big band night

Shrine Exposition Hall
John Van Hamersveld

Big Band: We’ve got lightly-fried fish fillets for dinner.

Ileum: Ben, it’s 1:15 a.m., what the fuck?

Big Band: Do you want the lightly-fried fish fillets or not?

Ileum: Well, I mean, yeah.

Big Band: Mhm, thought so. Come get ‘em, they’re still warm.

Ileum: Wait, what? Did you just make them?

Big Band: Yeah, I wasn’t feeling tired so I went and made some lightly-fried fish fillets.

Ileum: Say “lightly-fried fish fillets” one more time, Ben.

George Harrison, CBS convention, Grosvenor House, London, 26 July 1972 (photo courtesy of; © unknown)

“George pops in…
Looking very much like he did in the heyday of the Beatles, George Harrison popped in at Wednesday night’s revelries at last week’s C.B.S. convention held at London’s Grosvenor House hotel.
George went along to see the four acts which were featured, the opener of the evening being American trio Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh and Zorn with their backing musicians. Also on the bill were Argent, blowing one of their finest sets, Maynard Ferguson and his big band, and closing the night was Johnny Nash, still riding high in the charts with ‘I Can See Clearly Now’.” - News blurb in, possibly, Record Mirror, 1972

If anyone asks about what I reblog, I’m into like every fandom

I literally have a memo on my phone, from A-Z, of fandoms that I’ve been in at one point or still am in, still working on it since I can’t think of every fandom right off the bat


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HBO Warmas → Day 24/25: “Merry Christmas, boys!”

Gathering everyone for a Christmas dinner is surely going to give someone some grey hairs

Song of the day: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Bing Crosby

camiii  asked:

I have been thinking about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry all day. I NEED IT LIKE BURNING

ahaha okay, it makes me really happy you have been thinking about it, because i have too!!! So, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I want to use it as an excuse to talk more about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry on my blog!!!

okay, there is just something super appealing to me, thinking about how the differences in Harry and Gemma’s personalities could sort of be reflected in their magic and the way they used it!!  Like, not that either of them would necessarily be more powerful, but just like Harry’s magic maybe seeming bigger and more volatile and colorful and Gemma’s maybe feeling more measured and precise.  And how differences like that could lead to small jealousies between the two of them.  Just like small sibling rivalry hurts because Harry feels a little like no one takes his magic seriously, even though he is very skilled and can use it subtly, and Gemma feels like her magical creativity is constantly being overlooked because she has always been so good at the academic side of it.

Like just imagine them collaborating on brewing a potion in Gemma’s kitchen on a Friday night.  Gemma is stirring the cauldron, her blonde bob perfectly in place despite the steam, and Harry’s is perched next to her on a stool, wearing a shawl and holding one of his toads while grumbling under his breath about how she never lets him do the stir.  And Gemma keeps rolling her eyes because of Harry’s special tips about when to add the newt eyes to make the potion look extra iridescent because  “there’s nothing wrong with a potion that’s functional as well as beautiful.”  and Gemma already knows that doesn’t need to be told four times.  

but then as the night goes on and they have more wine and they bottle more potions they start talking about their magical insecurities and build each other up. 

“Your magic isn’t boring!  How can you say that? It’s stylish, you must know that!  You have a very distinct style in everything you do.  I wish I could make choices that way! Don’t listen to anyone else.” 

“They’re underestimating you because they’re not as smart, Harry.  People that don’t take entertainment magic seriously are snobs.  I wish I could do half the spells you do, and so do they!”            

And so they would just bicker a lot of the time and get frustrated with each other but also just love each other so much, too.  They’d be so protective of each other in such a nice way and i love thinking about it.   

I think the thing I love about Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is how simple it is. Yes it may be a little far fetched for the purpose of it being part of a sit-com BUT It’s also sweet and innocent and goofy and geeky and sometimes awkward but THATS HOW REAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE. I would much rather be with someone who I trust, who makes me feel nervous yet safe at the same time and loves me flaws and all so much more than be in a relationship built on physical attraction that has a weak foundation. Those are the most beautiful, heartwarming relationships in my opinion.