Very good opinion about the Pewdiepie situation

Right, I am a media student and I need to say I have never ever been so ashamed of the media.

The media relies these days on clicks (reads) from viewers online since the internet is the main place people gather information so they clickbate there way into getting peoples attention (which is wrong) due to the fact the news should not be biest and should tell the truth from different points of views but instead we had “PEWDIEPIE LOVES HITLER” etc you get what I mean.

Main things

Disney no longer is in a relationship with pewdiepie-

This is understandable since pewdiepie (with these jokes) are more aimed towards an adult audience because a younger audience may not be able to understand that its a bad thing. Cool we get it BUT…. in 2014 disney made this deal with pewdiepie .. knowing he wasnt aimed towards any audience inparticular and swore alot in his gaming videos with adult humor … disney knew this but still made a relationship with pewdiepie so in reality disney knew he wasnt child friendly from the start.

Youtube red series scare pewdiepie season 2 cancelled- 

Now heres where things get interesting… youtube had no reason to cancel this show as there is no swearing in the first series I can imagine there is non in the second but not only that.. South park… Family guy make jokes all the time about offensive humor and receive awards but pewdiepie gets all of this? This makes me question alot because youtube could of clearly made an age rating on the show and since it was nearly done I cant actually think of a reason that youtube cancelled it at all. I want an explanation as to why they did due to the fact the reason is missing. 

The youtube ad platform - this is only for the videos that are deemed as basically PG or with some strong language ….. and things like that. With this I understand why youtube may have done this but at the same time I do not due to the fact they could of chosen the suitable videos themselves to be chosen for the ad platform instead of kicking him out.

After all of this… Disney kind of have a good explanation BUT DON’T due to knowing that pewdiepie all along wasnt aimed towards any audience. He swore in videos and made adult humor since they made the relationship. Youtube had no reason to cancel scare pewdiepie and did it to aboard the kill pewdiepie express… which is not right. the media should be ashamed of attempting to make this man look bad when in all reality he offended maybe a bunch of people in the whole worlds population and family guy and other tv shows slide past it like it was nothing. The media is to blame for this.. taking the mans words out of context and planting horrible images of the comedian in the eyes of the public.

my last words on this are 


Das passierte mir andauernd, aber es machte mir nichts aus. Es bedeutete lediglich, dass ich die Schmetterlinge in den Griff kriegen musste, die in meinem Bauch wild herumflatterten. Und mit “in den Griff kriegen” meinte ich, dass ich jedes einzelne dieser kleinen Biester zerquetschen musste, bis nicht einmal mehr das kleinste Fühlerchen zuckte…
—  Jamaica Lane

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okay pls hit me with some bi jack kelly hc's bc I'm trying to figure myself out and I might be bi?? I'm not too sure but my mind is like akdjchxhksks currently and I love him a lot

