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Big Bang reaction to you being someone famous from USA finding out you are a big fan of the group

[Let’s say that you are as famous as G-Dragon and you’ve collaborated with the most famous stars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Major Lazer…]


You two met at some art exhibition in Seoul. You were currently on your first world tour. You had a V.I.P excess to some of the art works and you went to see it. There you saw a man admiring art works- T.O.P. You were the biggest fan of him and his group so you got a courage to talk to him. He was surprised you knew who he was and he was really honored to meet you and he invited you to meet other members since you were a special fan. You two also discussed art while talking about all sort of things. He was interested to collaborate with you and maybe make some hit songs together. You also got each others phone numbers and after that you did a collaboration together and with the rest of the members. Thanks to them you got a lot new interview request in Asia and a lot photo shoots there.

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You got invited to Chanel fashion show as always and you got information that G-Dragon will be there too, so you got really excited. Who would’ve know you got booked in the same hotel. You met just as you arrived and he was going somewhere. You greeted each other and you both got shy since you were both fans of each other. He was happy to meet you and you hang out at the fashion show together and talked about Big bang any your activities and you thought it would be a great idea if you made a song together. You already had a song in mind for a duet and as you almost gave up on searching for the best male singer to sing it you met him. He agreed your idea was great and so you did a song together and it hit number 1 on some most famous music charts in USA and Asia.

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You were in South Korea for a few concerts there. While you were there you got an offer to record a duet for some variety show there. And you had a chance to record it with one and only Taeyang. He was the nicest person. He offered to meet other Big Bang members and you had dinner together. He was so flattered when you told him you were a big fan, but he was surprised you knew about Big Bang, since USA celebrities didn’t really know about kpop  When you told him you have all of their albums and posters he promised he will get you more Big Bang merch and so he did. You got a lot of new fans in South Korea and the duet you recorded with him was big hit. In future you invited him to be your guest on concerts while you had your world tour in Asia. He agreed and so you had a honor to be on stage with him.

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You just got to Japan for a break from all th concerts you had in Asia and you were really tired so you decided to take a break and have some fun. Your manager got you a VIP ticket to Big Bang concert. And you got a back stage pass so at the end of the concert you got to meet the members. Daesung was the most nice to you. You were big fan of his and he was big fan of you. He was very surprised when you told him he was your bias and he gladly did his ‘Look at me Gwisun  dance for you. You and Daesung agreed to have dinner together, you had a lot of fun and Daesung said he would take you to see more Japanese buildings and interesting things to see in Japan. You agreed and the next day you had a lot of fun and you took pictures together and he got you brand new not yet released Big Bang light stick.

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Your manager convinced you to go to some business meeting with him and you agreed to go without having any idea you would meet Seungri there. As you got there a lot of people recognized you and you saw a lot of Big Bang fans outside the building. When you entered the meeting room you realized that Seungri was the owner of this company. He was really surprised to see you there and he greeted you right after the end and invited you to after party at his club not far away. You agreed to come and it was amazing. He was so surprised to know that you were his fan and he invited you to visit him and to get dinner together. He was really honored and happy to find out you were his fan. You both crashed social medias with so many selfies and pictures of you both.

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Today I went to Seungri’s Café! It’s such a nice place and the waffles and smoothies are sooooo good! Of course you can look at photobooks like the Extraordinary 20′s or FROM TOP while enjoying your food haha. There’s so much Big Bang merch like cups with their autographs and little figures. And since it’s Seungri’s café there is a huuuuuuge wall only with Seungri fan stuff (it’s on the left on the 7th picture). That’s also the room where Big Bang were streaming their first Naver live stream for their MADE promotions!

If you ever have the chance to visit the café, you should definitely go there!


So as I’ve promised… Here’s a post dedicated to my new (and old) tabi plushies:]

Both of these were purchased from taobao (China’s version of eBay) with help from my VIP friend in China. As you can see….. The new 동창생 tabi plush’s clothes are removable….. LOLLLLL. No idea why the maker of this plush did this but..yea kinda weird.. But amusing……cuz…… of…. his……junk……. Kkkkkkk

Anyway.. The maker of the commitment tabi plush only made 200, so I’m not too sure if they’re still available. But if you’re DESPERATE for it I can help you find out if they’re still available;) just drop me a line.

xx. bunnyslipper

((btw, hope you enjoyed my lil picture show / RP up there lol))

Request: Big Bang Merch

What would Big Bang do if they came back to find that one of your friends had decked you out completely head to toe in their merch?

TOP would be beyond excited to see you in all Big Bang clothes. Right after checking you out, he would ask you to wear that same outfit at the very next concert. If you said no, he would pout and pout until he finally got your way.

