big bad knight

I’m still on my giant webcomic binge and I read the webcomic Cucumber Quest and even though it started out a little slow for me I’ve gotten incredibly attached to two specific characters, the big bad Nightmare Knight himself and this here little henchmen extraordinaire 

Her name is Peridot (but the “t” is silent so it’s pronounced “Peri-doh”) and she’s tiny and adorable and gay and just a little bit evil and she’s great and I love her

Signs as Villain Archtypes
  • Aries: Warlord, Blood Knight, The Vengeful Spirit
  • Taurus: The Dragon, loyal lieutenant to the Big Bad, evil knight
  • Gemini: The Trickster, chaotic evil, The Devil
  • Cancer: The Over-Controlling Matriarch, Big Brother, The Vengeful Spirit
  • Leo: The Tyrant, Noble Demon
  • Virgo: The Dragon, loyal lieutenant to the Big Bad, killer accountant
  • Libra: Well intentioned extremist, corrupt socialite/politician, charismatic evil, Yandere
  • Scorpio: Femme Fatale, Yandere, doing this for love
  • Sagittarius: Well intentioned extremist, terrorist/revolutionary
  • Capricorn: The evil business man/politician, corrupted by ambition
  • Aquarius: Well intentioned extremist, visionary leader/commander, treacherous counsellor
  • Pisces: Villain of circumstances, co-operating with the Big Bad to protect their loved ones

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve… and I’m trying to stay positive about next year being a good, productive year for me, even if some stuff might change. With that said, I’m… making my resolution for 2018 to be one of communication. I want to find words easier, talk to people I care about more often…This past month I’ve really been feeling a desire to reach out and talk to friends, especially old friends, but it’s hard to find words when you haven’t spoken to people in a long time.

I need to stop hiding away when I get sad or scared, you know? Friendship and compassion are two ideals I strive for, but I keep finding myself feeling so alone. My biggest regret is not staying in touch with people who matter to me, and… gods, this year I’m going to strive to get better at that.

As for you online friends I haven’t talked to in a while (you know who you are) this includes you as well. I love you guys. I’m sorry I drop off the face of the planet so much. I’m going to try to put more content out there this year, too.


Scarlet Sunset - Erza Scarlet - fanart. I tried something new this time. I found out a new technique to colour, tried to work on my background skills, as bad as that turned out, and I laid off of the epic dynamic fanart. For now. Of course. Don’t expect me to change. 
This isn’t the best piece I’ve made, I’ll be honest, I got pretty lazy and unmotivated at some point, but I tried to push through. I’ve been uninspired and unmotivated for a while now so forgive me if my art has gotten pretty stale. But still, I made something again. I really really like her face. (I gave her scratches, how cool is that? that must be one of the few things I really like about this piece)

(p.s., that awkward beam of light over there is supposed to be a requip but i overexposed it so try to ignore it although now you’re aware of it so you won’t ignore it. ah well)