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Tbh, y'all are weak when it comes to animal lover fahc ryan. Like, it’s cute that he saves a stray puppy at the end of a heist, but there could be so much more.

Like, he kills a man for abusing his dog, taking the dog to a local shelter & helps rehabilitate the dog.

He could blow up a car for running over a bird, than takes the bird to a nearby vet & pays the medical cost.

He breaks into a place that is rumored for being a puppy mill, and than he has to call up the lads to help him take all the dogs to the shelter.

The Vagabond could hear about a factory farm a county outside Los Santos, and each night, he goes out and saves an animal for months. He takes them to different vets & shelters each night before driving many more hours to go to an animal sanctuary and letting them take the animal and give them a good home.

Ryan Haywood could be wanted by the FBI for Eco-Terrorism, simply because he goes into factory farms and saves an animal each and every night, because he believes the innocent shouldn’t be exploited for money.

Like, come on, animal lover doesn’t just mean “oh no, a stray kitten that I just randomly ran into”, animal lover should mean “Yeah, technically I’m the most dangerous man because the FBI hates me for saving animals from a life of suffering.”

And here they are together! Wolflet! <3

I made their background color different to the Kaider one. Wolf’s wispy magic thread (dust?) thing turned out a different color than Scarlet’s and it’s because I can’t be sure what color I used for hers. 

Will get around to Cresswell next! 


Michael Bay: Okay Megatron, here is your new transformers 5 big bad guy crew reveal!

-MohECKKKKK…(what the fuck guys… sid the fucking sloth?)
-DESTRUCTO!!!!! (again)
-You’ve heard of Shockwave, now get ready for Shockwave 2 Electric boogaloo.
-dreadbedbheadmobilsl Sargeant Bash.
-the crying laughing emoji
-DESSTRUCTTOOO!!!!!!!! (again)

Megatron: What the fuck.

All That Glitters

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

(I’ve posted this one in sections before, but here’s the whole thing)

(Warning: Contains guns and violence)

Ryan had no-one to blame but himself.

He never should have mentioned it.

But for their latest heist, they needed someone to go undercover at a glitzy, socialite fundraiser ball.

Jack instantly dismissed Ryan as being unsuitable for the role.

“It’s nothing personal Ryan. But it’s the same social circle as your family. Your parents might even be there themselves. There’s too much risk that you’ll be spotted.

“Ah, but you’re forgetting that it’s a themed event.” Ryan explained casually. “And this year it’s masquerade. Everyone will be wearing masks.”


“I’m the only one with the training to pull this off.” Ryan rolled his eyes. “I’m the only one who knows how these events work. I know the posture, the greetings, the dances-”

“Dances?” Jeremy interjected.

“…Well, it’s a ball. There’s always dancing.”

Jeremy struggled to contain his laughter at the mental image.

“You can dance Ry?” Gavin laughed, thoroughly amused.

“Yeah, I do it all the time with your girlfriend.” Ryan countered impassively.

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uhhhhhhhhhhhh this was meant to be part of something more but i … really dont want to finish it so here’s….. tattoo artist yuuri……

The Crew Trying Ice Cream & Sweets For The First Time (+ Regina) Headcanons

 @daughterofgaston and I came up with this, so enjoy!

(Not my gif)

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The crew didn’t come to Auradon in a limo, they were brought on The Lost Revenge, because Uma refused to leave without their ship.
It’s actually their first night at Auradon Prep that they try sweets for the first time.

Ben thought it would be fitting to have food sent to The Sea Three and Regina’s dorm for the whole crew for dinner.
He had the feeling that they would all want to stay together, and Fairy Godmother said it would be best to keep them separated from the AKs during their first night.

Everyone was pretty confused at all of the different options, all of it fresh. None of the crew had ever seen so much food.
Ben had a hook at his neck because they were pretty sure it was all trick.

The crew devoured everything, everyone claiming which things were their favorite.
And then they got to the dessert.
There was fruits of every kind, candies, chocolate, ice cream, cake.

All of the crew immediately became addicted to sugar, and it was split down the middle if a member preferred the sugar from fruit or more along the longs of candy sugar.
It was agreed across the board though that everyone loved ice cream.

Gil loved every single type of candy that he tried, his favorites though were red licorice and gummy worms.
Harry preferred dark and milk chocolate, though he seemed to have an obvious soft spot for cherries.
Uma enjoyed the fruits more than she did the candy. She did enjoy hard candies though.
If you put anything with sugar (fruits, candy, etc) in front of Regina, she’ll eat it. She’s nearly as bad as Carlos and Melina. But her favorite is chocolate.

Harry and Gil wrestled over the chocolate and cherry ice cream, only stopping when Uma split the carton so that they both could have it.

Uma pretends to be annoyed or uncaring about all of the food and her crew’s reaction.
Harry, Gil, and Regina can see the small smile that tugs at her lips though.

