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One Punch Man Artist Yusuke Murata to Launch Back to the Future Manga

Manga artist Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man, Eyeshield 21) announced at the Ready Player One film “celebration event” in Tokyo on Thursday that he will launch BTTF, a manga series based on the 1985 American science-fiction film Back to the Future. The film’s screenwriter Bob Gale is supervising the manga, which will include story content not seen in the film.

The manga will begin serializing on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Web site at a date to be announced later. However, Murata plans to publish the first compiled book volume on April 20. Murata is still working on the manga, but the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! site is presenting a page from the first chapter’s color opening:


Murata noted that drawing the actor Michael J. Fox as the main lead Marty McFly is a “extremely high hurdle” to overcome, but he vows to do his best. 

Update: It’s been cancelled.

Leaked lines from Stranger Things season 2
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  • *sudden music sting*
  • Mike: What did you call me?
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  • Eleven: Oh...OH!
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