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G-Dragon would be certain that he has never seen that Big Bang shirt look sexier, even on Taeyang. GD would be shy upon seeing you since it’s clear that you are a huge fan of his music.

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Tae Yang would just melt upon seeing you. He would wrap you in his arms, dancing around with excitement. “Let’s celebrate” he would say, wanting to celebrate the fact that he has the best and most supportive girl in the world.

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Dae Sung would be shy. He would be curious about the sudden display of love for the group. After you explained that your best friend did it, he would try to act okay but deep down he would be disappointed that it wasn’t your idea.

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Seungri would clearly live it up, making sure to take some pictures to show all the guys. He would send the pic on group chat and say something about how awesome you are and make the second best model for the merch, behind him of course.

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boyfriend!bambam whenever you have time please !!<3

Bambam as a BF, I could only think about him going on and on about how he was hugged by G-Dragon. I bet he fanboys about him all the time. Be wary of GD and Big Bang merch when you live with him lmao

GOT7′s Bam Bam as your Boyfriend:

  • Bambam as a boyfriend would be a mixture of fluff, embarrassment and getting hot and bothered in random moments.
  • Will most likely make you feel like the greatest human ever because he loves to remind you that you mean so much to him 
  • Don’t ever think that you’re lesser than anybody else, You’re worth more than what you think.
  • How did I get so lucky to have you? :)
  • You give me so much strength, thank you for being with me
  • Remember, whenever you feel blue, I’m one phone call away. I will do whatever I can to cheer you up.
  • Takes longer to prepare on dates than you, but you don’t mind because you’re enjoying the view whenever he takes off his clothes ;) ;) ;)
  • Will probably scroll through endless amounts of G-Dragon pictures to look for the exact same thing to wear.
  • Okay but once you are finally out, he loves to take pictures of the both of you. 
  • Especially when he teases and annoys you, he loves capturing the moment of your frowning face.
  • You have to have super bat ears to hear songs from a mile away just in case he starts to dab, whip and nae-nae and whatever dance craze he’s into, because Bambam will finish the song.
  • Does whatever he can to make time for you :)
  • Shows you off to JYP because you are praise worthy and you’re basically part of the JYP family now.
  • Drags Yugyeom away from you because that boy might steal you away.
  • When you catch him staring at you, he doesn’t look away, he just smiles and winks at you. In the end, you’re the one who’s shy and embarrassed.
  • Flirts with your soul 24/7
  • Okay but he might say some lame pick-up lines
  • But will you survive his endless lip bites and winks? Because that boy will make sure that you see his sexy side.
  • Did I mention, he loves to tease you with body rolls? Because he will tease you with body rolls.
  • His family loves you and they dote on you and instead of getting shy about it, Bam bam looks so happy when you’re with his family :) 
  • He brings you to family gatherings and just shows you off!
  • When you try on clothes, he makes sure he comes along with you to… help you out ;) ;) ;)
  • No but seriously, that guy will probably grab some scarf, cardigan and some jeans and put an outfit for you.
  • Dances to girl group songs better than you
  • When he’s having a bad day, he would always go somewhere quiet and call you and when you ask if there’s anything wrong, he would tell you that your voice made it all better.
  • You’re his anchor and strength and he relies on you when he’s feeling down.
  • Can we talk about how Bambam would most likely amp-up the dates? Because he loves to spoil you and loves to show his feelings towards you.
  • Dates would include, cooking dinner for the two of you.
  • Going to new places
  • Spending the day playing fun board games
  • Going on a food trip
  • Going to amusement and water parks
  • Going to trails
  • All while looking fashionably good
  • Bambam really cherishes you
  • He gets jealous whenever the other members gets a little too close to you.
  • He gets sulky at this point, which you find to be quite adorable. He loves being reassured that he is the only one for you.
  • And it ends up with him showering you with kisses and bringing you to the bedroom ;) ;) ;)
  • Bambam adores you and he loves everything about you. He accepts your flaws and imperfections as much as he accepts the great things about you <3
Boy Trouble? (Suga x Reader)

Requested by anon: ahhh too bad, I read all the yoongi scenarios already. If it’s possible to request something; yoongi/reader where both are quite shy, i’m having a lot of insecurities and yoongi gets jealous because jimin tries to get closer with me? if you want to!


There was this girl that made Yoongi’s heart flutter every time he could hear the sound of her voice - the sound of your voice that filled the pit of his stomach with millions of tiny butterflies. In his eyes he saw no flaws on you, everything about you seemed close to perfection. He had liked you for a while now but was never sure of how to confess to you - let alone maintain a decent conversation that wasn’t just your average ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’. You had spoken a few times before but it always seemed to be about education and school topicsOf course, you were completely oblivious to Yoongi’s feelings towards you because he had never really spoken to you, well, sitting next to one another during class and anticipating to start speaking to him as both of your cheeks flushed shades of deep red didn’t count.

