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mun's ships for Gaius?

[Insert the given disclaimer about no one needing to uphold the ships listed, blah blah blah. You guys know the drill. Also, Tumblr is doing a thing, so I’m gonna post this with like 0 formatting and then I’m going to edit it later and put it all under a cut I’m sorry for this ugly chunk of text you guys are going to have to wade through but I have a lot of feelings.]

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  • well so we all pretty much agree that park chanyeol is just a giant teddy bear right
  • like, an extremely needy 6 ft tall bear
  • so I can only imagine that since you have to be separated so many times, he’d be SOOOO clingy when he can finally be around you
  • “chan I kind of need to go to the bathroom, can you please-”
  • “no, no, no shhhh jagiya, listen, you don’t need to go the bathroom”
  • “my bladder is about to explode”
  • “no it isn’t shhh just let me cuddle you”
  • yeah that probably happens a lot 
  • and when he’s on tour YOU BETTER ANSWER YOUR PHONE
  • no seriously
  • “… I was sleeping”
  • “oh” 
  • snapchat was a blessing for him bc he would probably send you every little thing he was doing
  • and expect you to do the same
  • on top of that, the members would probably send you embarassing things he was doing because we are talking about Park Chanyeol and he’s just weird like that
  • your phone would legit be like 50% pics sent by them I can garantee that 
  • “remind me why I’m dating him again” 
  • he seems like a backhug kind of guy and really shameless about it too 
  • you could be just hanging out with the boys and he’d casually sneak his arms around your waist and pull you close
  • he was so chill abt it that the members don’t even comment bc it’s just so common 
  • most of the time he’d go for sneaky little kisses 
  • and you two cuddled a lot too and it’s just SO COMFORTABLE U WANT TO KEEP HIM AS A PILLOW
  • and he’s usually just sweet and funny around you
  • bUT THEN
  • yall know that sometimes he can look really sexy when he performs
  • and he just smirks at the camera or licks his lips and everyone’s just??? holy shit??? this guy is hot too??
  • he knows his hot and he knows you like his deep voice
  • and above all he just KNOWS how worked up you get when you see him perform bc who wouldn’t tbh 
  • and sometimes you’d go to his concert and he’d spend it teasing you
  • yep you totally know he bit his lip on purpose 
  • that smirk in your direction of the crowd??? yes he was trying to swoon you
  • and when the concert ended those were the times when he didn’t want some short, sweet kisses 
  • “oppa, anyone can enter this room”
  • “makes it all more fun”
  • hot make out sessions after concerts like these because he’s stressed and you’re just there 
  • overall he’d just love you so much he can’t stand the thought of losing you so he’s a clingy little shit most of the time
  • but you love him anyways because how could you not 

requests open for scenarios, reactions, fake text messages and boyfriend!exo

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i feel like karma is real and fuckin me big time for all the times i called a girl fat or ugly now im super fucking fat and uglier than ever ehhhhh i was young and dumb but i am sorry and havent been mean for a long time... i hate myself

I think what u should do is just learn from your mistakes. Karma is not what got you into the position you’re in now, and you feel guilt for shaming people previously.

I hope you will be able to improve your confidence and move forward. There is no reason to hate yourself

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It's sad because it seems these days people really want a reason to hate on JK and like? He's a baby cinnamon roll? First with line distribution, then the Not Today video, and now with that? It makes me sad.

Literally am SO f*cking over the jk hate I’m sorry but if u hate on guk or any of the bts members I’m just gonna start blocking ppl tbh I don’t need that ugliness in my life and neither does anyone in bts. Guk seems to get a big front of the hate too and I rly! Am over it he deserves so much better than these ugly ppl!!!!!

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Hi yes I'm just here to YELL AT YOU FOR KILLING OFF OTABEK IN GOLDEN!!!! HERE I AM IN MY ROOM CRYING BIG, UGLY TEARS CHOKING BACK ACTUAL SOBS AND NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WOTH MYSELF. ok ok in all seriousness you're an amazing writer and I really want to thank you for writing such a heart wrenching fic. I loved it. :)

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!Thank you so much for reading it! I’m so glad you like it!!! and IM SORRY FOR MAKING YOU CRY I REALLY AM <(^_^<)


I like to save the feature bits (usually all the derpy player survey stuff) from Breakaway, the monthly game playbook the Caps give out at Verizon. Here’s March 2016. Notable:

  • I like to think Brooks Orpik is bad at remembering names because the Capitals are constantly juggling guys named Alex, Mike, John, Matt, and Tom. Like, we tend to have two or three of those at any given time. (Insert joke about multiple Brookses here, then insert more ugly-crying)
  • Andre listed Titanic as one of his favorite movies. The Brobean Influence lives on. As does Taco Night!
  • Swedish Home Mafia, huh. Someone done fucked up their editing.
  • Surprising heel turns by Americans TJ Oshie and Nate Schmidt, spurning their homeland’s Dunkin Donuts for Tim Hortons.
  • I’m not emotional because Mike Richards clearly knows Justin Williams well enough to win the Offsides competition. YOU’RE emotional.
  • That said, Justin, why ISN’T your favorite athlete Jason Chimera?

i swear to fucking god if i hear paul/paulie call natalie “fake tits” again i am going to fucking lose it. like, sorry that one of the most beautiful women big brother has ever cast is not interested in either of you ugly ass scrubs but that doesn’t mean they can constantly talk shit behind her back. grow the fuck up…. like my blood is boiling, they never shut up about the women in the house and i honestly think it’s disgusting that the executive producer, who is a woman, lets them behave in such a disgusting way. 


hey, my name is viki and i’m trash.. actually a big part of me is phan trash but you see.. well just look at me and you see what an ugly piece of shit i am.. (and the girl in the second pic is they-will-never-know-me she’s pretty rad and my best friend soo.. i hope you don’t mind if i post this pic?) so.. come talk to me bc i’m a coward who doesn’t message people first..

I guess this is kind of vent art in a way. Yeah, let’s call it that.

When I got home a few hours ago I put on the dress I recently bought for prom and looked at myself in the mirror, just to get a good look at it since I was alone now and not in a crowded store. After a few minutes I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt as beautiful as I did wearing that dress. A long long time. I’m so self conscious that I have to wear jackets or long sleeve clothes to school every day because if I don’t I just feel ugly due to of all the freckles I have, so this whole sleeveless dress was a big step for me.

I felt so happy after seeing myself like that. I’m not as ugly as I think I am, I’m beautiful, and god dammit I deserve to think so. 

Sorry for the rant, but this art needed a little explanation. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. c: