Andy Biersack Imagine

As I flipped through the thick pages of the scrapbook I was flooded with the memories Andy and I had created.  The first section of the book contained the pictures and memorabilia from when we had first started dating.  Pictures littered the pages from dates and ticket stubs from shows we went to together. My eyes scanned across the page to the selfie we had taken on our first date.  I remembered that day so clearly.  Andy had been trying to impress me and had showed up in a flashy car he had borrowed from Jinxx.  He was wearing black jeans and a band t shirt with a suit jacket that had the sleeves rolled up.  His hair was shorted then; styled to flop over to one side of his head with the other side shaved.  He had both his lip and nose ring in that evening.  He ended up taking me to a fancy restaurant.  The place was beautiful but I remember noticing how out of place he seemed.  At the end of the date he had dropped me back home and I remember him giving me the sweetest kiss before he said his goodbyes.  That night I remember laying bed running scenarios of the future through my head.  All of them starring the beautiful, handsome man.  

I pulled my eyes away from the picture and moved along to study the others.  Selfies and candid’s from our many dates littered the pages. Turning the page my eyes welled up coming across the picture that was taken of us when Andy proposed.  It was a beautiful event he set up.  He got his whole band in on it and they put on a private concert for just me.  At the very end of “Rebel Love Song,” Andy came down off the stage and proposed.  He had his crew from tour around the venue in various places so we were able to get very unique and beautiful pictures of when it happened.  I said yes of course.

The photo neatly beside of our engagement photos was one of our many wedding photos.  That day was one of the happiest days of my life. We were only engaged for a short time; only about 10 months.  I remember being so giddy for the wedding.  My dress was gorgeous.  It was long and flowy with lace sleeves.  The neckline was sweetheart but with a lace overlay that continued up a few inches. My hair had been curled and simple that day with half up and half down.  I remember feeling like a true princess.  Andy looked dapper that day as well wearing a black tux with scull cufflinks and black bow tie.  His hair had grown a bit and was just the right amount of big and his eyes were etched with black around the edges.  He was stunning that day.  His vows sent me in to a tizzy of tears and, to this day, I swear I saw him tear up when I read mine.  When it had come time to say “I do,” Andy through his personal touch by throwing a fuck in there.  It was one of the best days of my life.

I flipped through the rest of the wedding photos and began flipping pages.  I knew I was getting to the good part and readjusted my feet under me and pulled the blanket I was wrapped in a little closer.  I flipped a few more pages that had photos from our time being married to when we found out I was pregnant.  I smiled at the memory.  Andy was… shocked.  It had been unplanned and was incredibly unexpected.  He got more and more excited though as I began to show and when the baby finally arrived, I know he cried.  Our little girl, Stella May Biersack, was beautiful and the best thing that happened to us.  I remember hearing her cries for the first time and falling in love.  She was so precious.  Andy was speechless and then as soon as he cut the umbilical cord and she was placed in his arms, I knew I loved him even more, seeing him holding our baby girl.  I can see it so clearly in my mind.  He pulled her close and held her tightly and between tears I remember him quietly whispering to her “I’m never going to let you go, I’m going to protect you forever, I am your daddy, baby girl, I love you so much” and other sweet things at her small form cuddled against his chest.  I will never forget that moment.  I whipped the tears from my eyes that were now pooling over and looked up to see Andy walking through the door of our house with Stella May holding his hands. I smiled and greeted the pair with my tear filled eyes.  

“How was the park, my loves?” I ask them. Quickly whipping away the tears before they attack my eyeliner.

“It was SO good! I saw birds and swinged and slided and there was a dog too!” Stella May who was now three yelled as she slung off her coat and shoes.  Her bright blue eyes, which she clearly got from her father, were shining brightly and her long brown hair was waving around her.  I walked over to hug her and give her a kiss on the head before turning to Andy.  

“We had a great time, didn’t we Stell?”Andy asked wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead.  “Now how about you go wash up and put your coat away so we can go get some pizza with Mommy?” Andy suggested with the tilt of his head.  

The little girl bounded away singing a song she made up about birds.  Once she turned the corner I looked back to my handsome husband.

“Now are you going to tell me why you’re crying? Do I need to go beat someone up?” He asked only half kidding.  

“I was going through our photo album and just remembering all the amazing memories.” I said kissing his lips.  “I love you so much Andy and I don’t know where I would be without you and Stella.” I said wrapping my hands around his neck and kissing him again.  

           Andy pulled me closer, and whispered in my ear, “With you, I’m home.  I love you.” Before gingerly kissing my nose. We stayed in each other’s arms a moment before Stella barged back in.  

           “PIZZA TIME!” She yelled as she ran in putting on her shoes.  Andy and I separated and got ready, his words never leaving me. I was home.