Cute girls shut down my brain

Me and my cousin were once having dinner at this wizard place and I’m in the middle of saying something when a girl walks by the table and I just stop, no words I drop my pizza and just kindof stare at where she had walked by.

My cousin punches me in the shoulder and tells me to pull my bi ass together.

The next week we are at the mall and the cashier at the store is cute and I drop my purse and just kindof stop talking, so she punches my shoulder and grabs my purse pays and drags me out.

I just blubber around for a few minutes before getting my shit together and continuing with the mall trip.
My mom forced me to go to a church outing thing with a bunch of other girls I get there and the ‘mentor thing person’ is really cute, and I just trip and face plant.

I had no back up so I just kindof stuttered and flopped around for half an hour before figuring out how to human again.

happy pride month!!!!!

thought of contributing to the month of happiness by drawing my favourite character Guren is a Bi sweater XDDD

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have i mentioned that i love zane because i love zane

holy shit thats the best skylor headcanon ive ever seen

when kai finally understood lloyd was bi he probably looked like lance when pidge told everyone she was a girl

gay chain reaction is the best thing ive ever heard (also same hc)

they should get a bunch of elemental masters together and fly over ninjago city in the pride flag order. big ass pride parade below



Send in your ninjago LGBT headcanons!

Wirklich österreichische Fragen

Ich hab ja schon mal eine Österreich-gethemte Fragenliste gemacht, aber ohne die Fragen auch inhaltlich auf Österreich zu beziehen. Aber jetzt gibt’s wirklich österreichische Fragen. Nicht-Österreicher dürfen natürlich auch rebloggen!

  • A: Aus welchem Bundesland kommst du?
  • B: Kaffeehaus oder Coffeeshop?
  • C: Lieblingssongcontestsong aus Österreich?
  • D: Was hältst du von Kabarett/Kleinkunst?
  • E: Ironischer Lieblingssongcontestsong aus Österreich?
  • F: Hast du schon mal “The Sound of Music” geschaut, und was hältst du davon?
  • G: Hast du eine Mitzi Tant’?
  • H: Meinung zu Austropop?
  • I: Sprichtst du nach der Schrift/Standarddeutsch?
  • J: Schreibst/textest du in Mundart?
  • K: Apfelstrudelrandstück oder -mittelstück?
  • L: Was hältst du von Dirndln, Lederhosen, und Tracht allgemein?
  • M: Was sind die lustigsten Klischees über Österreicher?
  • N: Nova oder Frequency?
  • O: Viel wichtiger dieses Jahr: Nova oder Regenbogenparade?
  • P: Wie gut kennst du “Rock Me Amadeus” auswendig?
  • Q: Was ist deine Lieblingsverwendung des Wortes “Oida”
  • R: Warum verbringst du deinen Tag auf tumblr dot com, wenn du stattdessen an der frischen Luft unsere wunderschönen Berglandschaften genießen könntest?
  • S: Schrecklichster Songcontestsong aus Österreich? 
  • T: Wie viele hart arbeitenden Bifie bzw. Bildungsministeriumsangestellte braucht man, um eine Zentralmatura zusammenzustellen?
  • U: Kennst du den Film “Müllers Büro”?
  • V: Wenn du eine eigene Partei gründen könntest, wie würdest du sie nennen und was wäre das Programm?
  • W: Bundesheer oder Zivildienst? 
  • X: Gehst du gerne ins Theater oder in die Oper?
  • Y: “Servus”, “Grüß Gott”, “Grias di” oder “Guten Tag”?
  • Z: “Servus”, “Baba”, “Pfiat di”, oder “Tschüss”?
  • Ä: Was hältst du von Patriotismus? 
  • Ö: Hast du als Kind Forscherexpress geschaut?
  • Ü: Was sind die schlimmsten Deutschen™ Wörter?
  • ß:  Magst du Mehlspeisen als Hauptgericht?

@bi-puns is proud to announce our own magazine: Bidings, run bi the Bad Bi Bureau [Link to Magazine]. A permanent link to this magazine and its future issues can be found at [Link]

This is Issue #2! Space Bisexual logo is from [Link] and was made by @cfpepperz. Please go support that artist!

What is Bidings Magazine? It is a magazine designed to be filled with bi puns, bi community related art, articles, and information. It is associated specifically with this blog and with my other bi blog, @pinkpurplebluepride.

