big bags of weed

The Front Bottoms song meanings
  • Flashlight: it’s about someone having a hold over you. this is a recurring theme throughout a number of songs on our album. Our favorite line from the song is “I can hear your dog whistle from my bedroom”
  • Maps: This song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the idea of not knowing what’s next. Accepting the fact that your life won’t be as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be when you’re younger. It’s about finding out life is a longer road than you had expected. Favorite line: “Let me be a raft on a blue sea I’ll blend right in”
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up: This was the quickest song we wrote. It happens to also be the shortest on the record. Same idea as from Flashlight - just someone having a hold on you. (One of our good friends fell in love with this girl that still had a boyfriend and so in order to make time with the girl, he hung out a lot with the boyfriend and her. He slowly found out that the girl he thought he loved was kind of a bitch and he found that maybe the one he really loved was her boyfriend. They have somewhat of a romantic relationship now. And they are living together.) The vibe of this song comes from that situation. Favorite Line: “It probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide”
  • Mountain: This song is actually about buying drugs in Pennsylvania. The line was originally “I bought weed. A big bag in Pennsylvania. I’m gonna light it up when I get home to Jersey” We changed it because none of us have bought drugs or smoked ganja. ever. Favorite Line: “They’re gonna ruin my whole summer. Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.”
  • Rhode Island: we met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way. On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back. favorite line-“She says you gotta promise not to break not matter how far you are bent, she says you gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again”
  • The Beers: It’s about the same deal. Someone having a hold over you, so much so that you’d be willing to put yourself in danger, to change yourself in order to make them like you. But the song is all over the place and that’s just a small part of it. Favorite Line: “And it’s an aerial view from your house to my room”
  • Father: I put myself in someone else’s body and I wrote this song about my life.
  • Swimming Pool: The voicemail in the breakdown is from one of our friend’s dads to our friend about some dumb shit about a girl. He saved it and we added it later on to our song. Months later, the girl’s mom cornered me in the grocery store and asked me if we could take that voicemail out of the song. But we’re punk rock so we left it.
  • Favorite Line- “There’s comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool”
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming: I got stranded in Germany one time and I missed Thanksgiving. Side note: On Thanksgiving, I ate a hot dog with some weird potato shit on it in Amsterdam but it was still mad good. As I was walking around Berlin, I found this circus of freaks - it was more or less a sideshow act but it was free so I went in. I met a dude who was a gangster drug dealer, he let me stay at his house and was actually super nice. He cooked me food and went to Amsterdam with me. But while I was staying in his house he explained to me the rules of the streets in Berlin. Everybody pays, everybody’s head is in the noose, everyone is part of the program.
  • Bathtub: There’s so much in this song. Take it for what it’s worth. Favorite line: Please take me off speaker phone, this is a private conversation.
  • Legit Tattoo Gun: This song was originally called “MJ” because when we put it out we gave it two different names on two different websites. If you know this song as “MJ,” you’re way more punk rock. At one point, I was making out with a woman who was making out with a lot of other people. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. Favorite Line: “I am not a dirty god, I don’t have a dirty body”
  • Hooped Earrings: This is about a friend of mine that asked me to be there with her when she came out to her mother. Favorite Line: Curly hair don’t look good cut short.

“super rich kids” for omgcpoc week (a little late, but it’s early in the day yet! sorry @checkpleaseofcolor)

too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce

Nursey has a slight buzz going, and he’s laughing, and he feels warm all over. He can’t remember the last time he felt this happy– genuinely happy, without the false grin or the forced pleasantness he’s been made to perform all these years.

too many bowls of that green, no lucky charms

Sure, he’s a little crossfaded, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Besides, he isn’t going anywhere: Bitty won’t let them stick a foot outside without forty different layers on, and he’s too lazy for all that. Instead, he burrows down a little deeper into the blanket he’s sharing with Chowder and Dex, stretched out all over them; his feet shoved under Chris’ bony ass and his head in Dex’s lap, nuzzled up against his stomach. Dex huffs, but allows it with a little smile, running his fingers through his hair.

the maids come around too much / parents ain’t around enough

“Y’all! Get in here, the food’s ready!” Bitty yells, and there’s grumbling and complaints, but ultimately, they all prepare to shift into the kitchen– whatever Bitty made smells delicious. Dex and Chowder shove him off the couch in a rush to get into the kitchen, and Nursey, is, unfortunately, so wrapped in the blanket that he ends up last in the kitchen–

And there are his friends around the Haus kitchen table, lights dim with a sweet potato pie on the table, candles stuck into it.