You wanted to speak to him, though, a part of you felt that he should be the one to approach you while the other part of you had no clue what to say to him. When he was in your presence, all thoughts appeared to escape your imprisoned mind and was replaced with the image of his face. His beautiful face. Those dark eyes - that innocent glare that could slightly transform into a slightly menacing glare and that bright smile that was able to lighten anyone’s day. No doubt - he was perfect.

The day had started with you sitting next to Yoongi in class - as usual. Your teacher started doing an overview of what he would be covering during the lesson. Later, he eventually informed the whole class that a new student was going to be joining your class. Some of the girls started fixing their hair and school uniform in the desperate hope that it would be a new boy, other girls weren’t really that bothered. Similarly to some of the girls, the really stereotypical popular ‘athletic’ boys were all crossing their fingers that a girl who resembled a Kpop idols would walk through the door. You didn’t really care - your main priority was to keep your cool in front of Yoongi.

A boy with great physique walked through the door, hair as black as the night sky. Lips so plump and pink, his skin appeared so smooth and clear - he almost looked like a walking life-size doll. You wouldn’t have been surprised if someone told you that he was an idol. Your cheeks felt as though they were burning, you could not stop blushing - it was almost inevitable for you to stop. “Please introduce yourself.” the teacher said patting the new student’s shoulder “Uh, Hello … I’m Park Jimin” Goddamn right he was. Yoongi was watching your reaction and felt himself getting annoyed by the second.What was so special about this ‘Jimin’ guy anyway? With your peripheral view, you could just about make out Yoongi rolling his eyes taking disinterest in the new student and staring out the window. 

“I’m sure we will all do well to make Park Jimin welcomed.” 

“Ne, seonsaengnim” the whole class apart from Yoongi responded.

“Who to put you with?” the teacher mumbled “Ah I know, your school buddy will be _____, don’t worry she’s a very kind girl and a very hard-working student.” Jimin’s eyes eagerly searched the room to find the girl who owned that beautiful name, as if he knew - his eyes lingered on to yours for a few second as the corners of his mouth raised slightly. He was actually looking at you. Staring directly into your eyes, instantly knowing that the name belonged to you. Dropping your gaze, you started turning the pages in your textbook “Are you feeling okay _____?” Suga said in a calm tone filled with a depth of rage “Uh - I - Umm - Well - I was just - Erm - I - Sorry, what?” you had never felt so nervous in your life. “Sorry seonsaengnim, but who is _____? Will I be sitting next to her in class?” Your teacher pointed at you “That is _____ and yes you will be sitting next to her. Yoongi, please move to the seat in front of you next to Mark” This was probably the worst and best thing your teacher could have said. Yoongi held his hand in closed fists feeling his anger rushing to him as if a current of strong wind full of emotions had blown him away “Wae?” he shouted out, causing the whole class to turn around to look at him “Listen, I don’t have time for this, I don’t get paid enough to deal with this right now. You know, I’m getting old and you’re starting to hurt my head … Just move seats or get out of my classroom - it’s a really simple task” Yoongi moved seats sluggishly and lazed into his chair as soon as he took his place.

Jimin sat next to you offering you a warm smile. “Hey, I’m Jimin but you can call me Chimchim if you want.” There was something about him that made you feel so comfortable but even that still stopped you from being able to make conversation - you could barely look him in the eyes. ‘Oh my god is this guy an idiot, of course she knows who you are ‘Jimin’ you just introduced yourself to the class like 5 minutes ago’ Yoongi thought it was better to keep his thoughts to himself because he didn’t want to seem as if he was causing problems for the new kid on his first day of school but he still couldn’t avoid to let another guy - especially Jimin to flirt with you. Okay, so maybe Jimin wasn’t flirting though he seemed to be able to talk with you so comfortably and that is what irked Yoongi the most. “Hey Jimin, would you mind just lowering your voice a bit” Yoongi turned around straight faced “Oh, sorry Yoongi I never realised I was being very loud.” Jimin covered his mouth to restrain himself from saying anything because he found Yoongi quite intimidating. Yoongi scrunched up his nose in disgust “Well, you’re really loud okay… And my name is not ‘Yoongi” your eyes widened in shock at how Yoongi was overreacting to a simple thing “Sorry, I only thought that was your name because that’s what the teacher called you. So what should I call you?” Yoongi looked around thinking of a name to make up on the spot “Umm … You can call me - Suga.” Jimin eyes stared at Yoongi in astonishment “Yo wassup Suga” Jimin spoke in English handing Yoongi his hand so that they could do one of those cool handshakes, however, Yoongi rolled his eyes - slightly taken aback and faced the front again to do his work.

