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If they were to take a break from speedsters as the 'big bad' what other villains could they use? I haven't read the comics so I'm only aware of the main ones like the reverse flash and mirror master.

I feel like @gorogues would be able to provide better insight here, but off the top of my head? 

They could’ve made better use of Grodd, a very important Flash villain, and made him the ‘big bad’ of a season instead of a mid-season villain. Gorilla City (aka, the gorillas attacking?) could have been something they led up to for a season finale, and had the Rogues help fight the Gorillas with Team Flash, sort of like what happens in the New52.

(Personally, I also think the military and Eiling makes for an interesting villain but maybe not a seasonal Big Bad, and shows have to be careful about just how thick they lay on the anti-war anti-military message).

They could’ve done a lot more with Dr. Alchemy than they did. I know a lot of fans of Alchemy have been disappointed that he was just a pawn for Savitar. Alchemy = squandered potential.

They could do more (like a lot more) with the Rogues. It’s tough in the sense that the Rogues are often just hoping to steal stuff and don’t have any truly evil designs, but there have been internal conflicts within the Rogues and big blow-outs, not to mention that they can be pretty menacing when they’re altogether. Teaming them up with the Reverse Flash is an interesting route (or with Inertia, but uh, I’d rather not see Bart die, like what happens in the comics).

So… I’m sure there’s more. But there’s those already, off the top of my head. Speedsters are a huge part of the Flash and tend to be some of the Flash’s greatest enemies, but aside from Reverse Flash, most of them aren’t super specific to Barry’s own arcs.

i never thought i’d say this but even moriarty deserved a better ending??? like people in the cinema literally cheered when he came on screen, people enjoy watching him and he’s so Extra and weird and they had so much potential for him but in the end the one who defeated the main villain was himself?? like what villain just gives up at a minor inconvenience and kills himself?? it’s so anti-climatic. and he was literally their main marketing point for s4. “i know exactly what he’s going to do next” at the end of tab and all the “miss me?” hype got people so excited for more of this psychotic manic and then he did.. absolutely nothing?? anyway pour one out for jimothy, another victim of s4

It’s basically canon that Zarc can communicate with his monsters.

So imagine, Zarc sitting down before a duel and talking with his dragons to find out who wants to duel that day. And then structuring his deck depending on which one(s) he’s using.

‘Oh you want to fight today Starve Venom?’

‘Not up for duelling Odd-Eyes? That’s ok you can take sit this one out.’

‘Guess I better get my tuners ready.’

And he’s so hard to beat because no one knows which one(s) he gonna use. Is he going to use all of them, just one, two of them? Who knows.


Villains of The Flash Season 1

Sooo, as some of you may have noticed, I never finished my Big Bad Inktober series, where I attempted to draw major and minor villains from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Inktober. It doesn’t look like I’ll be finishing it any time soon (maybe ever??), but here are some of the villains that I sketched out back then but never got around to inking: Faith, Vampire Willow, Sunday, Buffy’s college roommate Kathy, D’Hoffryn, and one of The Gentlemen. I was saving some of my favorites like Spike, Drusilla, Glory, and Dark Willow for later in the series but obviously didn’t get to them :( . It was a fun series nonetheless!

Check out the rest of the “Big Bad Inktober” villains here.

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts, but I promise I’ll have some new work to show soon!

Mercy Graves + her sweet new coat from one of the BvS extended scenes :’)

honestly, who do I have to petition for Mercy to come back in Justice League 2k17 ಠ_ಠ

my biggest criticism with lego batman movie is that in the Big Bad Villain Dimension King Kong is there despite him being the victim of white entrepreneurs who took him unwillingly out of his home.

biggest pro of the lego batman movie is that its heavily implied batman and joker has had hate sex at least once


“I apologize, ma’am. I’m not particularly fond of failure.” 
“Then I see no reason for your cruelty towards young Cinder…

One thing that I really enjoyed this first episode was the introduction of villains who easily overshadowed Cinder in confidence and made her look powerless. Up until the part in Volume III where we learned she was working for someone, we viewed her as “the big bad,” the main villain. The mysterious woman who took on both Glynda and Ruby in Volume I, the one who intimidated the entire White Fang into submission, the one who took down the Fall Maiden.

