big bang fighting

when you encounter fake fans

fake fan: jungkook is so hot, but jhope is really ugly. Exo is literally my favorite group but i don’t understand why sehun is there he can’t even rap. Honestly SM you’re doing so well but why NCT dream? They’re literal children and haechan tries too hard sm


Thank you for putting so much of yourself into the group and the four other boys. I Know all of them give so much to the group, but G-Dragon being the leader means he is the one who gets all the stress on him. And to have seen him carry all that on his back makes me proud. Thank you to our best leader, Thank you for treating them like your brothers and not like “members”.

Reasons To Date GDragon

When people tell you that he’s a bad boy 

But he is actually like this

Him looking really handsome all the time

When you make him laugh

Wearing couple outfits together

When he asks for a kiss and you wont give it to him

Then when he just forces a kiss

Him dancing 

When he wants to be a sweetie

Vacations together

Him taking pictures of you




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bigbang reaction to their girlfriend always saying 'fight me'

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Is all serious at first because he sees this as a challenge..

…A challenge to be as dorky as he can. When he reacts by messing about you laugh so much you forget even asking him to fight you in the first place.

ahaHAHA. Your first mistake was asking him to fight you.This would have been fine considering the dork he is but dear god you shouldn’t have used informal language…

This guy would take off his shirt and act all serious before you tickle him which just results in a tickle war. I’m not saying that this leads to steamy stuff but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Would also try and act all macho and take his shirt off but then you’d do aegyo or some shit and this kid would die at the sight and run away, giving you braggin rights at winning the ‘fight’.
(Ignore Seung Hyun in this gif although wtf even is this extra child doing to his dongsaeng??)

At first he’s shocked. “Did this small girl really just ask me, Lee Seung Hyun of Big Bang, to fight her?” But Seungri being Seungri would just do aegyo instead. This could go one of two ways; an aegyo war or Seungri being ignored by you for two days for being too cute.
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