@bi-puns is proud to announce our own magazine: Bidings, run bi the Bad Bi Bureau [Link to Magazine]. A permanent link to this magazine and its future issues can be found at [Link]

This is Issue #2! Space Bisexual logo is from [Link] and was made by @cfpepperz. Please go support that artist!

What is Bidings Magazine? It is a magazine designed to be filled with bi puns, bi community related art, articles, and information. It is associated specifically with this blog and with my other bi blog, @pinkpurplebluepride.

Here are some of the articles you can find in Issue #2: Bi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Locations of Bi Resource Centers and LGBT Resource Centers
  • Bi Campbire Stories
  • Bioqueer Base Movie Night Plans
  • 10 Healthy Ways to Vent Your Frustration About Biphobia and Other Bigotry

Some of the articles in Issue #1 have been continued into Issue #2.

Note: this is not a scheduled magazine that releases issues regularly. This is something I would like to continue every now and then when I have time. Please consider reblogging if you enjoy it and feel free to tell bi people you know about it if they might like it.