And then we see the other admins talk down to her like a child playing pretend.
Tyrion constantly mocks her by referencing her lost eye, Dr. Watts purposefully reminds everyone of Cinder’s failure to defeat Ruby, and Hazel nonchalantly agrees with him, adding more insult to injury for Cinder. Just look at her here. The first still is her reacting to Watts poking fun of Emerald and Mercury. She looks tired and sick, but only slightly annoyed at Watts. Then for the second still, it’s her reacting to him saying that Ruby on the loose is still her problem. Now she’s aggravated. Both she and him know full well that she can’t go after Ruby because of her condition. And despite the deathly glare she shoots at Watts, he just counters with a smug smile—totally unfazed. And then the last still. Tyrion makes one last joke about her eye, and then proceeds to laugh even harder than before. At this point, Cinder’s had it. Her cheeks are more red and it looks like she’s about to burst into tears from sheer embarrassment. 

And that’s terrifying. Cinder is a force to be reckoned with. Yet these people trample all over her as if they could easily take her on in combat—even if at full health and power. I just get chills when an even bigger baddie comes along. 

man i saw this post earlier about how TEAM SKULL DID NOTHING WRONG and stuff, and i can’t find it right now, but like the argument there, presented as mostly a joke, was that they were weirdly friendly in between battling you and asking nicely to steal your pokemon, and that they knew everyone’s faces enough to know that you were new- so really they’re your friends and want you to succeed

but honestly i’m holding out hope that that’s literally true- that their whole thing is an elaborate pantomime, community service where they encourage trainers by giving them a cartoon bad guy to beat. 

like, what’s the only thing we really know about Guzma right now? that he’s a rejected gym leader trial captain. he wanted to be the guy that all the kids have to fight to get stronger and grow as a trainer. so if you can’t do that officially… why not just do it anyway? interject yourself as the big bad villain that keeps standing in the hero’s way. do it over and over again, unlike those chump trial captains who they only face off against once!

and it’s pretty obvious the Aether Foundation are going to be the real villains anyway, let’s not kid ourselves


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Sorbo talked about his new role on Supergirl. As you can imagine, at this stage he isn’t allowed to say much but what he did say might have been enough for us to put the pieces together. We’ve had to make some assumptions here based on what he said but we think you’ll agree with our analysis. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

I leave next week! I’m heading up to Vancouver, and I’ll be doing a three-show arc, and Teri Hatcher’s playing my wife. I’m from another planet that’s an arch-rival planet of Krypton. Which is now of course destroyed.

First and foremost, this easily confirms that both Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher’s new big bad villains are going to be related, they are husband and wife! Secondly, Kevin confirms he is not from Earth but “an arch-rival planet of Krypton”. Well in the Supergirl canon we know of only one arch-rival planet that was destroyed when Krypton was and that is Daxam! So who would be roughly the age of Teri and Kevin and from Daxam? Mon-El’s Parents. Now here’s the big leap, if the rumors are true that perhaps Mon-El is a Prince, then that would make them, The King and Queen of Daxam.

Furthermore, Sorbo and Hatcher will be making their Supergirl debut in episode 217 which is the first episode after the musical crossover with the Flash! Episode 217 is of note as well because Kevin Smith is returning to the director’s chair! Both Kevin Smith and Kevin Sorbo confirmed that filming on episode 217 starts next week!

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ugh not another gravestone event. I thought the ink angst ended months ago -_-

(( Oh don’t worry friend this new ink stuff has nothing to do with gravestone itself. If you have followed along with @inkywellington and @happyflowey you will see the potions create new ink species known as shades (of blue). They are not under orders of gravestone like the past ones were, so there is no big bad angst villain. ^^ The only angst that could be caused would be by a shades personality alone and actions they take by their own choice. ))


Chuck/God in 11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

“You Either Die A Hero Or You Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villian”

I received a couple of anon messages as well as an ask by @babymisha15 on the topic of villains in  11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”. In order to not clog up anybody’s dashes or repeat similar things over and over again, I thought I’d reply to them in this post with a hell of a lot of crazy ideas.

