big antlers

The Littlest Winchester - Big Bird

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 382


For The Littlest Winchester, can you write a fic where the reader makes up a new nickname for Sam and its quite embarrassing and Dean makes fun of Sam for it.


           “Sammy, I’m gonna call you Big Bird.” Sam’s four-year-old niece looks her uncle dead in the eyes as she states this.

           “But my name is Sam.” He replies.

           “No.” She shakes her head. “You are Big Bird.”

           “Wait, I thought we were calling him Moose.” Dean chimes in.

           “He’s Big Bird now.”

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The alarm on Sam’s phone had chirped; that’s what had made him realize. It was a reminder he’d set months ago, one that he didn’t need because the date would forever be emblazoned in his mind, but that he’d set nonetheless. It was one year since he’d met you. An anniversary of sorts. 

Or, rather, it would have been had Sam not said all those words he could never take back just days earlier. The last he’d spoken to you.

He stood and walked to the middle of the kitchen, standing for a moment in the quiet. With Dean gone on a food run and Cas working a small case, Sam had the place to himself. And as he looked around and his phone chirped again as a reminder of what he no longer had, he realized how absolutely alone he was, feeling strangely small without you by his side.



Horns vs. Antlers

[part 1 of series]


In addition to everything mentioned above, something important to consider if you’re into hunting is what happens when people go trophy hunting and kill the male with the biggest rack. From what we’ve learned already in this post, big antlers are important for establishing dominance, so often times the male with the biggest rack is the leader of his herd. Killing him could put the herd in great jeopardy.

Some other fun facts:

  • in reindeer, females, too, have antlers - that is because they often have to protect themselves and their young, as well as for foraging in the frozen ground
  • Pere David’s Deer are the only species that sheds their antlers twice a year
  • Moose have the biggest antlers in the world - up to 2 m (6ft) in spread and up to 18 kg in weight

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