bifid uvula

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Gabe has been scheduled for a formal evaluation at school regarding a potential learning disability. It’s scheduled for the end of the month. There is concern of a possible ASD diagnosis, possible dyslexia? I’ll know more soon hopefully.

I’m a bit nervous, but I know that it can only help him. He’s working so hard, and is making progress, but it’s slow and hard right now. He can reliably recognize 10-12 letter, which is better than the 7 we started with, but he struggles with it so much.

It’s like he doesn’t see the letters correctly? It makes sight words really hard, so he’s struggling with reading. His vocabulary is quite advanced though, so that’s something?

He seems to be better with math, which is nice, though he can only reliably count to about 30 before getting frustrated.

Sam was diagnosed formally with a bifid uvula, mild submucous cleft of the soft palate, and a mild lip/tongue tie today with the ENT.

This all means that he has a uvula that looks like a heart, and the muscles that create his soft palate don’t quite meet at the midline of his mouth. It hasn’t impacted feeding, and shouldn’t impact his speech development, but we will need to monitor it going forward.

He’s also at increased risk of frequent ear infections, as the muscles that create your soft palate help your ears drain are impacted. Another thing to monitor.

His upper lip and tongue ties are minimal and not impacting range of motion or feeding at the moment, so we have chosen to let them be, as the ENT didn’t think they would impact him going forward, and we are free to re-evaluate as he gets older.

Oh! And the lumps on my thyroid are small at the moment, so we are going to monitor my hormone levels and do a repeat ultrasound in 6 months to reevaluate.

Guys, I have a bifid uvula

This means I have two. 

Apparently only 2% of people have this. 

I get crumbs stuck in it all the time and it hurts! 

Is there anyone else out there with this? I’ve never met anyone and I want to.