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Into the Deep Woods

Someone: Spark you really need to stop with all of these hybrids AU’s

Me: lol no fuck you, here’s one right now actually

“Ohm, you can’t just wander into the Deep Woods! Do you realise how many predators are there?”

“But I lost my ribbon in there! How-” 

“We can just get you a new one, now let’s turn back before we get eaten!” 

“No way. If you want to leave, leave. I can find it myself, it’s probably not that far off.” 

“Fine, don’t blame me when someone snatches you away! Especially if they’re a snake, you know how much they love to eat your type.” 


The scene replayed in his head, him venturing out into the Deep Woods while his friend attempted to convince him to come back but eventually leaving him alone out of fear. He cursed the wind for causing this in the first place, blowing the precious cloth far away. It had no use now, all he needed to do was find it and get out of there as soon as possible. 

A mix of growing blues, with fading oranges and yellows, enveloped the once clear sky which earned another curse to slip Ohm’s tongue. He knew that once the night fully revealed itself, so would the hunters. Predators, that’s what they called them, and they were the Prey. 

With every minute wasted on finding nothing, the growls of hunger from nearby Predators grew louder and louder. Ohm found himself causing more accidents on himself, his clothing earning a few scars. Just then, he felt a drop of liquid fall on his palms, thunder roared in the distance as his bunny ears perked up to the new sounds.

“Tch… great just great…” Ohm crossed his arms in frustration, the wind brushed by him, rain drops increasing as he tried to find some shelter. Luckily for him, thunder flashed out an outline of a nearby cave and he was able to reach there in time before the thunderstorm could get any worse. 

“This is… this is fine you know!” He cussed, the thunder shocked nearby him in response. Ohm yelped and hide behind some large rocks, his body was shaking for a while but he managed to calm himself down. Rolling up into a comfortable position and tucking his grey bunny ears around his face to earn some warmth, Ohm was able to fall into a deep sleep.

“Wakey wakey Missster Bunny~” 

Ohm yawned from the sudden wake-up call, his hands automatically rubbed his eyes as a groan escaped his lips. He straightened himself up before opening his eyes to reveal the mystery figure. Dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, light complexion and an amethyst snake tail which replaced his lower torso. 

“Ahh, sssso you were ssssleeping. I wasss about to eat you for a sssecond.” An innocent laugh followed after their sentence. The realisation was sinking into Ohm quickly, terror and panic escalated as he backed himself against the rock he was hiding behind last night. 

“You’re a… a…” The words faded away, his hands tried to grip the rock for some form of support as the snake simply chuckled. 

“Yesss, I’m a sssnake hybrid. What can you do about it? I mean… thisss isss my cave, after all,~” They leant in closer, trapping Ohm between his arms, forked tongue slipping in and out against his blushing cheeks. “Tasssty~ If I do say ssso mysself.” He commented before giggling again. 

“I-i-i…” Ohm stuttered again. 

“Name’sss Bryce, what about you Bunny~?” Ohm felt the snake’s tail coiling around his legs, he gulped before managing to reply. 


“Ahh, I ssee…” Bryce looked away, deep in thought. Ohm, on the other hand, was now completely trapped in the large tail of the snake. “Oooh! Were you lookin’ for thisss by any chance?” He moved somewhere behind a collection of rocks before revealing the cloud grey ribbon that Ohm had been searching for. 

“Yeah… How did you-” 

“It flew right into my face, ssstrange right?” Bryce laughed again, scratching his amethyst cheek scales with a razor sharp claw. Ohm gave out an awkward laugh so he could attempt to befriend the snake. 

“So… areyougoingtoletmegoorwhat?”

“What? I’m not really sssure about that Ohmy~” Bryce pinned Ohm again, sending a wave of visible shudders down his spine. He tied the ribbon around Ohm’s neck, dragging one of his fingers to his chin while his other hand was playing around with his hair and ears. Ohm could do nothing but blush tomato red as Bryce leant closer towards his human ears. “Tell me Ohmy~ What isss it that you want from me~?” 


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First of all, I’m so sorry for answering this late. I’ve been sick and without any will to do anything apart from being miserable ;u;. Second, thank you so much for your sweet words, I don’t usually receive them and I’m actually very thankful.

