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I remember once people getting annoyed over a Gaydar based joke, like where people have 'reclaimed' Gaydar because someone had come up with 'Acetrace' and 'BiFi' in a similar vein.

I wish I had the energy to be that angry at pointless shit. I would get so much done.


@bi-puns is proud to announce our own magazine: Bidings, run bi the Bad Bi Bureau [Link to Magazine]. A permanent link to this magazine and its future issues can be found at [Link]

This is Issue #2! Space Bisexual logo is from [Link] and was made by @cfpepperz. Please go support that artist!

What is Bidings Magazine? It is a magazine designed to be filled with bi puns, bi community related art, articles, and information. It is associated specifically with this blog and with my other bi blog, @pinkpurplebluepride.

Here are some of the articles you can find in Issue #2: Bi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Locations of Bi Resource Centers and LGBT Resource Centers
  • Bi Campbire Stories
  • Bioqueer Base Movie Night Plans
  • 10 Healthy Ways to Vent Your Frustration About Biphobia and Other Bigotry

Some of the articles in Issue #1 have been continued into Issue #2.

Note: this is not a scheduled magazine that releases issues regularly. This is something I would like to continue every now and then when I have time. Please consider reblogging if you enjoy it and feel free to tell bi people you know about it if they might like it.

@bifie: i know it’s a wild concept but in real life people can ask questions when they didn’t understand what someone said because a random nuclear bomb exploded right next to them.
also usually people don’t have important conversations at 240 decibiel loud building sites or give Interviews during a military missle launch

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Ich hab meine (Mathe-)Matura letztes Jahr zum Glück gepackt aber uns haben auch voll viele htl Leute gesagt wie einfach die doch ist und dass wir einfach nur zu blöd sind dafür, also danke dass du da so was zurückschreibst, weil das ist echt nicht ermutigend oder hilfreich tbh Können wir uns nicht alle einig sein dass das echte Problem Bifie ist und all unseren Hass dorthin richten?

Du musst dich keinem Schüler einer HTL rechtfertigen in welcher in der 12. Schulstufe noch “he, she, it - s geht mit” wiederholt wird,,, 🐸☕

Hey y’all, I was wondering, would you be more interested in a post on : Giles De Rais, the (in my opinion) most compelling concepts of a supernatural evil, the Beast of Gevaudan, Werewolves(specifically werewolves, not dogmen,or yee naaldooshii, or vampires, though I’ll elaborate on why) ooooooor which supernatural entities I WOULD like to meet(it’ll be mostly Germanic, Slavic, and British Isles cultures, cuz that’s my heritage and what I know most about and feel most connected to, not because I don’t believe in things from other traditions or don’t find them interesting and worthy of equal note) @hereticalapothecary @darkmagelauren @saintmagick @ctenophores @themoonandthemedian @okbutwhichcraft @inkstranger @biwitched @batty-witchxo @crossroadsghost @ladystardvst @whatadaytobebrilliant @free-bifi @lelupa @endless-samhain @lunadea88

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Du host docht nix kon de Zentralmatura toppen? Willkommen im SRG ME, wo de zwo gschissensten Sochn vereinboart wern: bifie und Flughafn Security checks. Domit wirkli koana a handy mit eini nimmt, host dei Sochn in a gschissenes Tragal geam diafn, di in a reih anstölln und wurdst donn mit am - ka schaß - Metalldetektor durchsuacht. Bc fuck u that's why.

Addition to security check Zentralmatura: I bin ja nua froh das mi mei trinkfloschn mit eini nehm ham lassen (üba 100 ml du weißt jo nie)

?????????? Oida gehts no?????????  wo sin die angrennt??????

I packs ned, shit die nehmens hoit no ernst wanns hast aufpassn das niemand schummet