Edited the timing quite a bit on here now, it is almost 23 seconds long…which is quite a lot actually…since I had it down as 15 in the animatic. But I think it flows better at this timing…YAY, more work! Once I get the horrid animation areas done (section two and three, with the ending of the first one) I’ll try and figure out how to face the sections out in order to make it look as though time has passed. Then it’s onto colouring the background. Hopefully I’ll get it done in time for the meeting… sooo much to do! 

I finally got some time to work on this, managed to rough out Binnie’s movements over the time transition areas… thingies. So, All I need to do is rough out Annie! Though I probably won’t get that done today. Hopefully I’ll have a good looking animation by the end of the weekend :). (shaded areas are the beginning and end areas for the camera.) This sits just under 18 seconds long! So much work to doooo! I’m expected to have a coloured background and have this roughly fully animated by the end of next week. 

I’ve not done many drawings on the computer, sounds strange because I’m on it all day, every day, working in photoshop. But I haven’t. All I’ve really done is uni work, so today I decided to try my hand at some colour life drawings. I just went onto pinterest and looked up “Portraits” and these two stuck out to me. The one on the left was my first, and the left my second. Really enjoyed these, I’ve never been one for using colour, but that may change… :D I’ve already looked out about 10 more than I want to do… but my hand does hurt now so I think it’s time for a break! 

I do apologise for the constant updates of minimal work… but I must document everything :D. This is what I have so far! Hoping to get Annie animated to the same level as Binnie for Wednesday. I won’t be able to finish the whole scene, I’ve had too much other things to do that’s put this back in my timetable. Sleepy time! 

I decided to do some more work for finishing a scene. So I picked the easiest and shortest scene I had. Still have a lot of work to do on this. But at least I have block colours and some shading. I have a lot of ideas for this. Need to try some of them out though. 

Rendered in low quality.. beecauuuse I forgot to change it back to high after doing some previous tests… :D