big glasses

Today is the three year anniversary of its first episode and I can never be more thankful for a show. Steven Universe has helped me love myself, while making friends. I personally suffer from multiple learning and speech disorders, so it is been difficult to communicate with others and love myself when my peers tell me that I am dumb. This show teaches lessons that basically say no matter who you are, you deserve to be loved and appreciated. Plus, Steven Universe influenced me to cover songs in a chip-tune tone (8 bit, to be specific). Thank you Rebecca Sugar and everyone else who is a part of SU! Anyway, enjoy this cover that helped me relax for a bit  :)


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“Cause all you’ll ever be
Is a nightmare and a wet dream.
A reason to smile
From six feet underground.”

I’m having a really shit day so here’s a cute photo from the other day. ✌🏼️

And can you tell my heart beats faster when you speak?
And do you know heaven comes only for a week?