big bad knight

Signs as Villain Archtypes
  • Aries: Warlord, Blood Knight, The Vengeful Spirit
  • Taurus: The Dragon, loyal lieutenant to the Big Bad, evil knight
  • Gemini: The Trickster, chaotic evil, The Devil
  • Cancer: The Over-Controlling Matriarch, Big Brother, The Vengeful Spirit
  • Leo: The Tyrant, Noble Demon
  • Virgo: The Dragon, loyal lieutenant to the Big Bad, killer accountant
  • Libra: Well intentioned extremist, corrupt socialite/politician, charismatic evil, Yandere
  • Scorpio: Femme Fatale, Yandere, doing this for love
  • Sagittarius: Well intentioned extremist, terrorist/revolutionary
  • Capricorn: The evil business man/politician, corrupted by ambition
  • Aquarius: Well intentioned extremist, visionary leader/commander, treacherous counsellor
  • Pisces: Villain of circumstances, co-operating with the Big Bad to protect their loved ones