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Here’s some KPOP items I’m selling! I’m willing to bundle items together if you see more then one you want!
I honestly just don’t listen to these albums anymore and I hate just seeing them sit on my shelf.
All albums come with original photo-card (If they came with one) and are in perfect condition (They all sat on a book self)

USA buyers only please! 

Asking 5$ for shipping and PM me if you wanna see more photos or talk about prices! 

-Infinite- Second Invasion concert DVD $15 (I lost the photo-cards and no English subtitles)
-Infinitize Showcase:The Mission $20 (No English Subtitles)-SOLD
-Seventeen 1st Album- $10
-B.A.P Matrix Album Daehyun edition- $15 (Comes with Daehyun select items))
-Got7 A- $10
-Infinite Destiny- $10
-Infinite H $8 each or $15 for both
-KARA albums $10 each
-Big Bang 2012 ALIVE Tour $8
-Sungkyu 1st solo album $8
-Boyfriend Love Style $8
-Boyfriend IYAH $12
-UKISS Collage $10
-Park JungMin Photo Diary $3
-TVXQ (Any of them) $8 or $20 for all 3

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Request: Big Bang Merch

What would Big Bang do if they came back to find that one of your friends had decked you out completely head to toe in their merch?

TOP would be beyond excited to see you in all Big Bang clothes. Right after checking you out, he would ask you to wear that same outfit at the very next concert. If you said no, he would pout and pout until he finally got your way.

Originally posted by tiemaiem

G-Dragon would be certain that he has never seen that Big Bang shirt look sexier, even on Taeyang. GD would be shy upon seeing you since it’s clear that you are a huge fan of his music.

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

Tae Yang would just melt upon seeing you. He would wrap you in his arms, dancing around with excitement. “Let’s celebrate” he would say, wanting to celebrate the fact that he has the best and most supportive girl in the world.

Originally posted by tae-kwon

Dae Sung would be shy. He would be curious about the sudden display of love for the group. After you explained that your best friend did it, he would try to act okay but deep down he would be disappointed that it wasn’t your idea.

Originally posted by myheartbeats4daesung

Seungri would clearly live it up, making sure to take some pictures to show all the guys. He would send the pic on group chat and say something about how awesome you are and make the second best model for the merch, behind him of course.

Originally posted by no-8




Selling GD& TOP - OH YEAH Japanese Version CD + DVD

GD- Version: original packing , never used,  Price: 20 € / 23 US$
TOP-Version: opened, but never actually used, Price: 15€ / 17 US$
If you buy both I will reduce the price. 

Shipping fees
are not included and depend on your country. Shipping from Germany.
Payment: paypal accepted, payment in Euro.
If interested please leave a comment or send a private message.

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When you’re VIP AF! So excited this came in the mail today. Wasn’t expecting it, so it made it even more awesome. The quality is amazing, it fits perfectly, and I completely forgot it was reversible. Thank you so much @littlekpopstuff - I’ll definitely be buying from you again! ⚡️#bigbangmadetour

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Pics of my Big Bang planner thingy I got in the mail today (ordered from Yesasia)~!!

It’s so much quality OH MY GOD.

There are 6 little books, one for every two months, and each book is dedicated to a particular member. There’s a pic on every odd page. The even page has the writing space. It’s awesome.

Red - GDragon

Orange - Seungri

Yellow - Taeyang

Green - T.O.P

Blue - Daesung

White - All of them ;u;

Turns out I ordered the one from last year…..

Oh well.

I’m going to use it as a drawing journal, instead C:

Maybe I’ll upload stuff weekly or something idk

Hey, this is for the anon who couldn’t find an unofficially made big bang photo book:) you are in luck! I have a one instock:) if you would like to get it please click here :D (please remember to give an email when you message me) 

* yes, for those who love super junior, i have a photo book on sale for them too :)

** these photo books are all opened but 100% NEW

*** The inscriptions are in chinese 

The big bang photo book (2011) is $18.00 $15.00 (with out shipping and handling)

The super junior photo book (A-Cha) is $20.00 $17.00(with out shipping and handling) 

- comes with CD and 3 photo cards  (with hengeng and henry lou !!!)