You got to leave 5 minutes earlier with Jimin so that you could show him around the school. You walked down the hallways pointing at the different classrooms “So _____ … I’ve sort of noticed that you have some Big Bang merch under your desk. Who’s your favourite band member?” you swung your arms slightly and looked down while you were walking “That’s a really hard question, they’re all amazing but if I really had to chose one it would be Taeyang oppa.” Jimin stopped walking, placing a hand on the left side of his chest gasping really loudly “I - I - OMO TAEYANG SUNBAENIM IS LIFE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!” Instead of really showing him around the school, you were walking down the hallway both endlessly talking about your love for Taeyang … Practically, fangirling together. You loved the fact that Jimin was so open with you and that he could let his inner fanboy out. You felt like you had known him for years.

It took at least a month for Jimin to become your best friend. Being around him completely made you forget about all your insecurities but he was so attentive to your insecurities that each time he turned them into compliments. On a school afternoon, you entered your classroom with Jimin to put some of your sporting attire in your locker. Out of absolutely nowhere, Yoongi barged in the class room but you could feel his confidence shrinking as your eyes darted on to him in confusion. Yoongi walked sheepishly up to you with his hands behind his back and stood in front of you for a second thinking about what he wanted to say yet no words were coming out of his mouth. “Yes?” Jimin asked Yoongi rather annoyed with how weird Yoongi was whenever he was near you. Yoongi held a rose behind his back and hesitantly offered it to you - this was some sort of tradition in your school - if a guy presented you with a rose, it meant that he was confessing to you. “Aigoo, Suga, you can’t just pop up with a rose thinking that she’ll fall into your arms.” Yoongi was blocking out Jimin - as if he wasn’t there. “_____, I, was too shy before - to even properly tell you how I felt, but I don’t think I can hold it back anymore.” you furrowed your eyebrows looking at Jimin for help, Jimin was glaring at Yoongi feeling resentful for how dismissive Yoongi always was to him. You looked back at Yoongi, filling the awkward silence that resonated in the room “I’m grateful but I can’t accept this if you can’t accept Jimin. I can’t understand what Jimin did to you?” Suga sighed deeply “Jimin didn’t do anything. I was just … Jealous, I thought that he was trying to flirt with you and be with you” 

Yoongi got on one knee, his gaze focused on you completely, his voice sounded as though he was mumbling slightly “Please accept it, I really - really like you.” Once again, you looked at Jimin for help - he simply nodded to encourage you to take Yoongi’s rose. He stood up brushing off the unnoticeable dirt on his knee. He held his arms open patiently waiting for you to hug him. Jimin could feel himself feeling the urge to laugh at how awkward both you and Yoongi were so he walked out of the classroom pinching his nose and puffing out his cheeks. Eventually, you did hug him - your heart felt agitated at the instant skinship yet it felt so natural. There was nothing awkward about  the hug or your behaviours it’s just that you were both extremely shy “So … What happens now?” you asked while not letting go of him “Um, well, now - you get to call me yours and I get to call you mine and … We’ll do things that couples do? Like, go out on dates and spend time together.” you couldn’t help but giggle at how much he was struggling to tell you that you were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

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fangirl bunnyslipper @ Hong Kong ani-com 2014

so me and my brobro hit up the hong kong ani-com (anime/comic) convention today.  i haven’t been since i was a teen but… then… Tower of Saviors has a booth there and… well.. BIGBANG is endorsing it so i went for that! after an hour of lining up for the TOS booth game/luckydraw event, i ended up getting nothing but in-game diamond cards:( the staff (i think they felt sorry for me) told me to wait at the exit of the TOS booth to see if people will trade with me.. so i did.. i stood there like a hobo and approached people who won the poster and the set of bigbang cards… finally a dude traded me his poster for diamonds and this boy traded me his bigbang card set for diamonds xD SUPER HAPPY. BLESS THEM.

sorry for this tl;dr post:( but pls enjoy my photos lol.





Selling GD& TOP - OH YEAH Japanese Version CD + DVD

GD- Version: original packing , never used,  Price: 20 € / 23 US$
TOP-Version: opened, but never actually used, Price: 15€ / 17 US$
If you buy both I will reduce the price. 

Shipping fees
are not included and depend on your country. Shipping from Germany.
Payment: paypal accepted, payment in Euro.
If interested please leave a comment or send a private message.

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When you’re VIP AF! So excited this came in the mail today. Wasn’t expecting it, so it made it even more awesome. The quality is amazing, it fits perfectly, and I completely forgot it was reversible. Thank you so much @littlekpopstuff - I’ll definitely be buying from you again! ⚡️#bigbangmadetour

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