  • okay like me too ready for some hardcore Self Projectiontm bc that’s coming
  • Jack thought he was straight for a long time because he definitely had crushes on girls like a lot
  • and he had this moment in fifth grade where he was sitting with a boy who he was friends with at lunch and had the very clear and exact thought “I bet it’d be nice to kiss him” but legitimately though it was a Friend Thing
  • as he got older he got more confused because boys? cute. girls? cute. oh no
  • in hs he was best friends with this girl named Madelyn (idk if I’ve talked about her but I love her) and one day she came up to him and was like “yo I’m gay but don’t want to come out except I know you so well, and you’re confused, so let’s pretend to date while I figure out how to come out and you figure yourself out, that way people will leave both of us alone”
  • and he’s like okay sure that sounds reasonable let’s do it
  • and they end up “dating” for like a year until she’s like hey I have a gf now so…we’re breaking up I guess 
  • only since they weren’t really dating they’re still best friends
  • during that year Jack was still very confused because every time he saw a pretty girl he got flustered but every time he saw a pretty boy he got flustered and he just kind of couldn’t quite believe he was bi? or pan? because those words were not something he’d ever considered he’d always been like either I’m straight or I’m gay there’s no real in between
  • anyway eventually it gets to the point he’s literally losing sleep over it and Medda, bless her soul, overhears one too many three am rants and sits him down at the kitchen table and flat out says “Jack. Honey. I’m going to say two words and you’re going to look up the definitions and see if they help. Bisexual. Pansexual.”
  • and Jack ends up going down this rabbit hole of all this different stuff about bisexuality? because that definition is exactly how he feels! isn’t that neat!
  • and then he gets more into it and the more he reads and thinks about it the more he goes !!!!! because that’s exactly it! and he ends up being up all night? just happy. and bursting into Medda’s room like Thanks Mom! Thank you!
  • he doesn’t come out in hs because he’s already like a junior or senior and just…doesn’t want to deal with it, but his closest friends know and Mads knows and his mom knows
  • and then in college? the pretty people are everywhere and he’s like !wow I have crushes! on all of you! yay! but also this sucks! because he’s really bad at talking to people
  • and somehow he becomes best friends with the prettiest boy he’s ever met? and somehow they start dating? and things are great!
  • but whenever people are like “i didn’t know you were gay” he corrects them and tells them he’s bi
  • and when people say things like “bi people don’t exist” “you’re just confused” “it’s just a phase” “you’ll pick a side” Jack Kelly GOES OFF
  • because he spent so long confused because people said stuff like that? because he didn’t think he could possibly be bi because it wasn’t a real thing? because people like that made him think that he was wrong about who he was? because they’re dumb and he knows himself better than they do?
  • eventually he becomes known as the Saltiest Bi because Sarah Jacobs? very salty. Jack Kelly? Saltier. somehow. 
  • he’s very very bi and very very proud of it
  • his first tattoo was a cool little bi pride flag on his ankle and he loves it
  • he also has a little pride flag on every jacket and bag he owns and a full sized one hanging wherever he lives
The Evolution of LGBTQ+ Representation in LIWs

In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, back in 2013, there was exactly one queer character. He was a side character with an offscreen love interest created solely so that people wouldn’t ship him with Lizzie at that pivotal point in the story.

2014 was when LIWs really took off, and it was also when there were the greatest differences in LGBTQ+ representation (though no one was very good at it yet). Series like Emma Approved and Green Gables Fables (we’re talking Season One here) had none. Other series, like From Mansfield With Love, made a side character who didn’t have a love interest be gay. So far, no one was really gender-bending or reimagining anything to make it gayer.

But Shakespeare is about the gayest off-copyright source material there is, so it was pretty much impossible to correctly adapt Shakespeare and make it end up totally straight.

From our 2017 standpoint, NMTD looks pretty heterosexual, but it was actually about as queer as any LIW can be without departing from the source material (though we’ll get to Twelfth Grade a little later on). Hero’s moms, though absent, are accepted by everyone, as is Balthazar, who is of course very gay despite never using that word in NMTD (The Candle Wasters really don’t like actually saying things, do they?). But it was Pedro’s coming out that really changed the tides. Goodbye queerbaiting, hello to the possibility of onscreen characters entering into non-heterosexual relationships.

2015 was a transition year in many ways. It was no longer acceptable to make an LIW without some form of queer representation, but the methods were all over the place. Some LIWs put a queer pairing center stage – Pedrazar being the prime example, however you feel about LLL – while most series started to create queer side pairings, either through gender-bending or through creating new arcs for the characters. A few examples of this from 2015 would be George Squared from Call Me Katie, Smarling from The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, and Jamie and Isabella from Northbound. Of course, some LIWs still did LBD-style representation – The Misselthwaite Archives comes to mind – but it was now because the creators wanted queer representation and not because they wanted to avert certain het ships.

Then 2016 happened. We, the viewers, were no longer willing to tolerate entirely cishet shows. 2016 saw the rise of trans and genderqueer LIW characters at long last – Puck in Bright Summer Night and Serena in The Adventures of Serena Berg being the prime examples – as well as multiple characters on the ace spectrum. And with the rise of young, bisexual webseries creators, the number of bisexual characters skyrocketed.

So let’s talk about Twelfth Grade for a minute. I won’t lie and call this series the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, but it is probably the biest. All three of the leads are bisexual, and no one is straight. Literally no one. And no matter who you shipped, it was likely a possibility if not a reality. Again, this was made possible by the source material, which is just about the biest thing ever written, and by the new LIW atmosphere, which was demanding – and getting – the queer representation that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Gender-bending skyrocketed in 2016, both with side characters and with mains. And now, in 2017, cishet characters are starting to be the minority. The Emma Agenda and Middlemarch: The Series, my two favorite currently-airing LIWs, have both gender-bent logically and competently all over the place in order to keep canon mostly intact while also making it much, much more diverse. Very few current LIW ships are m/f, and of those, even fewer characters are completely heterosexual.

