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Patrice Bergeron starts the year with a video explicitly supporting trans people as a rep for the whole bruins organization.

Brad Marchand ends the year with calling a guy out for homophobia and not letting him get away with it.

Bergy and Marchy will gladly represent the big bad bruins to entertain you but they’ll kick anyone’s ass that messes with you directly. 

Blackpink just released their Whistle dance practice on Vapp, and Lisa is concerningly skinny. Throughout the whole video you can see her ribcage, implying that YG is putting Blackpink on a ridiculous diet or exercise regimen. The first two images are of Rose and Jennie respectively, for comparison. As you can see, both of their stomachs are slim and muscular, but not to the point that you would assume it’s unhealthy. Unlike theirs, Lisa’s shows her ribs very prominently. Especially when Lisa extends her body, its very clear to see that the bottom of her ribcage is protruding unhealthily. This can’t go unnoticed by the fandom. This kind of compulsion from almost every kpop company for all their idols to look a certain way is so common and so dangerous (e.g. Xiumin from EXO, Sojung from Ladies Code, Jimin from BTS). They’re such a young group and such young girls that their company is pressuring them into crazy diets and we, as their fans, have to protect them.

BTS and the Taiwan Incident

Okay, so some of us heard about the incidents that took place at a Taiwan Airport regarding BTS and the fans.

They had no respect for BTS’ personal space and it got to the point where BTS’ managers had to forcefully shove people out of the way.

Video Link here:

Pictures of Jimin actually falling down because of all the fans: 

It was so bad the Big Hit Entertainment posted a notice on Twitter and they even translated it to English for international fans to understand.

Here is the message for anyone who can’t view it ^ ( @taetaetown )

Please guys, let’s not harm BTS anymore.

Have some respect for them, please!

- Widzz (who is actually really mad about this whole situation)

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