if u call my biffle ur biffle dont expect to wake up the next day. SHES MY BIFFLE, OKAY? NOT YOURS. GET YOUR OWN BIFFLE, AND BACK OFF.

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bestfriending with lydia would include

studying together

her making fun of your fashion sense

lots of deep late night texts

ogling guys together

going to Allison’s grave together

crying together

eating lots of ice cream

taking kickboxing classes together

discussing nail polish colors


prank calling people

discussing college

planning the future 

teasing Scott and Stiles 

Even Tumblr knows who my best friend is!

If I type my user name in the search bar, Foreverglfan, this happens: 

I didn’t edit this or fake it. This made me smile so hard. iamthebricklayer

We have tagged, re-blogged, and ranted so much to one another that the amount of posts accumulated on her account with my user name comes second only to my own page. 

We were born eight days apart, have matching heart blob tattoos, and can be with one another constantly for days on end and never get bored. 

I love you my friend :)