My Aesthetic:

Kwon Jiyong being able to roam freely around without having to worry. 

Kwon Jiyong growing out his beard.

Kwon Jiyong enjoying sunsets and sunrises. 

Kwon Jiyong being able to mess around in public without stressing about media.

Kwon Jiyong being able to pose with flowers and drink wine peacefully with his friends at a restaurant.

Kwon Jiyong swimming and smiling and skydiving and living life as a 29 year old should. 

Kwon Ji Yong in Hawaii.

Let’s Not Fall In Love(Big Bang G-Dragon Scenario)

I’m writing this for my friend @yasminblue15 since October 25 is her birthday. I hope you enjoy!

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“I had an amazing time tonight,” you said as you and Jiyong slowly walked back to your apartment. You two had just gotten back from a night at the movies- something some would declare as a date, but that you declared as hanging out. You weren’t dating, you were just friends… friends that had feelings for each other but didn’t want to test the waters.

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Officer Choi Seunghyun (Sneak Peek)

Hi guys! This is a sneak peek of a filthy filthy smut that I’m currently writing. Always leave them wanting more ;)

Warnings: Bondage, Degrading, Police kink, Masochism

The sound of metal clicking preceded the feeling of cold steel against my wrist.

“I don’t know how we ever got buy using those fuzzy party store handcuffs.” He grabbed my other wrist, hooking the chain of the handcuffs around the headboard before fastening the cuff around my other wrist. “Police-grade is so much better. Don’t you agree?” He smirks at me, taking in my topless form and undressing the rest of me with his eyes.

“Seunghyun please.” I softly pleaded for mercy, knowing full well he had a long, hard day on the job and knowing that I would be granted no mercy. His eyes darkened slightly as he stalked over me, looking at me like prey.

“I will not stand your insolence tonight, ingrate. I am your elder, my name is Officer Choi and you will address me as such or you will be punished. Understood?” He barked in my face, scaring me into submission.

This took the term bad cop to a whole new level. He leaned over me so close that I could feel the cold metal badge press against my burning skin. I nodded quickly, avoiding his gaze. He slapped my inner thigh hard, causing me to gasp and finally look up at him.

“I asked you a question you insolent little girl. I expect you to speak.” His face remained hard but his lips threatened to twitch upwards into a smirk, knowing that if I tried to speak it would come out as a stuttering mess.

“Y-yes Officer Choi.. sir.” I managed to mutter out in the most respectful tone I could muster. His face did not soften. Instead, he reached down and tore my sweatpants and panties down with one pull, throwing them aside.

“I will teach you the meaning of respect tonight even if I have to beat it into you.” He growled at me before giving my inner thigh another harsh slap.

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To those of you who don’t know what’s going on, I’d like to give a little update. tl;dr at the end. PLEASE READ THAT AT LEAST.

Recently, idol group Monsta X performed a version of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry in Japan that hadn’t been aired by MBC. They were then scheduled to perform Sorry Sorry with a dance that they choreographed for MBC at the DMC festival, but before they were set to perform, were told that they would no longer be doing so. Without Monsta X’s knowledge, the choreography that THEY created for the dance break was given to other groups, who then performed it.

Wonho, a member of Monsta X, mentioned it on this recent VLIVE of theirs, that they had been watching the performance and realized “Oh, that dance is familiar!” None of the boys were rude about it, they complimented the groups who performed it, even going as far as saying that Monbebes (their fans) who were curious about their stages could watch the other groups and see how they performed it. They were honest with us, and let us know that they just wanted us to be aware that Monsta X performed the original choreography.

Because of this, though, news has spread across portals. Articles have been created, a hashtag has started on twitter “#MBC_범법자” (“#MBC_Offender”) and fans of other groups have even become aware of the situation.

We really need to stand our ground as an entire fandom through this. I’m certain that this hasn’t JUST happened to Monsta X, but has happened to so many before them. If we don’t take a stand, this will continue on, and next time, it could be your favorite group who is treated unfairly and taken advantage of.

I’d like to ask that you spread this around and create awareness about this, no matter what group you support. Monsta X has such a small group of fans, but imagine if this had been done to the group you support. It’s a very frustrating thing, to see these young men who worked so hard be asked to create a dance and have it stolen from them and used elsewhere without credit.

Whether you follow them or not, it took a lot of courage to come out and say something, and we can’t let this be swept under the rug. They made the first step in shedding light on the unfairness, and because of this, we can’t allow them to be ignored. They didn’t do this just for themselves. Them bringing attention to this issue can very well prevent the mistreatment of future groups, big or small, and we should take advantage of this and help stop this.

To help support, what we can do is make use of the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” on twitter and direct it at @withMBC. PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Please do not let this be swept under the rug. This isn’t just about one small group—this is so much bigger than what it may seem.

tl;dr: MBC took choreography from Monsta X after refusing to air their performance of the original dance, gave it to other groups to perform, and did not credit Monsta X for the choreography that THEY CREATED. Monsta X has spoken up about this, letting people know, and we, the K-Pop fandom as a whole, should not let this be swept under the rug to prevent the future mistreatment of any and ALL other groups, because this is most likely NOT the first time this has happened. It could have happened to the very group that you support, even.

To help, tweet @withMBC with the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Let’s raise awareness to prevent the mistreatment of all groups by big companies.


watching this man fall into the pit that is kpop is the most hilarious thing ever