We’ve come a long way since the days of LBD. and we couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of hard work and thinking and the bravery to tell stories the way we wanted them told. I’m not saying heterosexuality should vanish from LIWs, but I think that the direction we’ve come in is the right one. When a series like NLTS or MMTS gives the same amount of drama to queer pairings as to straight ones, when characters like Roxanne Roberts or Bathsheba Everdeen struggle with their identities in relatable ways, it normalizes every part of the human experience and continues to make LIWs the most representative form of media I know.

While I know I skipped a lot of important moments and didn’t mention several very diverse series, I used examples that I hope most people will be familiar with and that won’t be too spoilery. 

LIW creators: keep doing what you’re doing. It is noticed and appreciated. Thank you. 

Liebe Familie,

ich bin nicht dieses aggressive, widerspenstige, lieblose Biest, das vor euch so oft in Erscheinung tritt. Nein, ich bin ein kleines, liebebedürftiges, schwaches Mädchen, das mit ihrem Leben einfach nicht zurechtkommt. Gebt euch doch einfach mal Mühe mich kennenzulernen, denn ein wirkliches Interesse, ja, das würde ich mir wünschen.

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could you name all of the beauty and beast adaptions if you can?? I'd love to check out the ones I haven't seen yet! Also, which are your favorite?

I can name it! I got the info mostly from Wikipedia, so there are some movies I also need to watch. It was very entertaining to find this pictures and put them together!! 

UPDATED!! Now with the movies/shows/plays I found that weren’t included in the first post I made.

  1. Beauty and The Beast (1934)
  2. La Belle et la Bête (1946)
  3. The Tale of the Crimson Flower (1952 film) 
  4. Beauty and the Beast (1962) 
  5. Beauty and the Beast (1962)
  6. Kráska a Zvíre (1971)
  7. Beauty and the Beast (1976)
  8. The Scarlet Flower (1977)
  9. Panna a netvor (1978)
  10. La Bella y la Bestia (Cuento De Las Estrellas) (1984)
  11. Beauty and the Beast (1987)
  12. Beauty and the Beast (1987) - TV series
  13. BatB - Disney Classic (1991)
  14. BatB - Golden Films (1993)
  15. BatB - Networks Musical Theather (I think I accidentally took a picture from 2015, but I read the play is from 1993 and they performed in October)
  16. The Beautician and the Beast (1997)  - a comedy ^^
  17. Beauty and The Beast  (Birmingham Royal Ballet) - I would love to watch this live, it must be delightful.
  18. Blood of Beasts (2005) 
  19. The Beast and the Beauty (2005, Korean)
  20. Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007)
  21. Spike (2008) - I saw the trailler and I wanna find this to watch online, it looks promising.
  22. Beauty and the Beast (2009 film)
  23. Beastly (2011) - based on Alex Flinn’s novel with the same name (in my opinion the novel is better, but I adored the movie nonetheless)
  24. Once Upon A Time (2012/2013/now) - TV series (Belle and Rumpelstiltskin)
  25. Tales of Faerie or Die Schöne und das Biest (2012)
  26. Beauty and the Beast (2012) - TV Series
  27. The Beautiful Beast (2013)
  28. La Belle et la Bête (2014)
  29. Beauty and the Beast - Birmingham Ballet (2014-2015)
  30. Beauty and the Beast - Disney 2017 (to come)

I do have some favorites, I can’t seem to choose only one :D

  • The Disney Classic: I just find it so incredibly magical, Lumiere is one of my favorite characters in the movie, I find his hilarious.
  • Beastly, I enjoyed how they played with the story and made it very actual and sensible at the same time.
  • La Bele et La Bete: The 2014 French adaptation of BaB is stunning. The story, the costumes, make-up, it’s a very beautiful movie, the photography as well. *I recommend this one first, if you haven’t seen it yet*

There’s a version who caught my attention, I’ve reblogged the short-movie a couple of days ago so I can watch it myself, but here is the link:

The Tale of the Crimson Flower

If you have anymore questions, please let me know ;)