Here are some of the articles you can find in Issue #2: Bi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Locations of Bi Resource Centers and LGBT Resource Centers
  • Bi Campbire Stories
  • Bioqueer Base Movie Night Plans
  • 10 Healthy Ways to Vent Your Frustration About Biphobia and Other Bigotry

Some of the articles in Issue #1 have been continued into Issue #2.

Note: this is not a scheduled magazine that releases issues regularly. This is something I would like to continue every now and then when I have time. Please consider reblogging if you enjoy it and feel free to tell bi people you know about it if they might like it.

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about the whole bi-Rhett thing all day & I'm just having trouble believing that it wasn't a mini coming out thing. I remember when I was scared to come out to a friend so I just slipped into the usual convo about crushes a simple "yeah she's cute" & that was it for me, isn't that basically what he did? Mebbe? then that shit eating grin & look, like "yeah, you heard me", and Link's initial disbelief as he registered and quick change of subject. (Pt.1)

(Pt. 2 from anon) Also there’s the fact that in the earlier days he was so against contact, even from his best friend. Maybe this was a realisation & rejection of his sexuality, which he has slowly become more comfortable with. Also, I feel like the bi-Rhett tag that has existed for so long is pretty telling. There’s theories & hopes & all that, but there’s pretty solid reasons & evidence behind all that, & tbh as a bisexual, my bifi/gaydar was insane when I first saw him.

Hey, anon, thanks for reaching out! I’m inclined to agree with you. I know we have this whole… societal norm of “everyone is straight until they say otherwise.” But honestly? That’s not often the case.

Bisexuality can feel complicated at times. We often look at it as a 50/50 thing, when in reality, at any given time it could be closer to 90/10 or 80/20 or even 99/1 and it can change and be fluid over time. That’s why I think so few people understand (and accept) it.

Rhett’s possible coming out yesterday seems so similar to how so many people come out. When I was talking to my best friend about it, I never explicitly said “Oh, by the way, I’m bisexual.” I told him about a crush I had, and that I “hoped this person liked me, too, but I really don’t think so.” And he said “so tell me about her?” There was never this big grand gesture of me saying it… it just was implied when I had typically in the past referred to my male crushes as “I like him” and this time was saying “I like this person,” and he just… knew. I didn’t have to come out to him in some big grand way.

Sometimes, people come out very subtley.

Here’s the thing, though. I think even if I didn’t think that he and Link were sexually/romantically involved (as of S12, I do strongly think this is true, but let’s TOTALLY SET THAT ASIDE FOR A SECOND)…

…I think Link knew. I think Rhett had told those closest to him. I think Link’s look was more a look of “Oh, we’re doing this now? Okay, brother, I support you.” It didn’t seem to be one of shock, surprise, awe, or pride to me. Instead, it seemed to just be an acknowledgement of “Oh, now? Okay, then.” Link looked quietly supportive. If he was surprised about anything, it wasn’t about Rhett coming out, it was about Rhett doing this so casually.

Rhett can be super extra sometimes, especially for the sake of comedy (see, the Rihanna episode). But for things that are super personal for him, it’s sometimes just a quiet… statement. Look at the time he says “I would die for you,” to Link, then repeats it. It’s soft. It’s quiet. It’s gentle.

If Rhett did come out yesterday (and truly, we don’t know if he did or didn’t), he did it in the Rhettest way possible. And I love that.

The Bi!Rhett tag, you’re right, isn’t new. In fact, before I even joined tumblr, I scrolled through the **entire** @bisexualrhett tumblr account.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter, 100%, whether or not Rhett is bi. He’s still an icon, he’s still someone to look up to, and he’s still supportive and awesome about things, and that’s what really matters. (But I think all of the indications point to that yes, he’s bi. While from a personal standpoint, I’d love for him to make it super clear and just say outright “I am bisexual,” I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think instead we’ll keep getting these quiet glimpses. I get that for him, this is very personal and if he IS bi, he certainly doesn’t have to tell us… I just see how he is about “If I have a platform, I’m going to use it,” lately, and you never know?)

tl;dr, I think you’re totally right on the money here.

anonymous asked:

If a gay person is able to tell someone is bi does that mean they have gaydar with built in bi-fi? (I just thought of this and had to tell someone lol)

gay dar is like cell phone signal and bifi is like 4G

sounds like you’ve got an unlimited plan

@bifie: i know it’s a wild concept but in real life people can ask questions when they didn’t understand what someone said because a random nuclear bomb exploded right next to them.
also usually people don’t have important conversations at 240 decibiel loud building sites or give Interviews during a military missle launch