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‘16: The year of the collision, my heart got played with, and I came to the close of my 20′s. The year I worked the most I’ve ever worked, been the happiest I’ve been, and learned to be a fighter and a true man. I’m ready for more. 

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Some of you may have done it (or won’t do it), or don’t know me and I think you’re hella pretty, or we’re mutuals and I’m putting you on. <3

imagine an older butch deloria though

imagine him with a stale cigarette on his lip, a little stubble gracing his jawline and a devilish smirk to compliment his dark complexion

imagine him wearing wasteland armor, full with long work boots, ammo slung around his waist, a scarf to mask dust from his face and loose, dirty old clothes he mugged from a raider camp

imagine his voice getting raspy with radiation sickness, his eyes creasing at the edges, his skin becoming a darker tone and staying that earthy tan color, and his eyes becoming a musky, murky greyish color

imagine trigger finger butch deloria, the follower of the lone wanderer, saving helpless kids and wastelanders through their rough spots and taking shots of whiskey after making snarky comments on the lw’s disposition and how its been like, 3 whole weeks since they got smashed in a bar

imagine an action hero-esque butch deloria, being the hardass comic relief sidekick of the lw

imagine older butch deloria. imagine butch deloria with STUBBLE more importantly


The Flash OTPs + Zombies
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finally! in honor of my satanic amount of followers i am going to list a bunch of people who i follow because why not?

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