Clyde and Kenny, oh dear. These are two of the characters I can actually ship with almost everyone (But I do have main ships for both), they’re just so likable and idk.. And here anon, hope you enjoy this <3 

I finally got my hands on Alien Isolation, so im going to be streaming that later so you all can laugh at my fear

Those 6.22 Cas caps I just reblogged have reminded me of how even though I hate that ep, I do so love that my son, Castiel, flawlessly outsmarted all those who would stop him - friends and foes alike - in one fell swoop, through tremendous pressure and severe emotional distress. 

6.22 can pretty much be summed up as:

Sam: 0
Dean: 0
Bobby: 0
Balthazar: 0
Crowley: 0
Raphael: 0

Castiel: actually The Best™ (as determined by Science)

Little Red Au!

m-arci-a’s Little Red AU is too cute to resist writing. Besides I may have sent this headcanon to Marcia anyway ((which was illustrated AMAZINGLY may I say)) so i wanted to write something for it. c: Anyway, I love this au so much wow it’s adorable.
((ps this is a just incase kinda post because. I’ve tried to send this twice now and it doesn’t wanna work.))



Cas and Dean spent the most part of the day wandering around the forest, Dean showing Cas really pretty and fairy-tale like areas he’d never seen before. Cas was amazed by the beauty of the forest, while Dean was in awe of Cas. Seeing the smile on Cas’ face became contagious as Dean found himself smiling, tail wagging softly behind him. After spending a good hour by a small waterfall and another weaving through trees that bristled in the gentle wind, the two found themselves a clearing and sat down, close to each other. Cas pulling out some sandwiches from his basket, passing one to Dean, who was quick to scoff it, and took a bite of his own. The pair laughed and talked through sunset and only after a while did they realise it was beginning to get dark. Cas shuffled uncomfortably, not used to being this deep into the forests, let alone at nighttime, and scooted a little closer to Dean. After hearing a low, growl like sound Cas first thought that it was Dean who had made the sound. His face dropped a little bit, a confused expression sweeping over his features as he scooted away again, wondering if it was that to have caused the growl.

“Sorry, that was an invasion of your personal space, right?” Cas guessed, looking up to a very alert Dean.

“Uh. That wasn’t- Cas!” Dean yelled as he leapt to his feet, spotting a bigger and badder wolf than himself approach the boy, just latching it’s paw onto Cas’ cloak as Dean had yelled.

Dean grabbed Cas and yanked him up with quite a big force, the cloak falling off as Cas stumbled behind Dean.

“Cas, do me a favour and hide behind that tree and.. Don’t look for a minute.” Dean said and Cas nodded quickly, rushing behind it, leaning his back on the bark as his chest heaved.

Pained yelling came from Dean and even though Cas wanted to run to his side and check he was okay, he trusted Dean and Dean said not to look. He had to kept repeating that it was okay to himself as the yelling continued for a few minutes before it faded away. Then Cas slowly peeked his head around the tree, his eyes widening at the sight. Dean was… Huge. And a fully blown wolf. His legs were about twice as big as Cas who was now tiny compared to Dean, and the massive wolf made the ground almost shake as it took a step towards the now puny looking wolf that had once looked threatening. Well, at least now Cas knew why his title was “big bad wolf”. With one, low warning growl which made Cas cover his ears the wolf was sprinting away, realising it was no match at all to go against Dean and Cas was timidly and cautiously stepping around to the front of Dean.

Once he reached the front of the wolf his head leant down, the big green eyes staring down at him with a gentle gaze. Cas offered a little smile, as a shiver ran down his arms. He glanced around the flood and spotted his cloak, swiping it up and placing it back around himself. Facing back to Dean, Cas slowly reached out his hands and placed them on Dean’s nose, which was alone bigger than his handspan.

“Wow,” Cas breathed out finally.

Dean didn’t respond but from his expression Cas could guess if he was currently human, he’d be smiling. Probably proudly.

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas said gently, looking up into his eyes before leaning forewords and placing a light kiss on his nose.

Dean just slightly nudged his nose forward to show his affection before stepping back and laying down carefully, keeping an eye on Cas as he did. Slowly motioning next to him with his nose Cas took the hint and lay down with him, more than happily accepting the body heat Dean was emitting. Cas curled up slightly, pulling his cloak around himself for a makeshift blanket, taking another look up at Dean. He was maybe slightly in disbelief at how amazing Dean looked in his true form, but he was still super grateful that he managed to save him.

Despite being happy curled up to Dean like this, he was awaiting the moment to wake up next to him in his human form so he could give him a proper thank you kiss.