" someone asked me when i knew... when i knew i loved her. at first it was just that cocky grin and shrug and me saying i have always loved her. now... now i knew when we were on the beach. we were eleven years, just laying on the sand of the beach watching the sunset on the australia ocean. it was a common thing for the pair of us. she moved closer to me every few seonds, and i just laid there. i was waiting for her, nervous, scared even. she grabbed my hand first, then rolled into me resting her head against my chest. at first i thought she was going examining me to make sure i was not a vampire. i asked her what she was doing... she looked up at me with those eyes. those eyes that make anyone melt and said just letting to your heart flutter. she asked me if it was always like that. i shook my head no... and told her...

it only flutters for her. "