sugary, marshmallows. Not only because he’s sweet and adorable, but because he is also sexy and enticing. We all know marshmallows are no good for you (I mean srsly, they’re pure sugar) and yet who really ever turns down a marshmallow s'more or some marshmallow fluff as a topping on some ice cream? He knows he’s delicious, and will totally let you know.

Who doesn’t want to bite into a tasty, chewy, sticky Seungri s'more?

(especially if Daesung is providing the chocolate)

DammitMicky Presents: Big Bang Probably Tastes Like…

Taeyang is like butter. 1) His voice is smooth like butter in room temperature, you know, the kind that spreads so easy over your Pillsbury crescents. 2) His body is hard like frozen butter, the kind that grandma keeps in the freezer in bulk because she thinks eventually butter will run out, and then when you have to use it for something it takes four hours to get soft. 3) We would gladly lick melted butter off of his abs.


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