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how they dare make Gaston a kind, not really pushy person who just wants to win girl’s heart. He doesn’t mock Belle for reading. He actually tries to understand her unlikely to the others. A character who went to war and now suffers from PTSD. Who just wants to live a peacful, happy life with a wife by his side. How they fucking dare do that and not expect that I would fall from him,

This is a picture of my Jack, Milo! He’s about 9 in the photo, but this year he turns the big 12. He’s a huge love bug who loves to destroy tennis balls, cuddle under blankets with his favourite humans, laying in the sun and loves to give kisses to anyone and everyone. No one is safe! He worked as my support dog and school therapy dog, though in his old age he’s enjoying retirement at home with his new bunny brother.


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(About your post of Mary being younger and all that) That's something a Netflix serie would have used 👀

To be honest, I don’t know a lot about channels and who does what, so I can’t answer that, but it seems to me Supernatural got a lot more cautious, almost lost interest in the Big Questions. Compared to the drama and ongoing discussions about free will and destiny we got in earlier seasons, now almost nothing comes up. And it’s not like they haven’t got the material - off the top of my head, there’s the problem of killing an infant to spare millions of lives (brushed aside with a Let’s hope we find another way), the whole ‘long-dead mother suddenly coming back to life’ thing (with haven’t heard anything from Mary, and even Sam and Dean haven’t talked much about that, if at all), the big question of shifting perspective and how you remember things differently (the obvious opening with Mary’s return was to talk about John, of course, and yet, more nothing), the whole ‘so, should we be friends with a problematic person’ debate (because, come on, it’s time they decide what to do around Crowley), the Cas thing (encompassing themes of belonging, identity, how you define your own family and what can you do to be there for them) and, of course, the BMoL narrative (which is, again, about free will but potentially goes much further than that). So my point is, they had a gold mine of fledgling philosophical issues - and it was this sort of thing, in my opinion, not monsters, which made those ‘Lucifer or Michael or neither’ seasons so awesome - and yet they’re ignoring everything, and I don’t fully understand why. I mean, they’re doing beautiful work on other things, most notably by giving free rein to their directors to create unusually shot episodes like Baby or Stuck In the Middle (With You), but I truly miss those agonizing choices and the wondering and the trying to stick to your principles despite everything. Like, look at how they started to work with the BMoL - the drama and conflict was there solely because Sam and Mary were hiding things from Dean - they never sat down to hash it out, there was no ‘There’s a right and a wrong here’ moment. Back in S4, the angels wanted to unleash the Apocalypse because it would lead to a peaceful world, and if people died, well, omelette and eggs. And the thing is, that argument made sense? Even Cas, who loves Earth and had lived on Earth presumably for millions of years, told Dean he didn’t get it - “What is so worth saving?” he asked, and that was really a sobering, chills down the spine moment. Dean doubted himself a lot, because he knew in his heart he was right, but that was all he had to go on: his heart. And now they’re facing a very similar situation - again, an efficient organization whose only task is to protect humanity wants to carry out a genocide to start a new era of security and happiness, and Sam and Dean - they didn’t even discuss it. They just - went with it. Sure, we had a few disgusted glances, but very little beyond that, and I think it’s a shame. The upside is that the brothers are not fighting, and okay, but still. And Mary’s sudden ageing - again, great that they cast a woman over 22 and all that, but at the same time it’s yet another thing that just eliminates, or reduces, the need for existential questions. Supernatural is now a bit less True Detective and a bit more Criminal Minds, and I’m not very happy about it.

Then again, I’m generally not happy about anything, so.