The entire crew crashes from their sugar highs and slips into a food coma around four in the morning.
Let’s just say the sight of this big bad pirate crew covering the dorm room in cuddle piles and tangled limbs was pretty cute and hilarious.

No none of them were happy about getting up a few hours later.

How Not to Train Your Wimpod

Here’s this way too long and messy thing I started a few days ago based on the idea of Golisopod and Wimpod teaming up to tickle the heck out of Guzma. Hope you like it!

“Wimpod, use Scald already! Smash that target!”

Guzma was on the edge of his already permanently frayed rope. That self-righteous little trainer had thrashed him again this morning. He’d been so frustrated that even breaking three chairs and a window hadn’t been enough to cool him down. He’d thought maybe he could get into the zone again by training one of Team Skull’s new Wimpods, but he was failing at even that.

The Wimpod was currently frozen and trembling before the large stuffed Fearow figure in the middle of Guzma’s room. The figure was a gift from his Grunts; handmade just for their awesome boss to train his awesome bug Pokémon with. And yet here it was, completely undamaged, because he couldn’t even get this Wimpod to take a step forward.

Guzma scrubbed a hand through his white hair and clenched his jaw, swallowing down a feeling of inadequacy. “Tch, it’s not even a real Fearow. How can you be part of the Big Bad Guzma’s crew if you can’t even fight a toy?”

Wimpod made a dejected sound and scurried back, its antennae drooping. Guzma’s Golisopod looked up from the berry it was scarfing nearby to whirr disapprovingly at its master again. Usually Guzma had so much more patience with his Pokémon, but he couldn’t think past his frustration right now.

“I already told you to stay outta this,” Guzma snapped at his ace Pokémon. “How’s it ever gonna get strong like you if I’m too soft on it?”

Ignoring Golisopod’s irritated clicks, Guzma turned back to the Wimpod and let all over six feet of him loom over the wide-eyed little bug. “You gotta learn how to beat others down or they beat you down, get it?” He gestured wildly with his arms, his voice getting louder with every word. “That means stop wimping out and start acting like destruction in Pokémon for—“

Golisopod was suddenly behind Guzma, a large, clawed mitt catching his arm and pulling him backwards until he fell on his butt with a grunt. He cursed as the Pokémon caught his other arm too, easily pinning it to the floor above his head. How did a giant armored samurai bug manage to get the jump on him?

“The hell do you think you’re playing at!?” Guzma growled, struggling to pull his arms from the strong hold. “Lemme go!” 

Golisopod made no move to release him, and instead started purring and clicking at the sulking Wimpod. Guzma had no clue what the heck he was saying, but whatever it was had the Wimpod perking up curiously. The little bug was still for a moment, then cautiously scurried over at Golisopod’s insistence. It hesitated next to Guzma’s leg, but eventually wiggled its way up onto his hip and stared into his face.

“Oh, so now you’re fronting like a tough guy, huh? Getting all up in my grill?” Guzma mocked. Wimpod paused again and looked to Golisopod with a questioning purr. When the bigger bug nodded, it gave a determined hiss and promptly wiggled its way under Guzma’s baggy t-shirt.

Guzma squirmed and frowned at the lump in his shirt. What was this little punk trying to do anywa—no no no NO! He gasped and bucked as little legs purposefully scuttled along his belly, the sensation horribly ticklish. He gritted his teeth against the embarrassing noise that threatened to escape him, lips turning up into an unwilling smile.

“Get out!” He yelped. He kicked his legs, but his muscles were already going to jelly from the feeling crawling up his stomach. Wimpod’s little legs skittered gently along one of his sides too, and that was all it took. Guzma broke down into wild, raspy laughter, wiggling on the floor like a kid. He pulled desperately at his arms, but Golisopod’s grip held strong.

“Stopstopstop!” He nearly shrieked. “I-I’m your master! You g-gotta listEN to me!”

Golisopod’s only answer was a staccato whirr that sounded almost like a laugh. Wimpod hissed happily and started focusing on his ribs, poking curiously at the spaces between the bones. The Big Bad Guzma definitely did not squeal at that and try to curl in on himself.

“I s-swear I’ll put you both up…up against a bird Pokémon!” Guzma threatened, breathless and unintimidating from peals of laughter. “An electric one, y-you shits!”

Golisopod made no move to let him go and Wimpod’s legs and antennae continued their torturous journey under his shirt. It seemed to be figuring out which spots made Guzma thrash the most and was staying on them. Guzma tossed his head from side to side, his shades flying off during a fit of what he’d never admit were giggles.

He was about to give in and beg his Pokémon when a deep feminine chuckle echoed through the room. Golisopod gave a greeting click and Guzma looked through tear-filled eyes at the doorway. Plumeria was leaning against it, a manicured brow arched and a small smile on her lips.  Of course she came to check on all of the noise—right when it was the most embarrassing.

“You good there, boss?” the Team Skull Admin asked. Guzma could just hear the smirk in her voice, damn her. But he wasn’t in a position to turn her away.

“Plumes! C’mon, h-help your boy oUT-!” His plea ended in a yelp and a jerk as a little leg wiggled along a particularly bad spot just under his ribs.

“I could help,” Plumeria drawled, casually inspecting her nails. “But what’ll you give me if I do?”

Guzma was really starting to regret starting a team of greedy misfits. “A g-good, solid kick in th—“

His threat was cut off as two of Wimpod’s legs skittered under his arm. Guzma gasped and collapsed into near-silent laughter, his legs drumming uselessly on the floor.

Plumeria was all out grinning now, sashaying closer to the mush on the ground that was her boss. “Reconsidering now, huh? Tell you what, I’ll get them to stop if you buy me Malasada. The sweet ones,” she demanded. “And I get to sit in your chair whenever I want for a week.”

Guzma had never nodded so fast in his life. He’d get her back for this later, but right now she was his only hope. Plumeria hummed, clearly proud of her victory, and patted Golisopod’s closest arm.

“Alright, alright, don’t kill him,” she joked. “We still need this numskull to lead the team.” Golisopod purred happily at her and finally released Guzma’s wrists. Wimpod got the memo too, wriggling backwards and out of Guzma’s shirt. Still snickering, Guzma curled his arms around his waist and rolled onto his side to catch his breath.

When he finally sat up, hair hopelessly mussed and cheeks still flushed red, Golisopod was across the room and happily accepting a Poké Bean from an equally traitorous Plumeria (who was already chilling in his chair). Wimpod, however, was sitting right next to him, looking ridiculously proud of itself. Any fear seemed to have flown entirely out of the window, even with the Fearow figure still nearby.

Guzma thought he should probably be angry again, but he was feeling bizarrely relaxed after all of that laughing. Besides, Wimpod did stand up for itself like he’d wanted. He put his large hand over the bug’s entire face and shoved it playfully.

“Yeah, yeah, you won. Now stop giving me that smug ass look,” he grumbled, failing to fight a smile. “And you ain’t keeping ‘Tickle’ as one of your moves. That’s not hardcore enough for Team Skull, got it?”

The little Pokémon wiggled out from under Guzma’s hand and chirped defiantly; the closest a Wimpod could get to a true Team Skull ‘no!’

Good to know that Asagao Academy’s the game where you can win @thatonevideojirard ‘s heart twice.

A lot of people might assume that big, bad Fake AH Crew would try and hide it when they got sick, they’d play tough and brush it off like it was nothing so they could go about their business like nothing was wrong. Really, the crew becomes fully grown children as soon as they start feeling under the weather.

Jack is perhaps the most composed of them all. He’ll shuffle around the penthouse or nestle on the corner of the couch watching television. He won’t ask that anyone does anything for him, but he’s more than willing to accept the help and attention he’s offered.

Ray tends to find a corner and camp out there. He hides in his hoodie, generally with a blanket on top of that, and keeps himself occupied with games. He’ll text people when he needs something, generally pleas for food, drinks, a charger, a pillow. He doesn’t often move from that spot, complaining that he feels too sick and weak to move, just leave him there.

Michael is just as loud when he’s sick as he is when he’s well. More often than not, he ends up sprawled across his bed or the couch, and he’ll call out for someone to do something for him until he breaks down coughing. The longer it takes for someone to respond, the louder and more whiny he gets.

Geoff just becomes pathetic. He’ll huddle under a blanket and moan and whimper and make sure everyone knows that he’s sick. Every couple of minutes. There’s a strict no-alcohol-while-sick rule and Geoff tries to do what he can to break that, insisting it’ll make him feel better, since it helps in almost every other situation. (”You can’t even stand upright, Geoff, you’re not getting alcohol.” “But Jack, what if it’ll help me stand upright?”)

Gavin is that clingy child that needs constant attention and affection. If he can, he’ll trap someone on the couch with him and curl up against them, sniffling and mumbling pitifully. He gets upset if he’s left alone for too long and he gets extremely whiny if people start to ignore him.

But then there’s Ryan, who was the last one everyone saw sick, and they assumed what anyone outside the crew would - the Vagabond has been through so much shit, what’s a cold gonna do? But then Ryan gets sick and curls up on the couch without face paint and his hair in a messy ponytail. He wraps up in a blanket and moans loudly about how sick he is and how he’s going to die from it. He doesn’t necessarily want anyone to do anything for him to fix it, he just wants to complain.

(”You’ve been stabbed and shot and hurt so much that I think your body is more one giant scar than anything, and you think you’re dying of a cold?”

Yes. I’m dying. But when I go, make sure my end sounds better than it is, would you?”

“Damn, dude, you’re gonna be fine by tomorrow. Suck it up.”)