big band orchestra

View of Red Rodney, trumpet, and Gene Krupa performing with the Gene Krupa Orchestra. Stamped on back: “Frank Driggs Collection.” Handwritten on back: “Red Rodney, Gene Krupa, 1946.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

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I noticed your music tends to change dramatically for each project. Not saying it's a bad thing, just curious to know what genre/style you'll be using for Women of Xal.

Electro Big Band Swing! Featuring light orchestra, beats too weird to be anyone else’s, and gritty Breaking Bad-esque tension tracks. The Kickstarter’s trailers and sample tracks will give a clearer idea of what that nonsense sounds like. But until then, here’s my first real… attempt at that Electro Swing. (Link)

The Harvey Beaks Orchestra, 2015

This last week, Team Harvey Beaks flew to Seattle, WA to record music for the current and upcoming season of our show. We recorded with 60 MUSICIANS! A full symphonic orchestra worth of world-class talent from Seattle’s Philharmonic and the Seattle Opera were assembled in the name of a little blue bird named Harvey! I am so proud to be writing music for the first Nickelodeon show to ever utilize an orchestra (not to mention the only cable animated series to record music at this scale). As far as music goes, we now ride side by side with the primetime network billion-dollar empires of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

One of the most exciting things we did was record the fully-orchestrated original songs for next season’s one-hour musical special: STEAMPUNKS! We even recorded with a smaller “Big Band” orchestra specifically for this. All I will say is just wait until you see Harvey do a lil’ soft-shoe!

God bless our producers and Nickelodeon for seeing the value in doing this. These are bold and wonderful risks being taken by a supportive network, contrary to what some may think. This is the real deal. Long Live Harvey Beaks!

-Ego Plum

Ego Plum (Composer) & C.H. Greenblatt (Harvey Beaks Creator)

Ego Plum (Composer), Robert Puff (Music Copyist), Steve Bartek (Orchestral Score Producer)

Ego Plum (Composer), with Reed Ruddy (Engineer) at Studio X.