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[FAN ACC] Big Bang PH Rehearsal

Me and my friend Jill were told to be at the venue at 2PM to get our rehearsal passes since it can be claimed only on the day itself. But in the end we had to wait until 4 to get in because 1. Big Bang hasn’t arrived 2. Not all of those who got passes were there yet 3. They just wanted us to stand up for 2 hours. (Kidding)

Once we got in, we all rushed to get good spots near the stage (the place of VIP standing). No one was there yet, but after a few minutes, the dancers came out, and of course, Big Bang. I couldn’t remember the order of who came out, but I know that TOP came out last. 

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TOP dancing [Alive Tour PH]


150730 [Instagram] xxhagsxiv:  MABUHAY! Hello, SANDARA PARK!!! 😍 @daraxxi @seungriseyo #BBMADEinManila


YG DAY!!!!

I had a blast during the YG day even though i didn’t/couldn’t sleep the night before, i was able to stand and talk for hours thanks to the love and support all them BLACK JACKS, LUCKY SE7ENS, and of course my fellow VIPs gave!!


On behalf of Big Bang Philippines I would like to thank everyone who came and supported the event. I would also like to express our gratitude to all the VIPs who signed up for the membership! ^^


The record store was half full as soon as it opened and I’m not even exaggerating! Cool bit was that TOPs version of the album was sold out in one hour! i felt the panic of all the VIPs who wanted to get their hands on it, too bad though :p


Meet Raphael he is the cutest, most adorable VIP/TOP Biased/FanBoy present at the YG DAY! he has been a VIP since he was 6 yrs. old and he and his mom and older sister has been attending almost every event Big Bang Philippines held! what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! >3<

BBPH had a Concert Suggestion cork board for the upcoming Alive Tour and these are what he posted! (they aren’t suggestions but we’ll try to make it happen baby!!! <3)

Last but definitely not the least here is me with my ‘Taeyang’s Abs’ I was so psyched to finally have a photo opt with her!! I met her here at tumblr and then i saw her at our BBPH 6th gathering ^^


Note: I’ll post a new one with more details, but for now I hope y'all will enjoy this!! >3<

DARA: “Alive Manila ✔️ Made Manila ✔️ i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of watching their performances. I love Bigbang!!! cool!!! 👍👍👍 It is unfortunate that they didn’t get to join the Dara tour but next time hopefully they can join! When they have more time, I want to take them to different tourist spots here in the Philippines. Like a Tour guide right? Hahaha have a nice day!!! 😀"

Translated by: cami@ygfamilyy

Even with 2NE1 being inactive, Dara went to support Epik High at their concert, Winner in Japan and Big Bang in the Philippines, updated fans on Bom, took the ‘We Broke Up’ cast and showed them around the Philippines, and has been consistently updating for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and English speaking fans and thanking them for the awards the group has been winning. THIS is the kind of girl I wish I was best friends with.


BIGBANG - MADE ‘Tour Report’ in Manila & Jakarta (150730/0801)!