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  • Photo 1: REAL MEN don’t wear scarves
  • Photo 2: REAL MEN don’t drink latte macchiato
  • Photo 3: REAL MEN don’t drink tea
  • Photo 4: REAL MEN don’t eat lettuce

Like… I don’t even have words to describe how stupid this is. BiFi, the company that tweeted these pictures, is a company that sells sausages. It uses male stereotypes to advertise their products. (For example, they tweeted about how football, beer, and BiFi sausages make a perfect evening)
That’s ridiculous enough as it is. But… “Real men don’t wear scarves”? “Don’t drink tea”? What the heck?

But wait it gets even more stupid. Because, as most people probably know, gay men wear scarves more often than straight men. A stereotypical gay would wear a scarf. So saying that real men don’t wear scarves is homophobic. But you know what BiFi did?

Yep, that’s right. They tweeted in support of LGBT+ people, even though they’re very homophobic in other tweets.

So, what did we learn today? Capitalism doesn’t care at all about your well-being. They’ll condone negative gender roles and ridiculous hypermasculinity for the sake of profits, and then they’ll do the opposite the next day when that will be good for their profits.
Companies “supporting” anything is very rarely actual support. The only thing they really support is profits.

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TBH we need an ace term like gaydar, bifi, panscan, etc...

oh man i’ve had this ask sitting in my inbox for like two days trying to come up with something and i still got nothing.

followers, are any of you more creative than me? there’s gotta be something….

that post

does anyone have that post from here that has the different types of “gaydars” like theres “gaydar” “BiFi” and one for Pansexual, i just cant remember, so if u know it or have the post, send it my way :)