The title of this meta post is a quote taken from “Batman: The Dark Knight” and I felt it fitting for the thoughts the asks I received sparked regarding the return of God and the way the show painted him over 42 minutes. After I found the time to rewatche the episode, I am even more struck than on first watch how very  cleverly this episode played with perception and deception, played with truth and lie, played with metaphors of light and dark and how it also seemingly contrasted God and the Darkness. What struck me most about the episode though is, that even though one the surface it may look different, if you dig a little deeper, the show did not choose sides here. It didn’t pass judgment, just showed and told.

In one ask someone wanted to know if I thought they’d make God the villain. To be honest, that wouldn’t even be something new, because with what he did to his sister, no matter for what reasons, he proved to have villainous potential. Much more than that though this question made me realize what would be an epic set up for S12: Turning God into the Big Bad. In the end it would be the ultimate battle of humanity fighting for free will, because in a lot of ways one could say with Chuck’s return and him intervening and finishing his autobiography that will affect the world at large, he dictates and influences its fate by making it “his story” and by that in one swift motion making it the world’s story too.

Now, if we work with what this episode showed us, then there is enough wiggle room left to - if you want to - to think of God playing still right until the very end, and actually not coming clean. He said he loved acting. That acting is fun. And if we look closely at these scenes and the moments when the music dropped away and it got uncomfortable, because it went where it hurt, the moments where he didn’t act, he was downright scary and someone you don’t want to have as your enemy.  Chuck as the scenes showed is not his true self, it’s what he hides behind, do question is did he act in the last scene of the episode too or was he sincere?

Very interesting in this regard I find the exchange between Metatron and him when he says that “he didn’t see the evil turn coming” (and arguably not many wouldn’t be surprised by that plot twist) and following it up with “why do you want to be me” connecting the “going evil” with himself. It’s far fetched, but it leaves room for the possibility of God not even realizing that in the end he may become the villain, even more than his choices may have rendered him to be that already.

Lucifer, he said, wasn’t a villain. And to some extent I agree, it was how God reacted to his behaviour and deat with it, by locking him away like he did with his sister, out of sight out of mind. But it’s undeniable that what he had entrusted to Lucifer was in part what built the groundwork to turn him into an antagonist. That doesn’t absolve Lucifer or Metatron or any of the other people of their wrongdoings or sins though. It’s their choices that put the nail in the coffin. And choice, free will, are key words, have always been on SPN.

And the question remains also if it was also the influence of the Darkness, who was just contained “barely” as Chuck himself said, that helped along shaping Lucifer. And I find that line to be beautifully fitting to how the fog wormed its way into the police station. You can’t keep out what’s meant to be there, what used to be there. What was there with you from the beginning. Imo this episode and especially the emphais on mirror and the line about

“Every great hero needs a great villain.”

makes it a compelling thought that God locked his own Darkness away, externalized it and it’s time for him to take it back - two halves of one whole, ying and yang. And the effect the Darkness fog had on the people was to bring out their darkness. Meaning the Darkness lives in every single person, has always been in some proximity part of creation.

Metatron told God to look into a mirror and tell the world who he is and be honest. God, isn’t just light and beauty and warmth, that’s clear as day, I think, after this episode and his mirror image, his negative mirror image is his sister. And she too said what the fog sparked was showing a mirror and showing the truth: that God’s creation is a built on a lie or rather is built on Darkness, not light.

I have no clue if the show would ever go there, turn God into the Big Bad, but man, I gotta admit it could really be something. Especially considering what Metatron said so convingly:

“Humanity is better than you are.”

Arguably humanity and it’s creations renders it to be Gods themselves. Yeah, they are flawed. But as we have seen so is the Almighty. So therefore I personally kind of like the idea humanity is the true divinity.