“Haaaappy Birrrrthday to–”

too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar

Nursey is thrown back somehow uncannily to senior year. The year he’d spent his birthday with his kind sperm donor; Yosef Bahmani had demanded his “parental rights” and had told Yamaha in no uncertain terms that he “wanted to see his boy”. Amal hadn’t liked it, but they’d agreed to at least one or two visits every few years, and he was allowed to ask for this before he graduated.

He’d shown up to the apartment with a few things– a suitcase full of clothes, his backpack, an attitude. Yosef hadn’t appreciated the last of these items, but Derek could honestly care less about what he appreciated. Chill Nursey was already in effect, and the fuck who’d accidentally knocked up his mom at a party didn’t mean shit to him.

too many white lines and, white lies

He’d spent his whole birthday coked up after a shitty, awkward brunch that had made his stomach ache for Miz Lou’s cooking, the sugar crusted blueberry scones with almond milk she made every year for his breakfast if he wasn’t out or gone for the year, a dismissal heavy in his heart when Yosef mentioned “a business meeting” or some other nonsense. Grant, Jeremy, and Mitchell had all barged into his apartment at three, a big bag of weed and a little coke on each of them, and he snorted four lines before Jeremy and Mitchell could 

super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

Nursey thought someone had spiked his drink and he knew he would be throwing up all day tomorrow, but he was high as fuck, he was higher than a goddamn kite and his heart was pounding, his blood was rushing in his head, racing like a horse and he looped his arms around some dude who got handsy fast and he hoped didn’t give a fuck about him. He saw Grant’s flash go off, snapping a picture just as the dude pulled him flush with his hands over his ass He didn’t care. He didn’t care anymore, because after this year, he’d probably never see these fucking assholes again, and good goddamn riddance– he stuck his middle finger up at Grant and let the dude grind up against him and kiss him sloppily

real love (ain’t that somethin’ rare)

Nursey woke up naked in his bed, damned by his eastern-facing window, and ran to the bathroom, retching, clutching a sheet in his hands desperately. He’d almost missed the bowl– his whole body ached with the effort of not passing out.

“I think you should go home,” Yosef’s voice said from behind him, and Nursey wiped his mouth on his “father’s” white sheet.

“My fuckin’ pleasure, Daddy Warbucks,” he muttered.

i’m searchin’ for that real love (talkin’ bout real love)

Nursey could feel Yosef’s glare as he shooed Jacob out of the house. Good, he thought visciously. Let him see. It wasn’t as if he would see him after this year. Eighteen, and he was finally fucking free.

Before he left, Nursey flung the chair someone had left out on the curb at his father’s car– when he shouted from the window, Nursey ran for the L-train, not bothering to look back.

real love, yeah

Nursey’s not sure when he started crying, but he knows Chowder’s squeezing his shoulder and Dex is whispering “blow out the candles, Nurse,” and he does, he blows them hard, hiccupping, smiling, and when he’s done, he buries his face in Dex’s shoulder with shaking shoulders.

“Group hug!” Ransom shouts, and suddenly, he’s tumbling to the ground, laid out on the kitchen floor in hysterics. Everyone in the Haus is piled on top of him, even Jack, who he can hear chuckling quietly somewhere off to his right, and he feels warm in the best of ways. He peeks his head out and flash goes off– it’s Bitty, who somehow managed to escape from being wrestled into the pile. He’s crying too. It’s streaming down his face, but he’s laughing, a hand pressed to his mouth to hide his smile.

“The pie is gettin’ cold, y’all, and i’d bring sweet tea to the devil before lettin’ my frogs eat a lukewarm meal on a birthday.”

talkin’ bout real love

Nursey eats sweet potato pie sitting on the counter, squished between Dex and Chowder, his feet swinging. His head is leaned against Dex’s shoulder, ankles linked with Chowder’s, and he thinks this is the best birthday he’s ever had.

THE 2Ps ON 4/20
  • 2P!America: ayyyee China hook me up with some of that pot yo
  • 2P!England: Don't do drugs, kids! They are bad for you and you will D I E
  • 2P!France: eh whatever *switches out cigarette for a blunt*
  • 2P!Russia: only stupid people do drugs.
  • 2P!Italy: heh, just for today~ *pulls out a fancy device made for smoking marijuana*
  • 2P!Germany: *high a'f* bLAAAAZE ITTTT
  • 2P!Japan: I never thought watching you kill your brain would be so amusing.
  • 2P!Canada: *casually taking hits from Allen's joint*
  • 2P!Romano: Nuh-uh honey I'm keepin' it classy mmmmmHm
  • 2P!Austria: Oho yes I am so hiGH...... oFF liFE
  • 2P!Prussia: No thank you.......