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FMF: Murder Husbands Big Bang Roundup Post

Hello dear Fannibals, and welcome to Fresh Meat Friday’s Special Big Bang Roundup!. The roundup posts will gather all the recs posted on Tumblr under the #Fresh Meat Friday tag, and link them in one easy to find post. 

Just a quick reminder, Tumblr is often rude and doesn’t show us every rec no matter how hard we try!  If we missed yours, just send us an ask with the information and/or a link to the post that we missed, and we’ll get it on next month’s round up :) Also, Tumblr has been giving us a hard time tagging people, so we’ve direct linked to people’s blogs where tags aren’t working.

Big Bang

@vandrawsing and @dread-pirate-westley rec’d by @matildaparacosm for The Works That Junipers Do - Oh my heart!!!!! Beautiful touching fic and perfect art illustrations! Go read and see their beautiful creation fannibals!

@kkachi35 and @redfivewritingby rec’d by @arydishope for Remember the Ravenstags - Honestly, I can not stress this enough, if you have not read this, GO DO IT NOW. No prior knowledge of american football is needed. It’s a great story that hits all the emotional buttons. Besides, you know you want to learn all about Hannibal’s new receiver, sacks, penetration yards, back ends, tail back, going deep, and tight ends.On top of a wonderful story, check out not 1, not 2, not 3, NOT 4 but 5 amazing pieces of artwork, but you’ll have to read the whole story to see them all ;)

@vandrawsing and @dread-pirate-westley also rec’d by @niakantorka for The Works That Junipers Do - The writing style was a joy to read. I loved how in love they were and how they managed to get over the deeds of the past (at least most days) and how they found a new ‘child’ to tend to. He was the best OC I’ve read about in a while - boy what a wonderful young man. If you can stand to read MCD fics, I highly recommend this one. I talked to another Fannibal about it and described it as (a good sort of MCD if there can ever be one) and I stand by it. Why not die if the other options are abysmal and hurtful? Of course it’s still a heart breaking read, but in all the right ways. I loved this fic. Take a heart and check The Works That Junipers Do out. It’s so worth it and the art is a treat on top of it all.

@dancey94 and @beezlekn rec’d by @hotsauce418 for Between Black And White: Crimson - Check it out!

Oh and also here is a late ‘regular rec’ from last month as promised ;)

@zacharybosch rec’d by @tentoriumcerebelli for Black Boots - This is one of my favorite fics in the Hannibal fandom and y’all should take a few minutes to read/reread it. This fic has everything: boot/leather kink (naturally), dom/sub, filthy oral, Will’s flannel shirts…

Fresh Meat Friday Murder Husbands Big Bang!

Writing a Bang is hard work. Writing in your second language is hard work. Writing your first fic in a fandom is hard work. And for someone to do all three? Frankly? Awesome job. That it’s a great story as well? With sweetly appropriate art?

So, the MHBB @freshmeatfriday rec? God this was hard, I love a lot of the stories. I’ve read most of them. But for innovation, hard work, a lovely limpid story which kept me wondering right until the end? @niakantorka and ‘Lucid Dream’.

She’s new in this fandom as far as writing is concerned. She’s an amazing commenter and supportive fannibal and I couldn’t be more delighted to honour this story, as well as simply delight in it. I hope it gets even more reads because it’s rich and very satisfying!


Y’all, the first annual Timeless Big Bang starts posting on FRIDAY!

Originally posted by allscififantasy

(Aw, look how happy Rufus is)

That’s right, mark your calendars! The Big Bang begins on Nov. 10th with our first post going up on AO3/FFN. The fic and art will be posted to this blog, as well. 

For the full posting schedule, as it stands now, click here.

We are all SO excited for the Big Bang, and we hope you are, too!


Murder Husbands Big Bang Fresh Meat Friday Art Rec

So, I’ve recced a fic (@Niakantorka and Lucid Dream ) for Fresh Meat Friday, but I decided it was probably ok to also rec some art!

The art for the Big Bang is wonderful. All of them! Outstanding! But I was incredibly impressed by the work that @red-earth-rising did. Exceptional and talented as red-earth is I felt like the work could be experienced in many different ways and that the art brought red-earth’s A game.

I’m on mobile tumblr so I can’t grab the links, so check out @red-earth-rising tumblr.

a-rainbow-named-ally  asked:

I just barely starting to notice the sexist and misogynistic jokes on TBBT. There was an episode where raj goes back to online dating and he showed Amy a picture and said "her lack of Adam's apple means that she has been a female her whole life" and it kind of through me off cuz that was the window on all of the jokes. Especially the ones on Penny's sex life.

Once you start noticing problematic shit like this, you’ll see it everywhere. It’s really disappointing. 

eilishfitz  asked:

I feel like I am one of the only people who never found Big Bang Theory funny, there were some funny moments back in the beginning of the series, but it went down hill from there

It’s one of those shows that the more aware you become of issues like sexism, racism, ableism, etc. the less funny the show becomes, until about every joke makes you cringe. 

The thing is that TV shows are not real life. If you have a TV character that is asexual, you have assumed a level or responsibility in representing them a certain way. Every joke about Sheldon’s asexuality is a conscious choice to be included in the script. 

Everything in a TV show means something, whereas in real life things are a lot more random and disconnected. Each 22-minute episode is a compilation of deliberate choices. 

So if Sheldon’s asexuality is treated as a joke, that’s a deliberate choice the writers are making. And that’s not okay.


Hello friends!!! Its that time again.. here’s my favorite fics I’ve read this week. Enjoy!

the world was on fire (and no one could save me but you) by crookedlove 3k:

Harry is stressed and burnt out, and Louis is a thoughtful fiancé. They take a bath and it gets really sappy really fast.

Fake Tears and Garlic Bread by loueas 7.5k:

Louis is fed up of having to pay for his food and decides to pretend he has been stood up by his “date” in order to blag himself a free meal, Harry is the clueless romantic dragged into the equation, Zayn and Liam think Louis is an idiot, and Niall just really loves garlic bread.

Baby I’m Hypnotized by You by hickeystyles 14k:

Hypnotist AU where Louis and Harry are best friends and Harry moans out Louis’ name on stage at a hypnotist show and Harry doesn’t remember anything afterwards. Louis promptly has a nervous breakdown. Harry is oblivious.

we’ve people to see (let’s put ‘em on hold) by smoothniallsmooth 6.5k:

 the one where louis has a bad morning but spends an entire ten minutes pressed against harry in a crowded subway train. it doesn’t turn out so bad.

Faking It by TheCellarDoor 46k:

Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.