South Rim Sunrise by Alex Burke
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Big Bend National Park, Texas - April 2014 Provia 100f 4x5, 90mm Caltar lens 1 second at f32, 2 stop soft GND filter The views from here were just unbelievable. From This point you can see for miles over the Rio Grande and into the mountain ranges of Mexico. Check out my blog post on this trip here: Big Bend National Park Blog Post


Regigigas Nicknames:

  • Colossus (Obtained from the term “Colossal” i.e. a giant ^^
  • Giganta
  • BFG (It stands for the “Big-Friendly-Giant”. Check out fact no 5)
  • Way-Big (Regigigas-sama is enormously huge!!!   (ノ゚0゚)ノ~
  • GreenGiant (It does have a bunch of bushes on it’s body ‘:3
  • Titan (Inspired by the ever popular anime; “Attack on titan ^^
  • Goliath (It’s the name given to a dangerous Giant in the bible)
  • Monsuta (It a different spelling for “monster” but in Japanese ^^
  • Pacifista (Inspired by it’s ability “Slow Start” in mind ^^
  • Fuji (Fuji is the name of the tallest mountain in Japan)
  • Biggie

Regigigas Facts:

  1. There is an enduring legend that states this Pokémon towed continents with ropes.
  2. It is said to have made Pokémon that look like itself from a special ice mountain, rocks, and magma.
  3. It is believed to have shaped Regirock, Regice, and Registeel out of clay, ice, and magma.
  4. Regigigas can also survive extreme conditions as it is capable of working with high temperature magma, (1300-2400°F) as well as extremely cold ice (-328°F).
  5. When Regigigas is disturbed from its slumber, it goes on a rampage and shoots powerful beams. When it is befriended, however, it is calm and gentle, as seen in Pillars of Friendship!.


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